T-Mobile Should Focus On The Geeks


Saschasegan of PCMag is one of my favorite twitter contacts and I came across an article written yesterday discussing Open Source and what intrigued me were the closing paragraphs. He’s made no bones about being celebratory over T-Mobile’s Even More/Even More Plus plans and the way T-Mobile has attempted to change the rate plan game in the wireless industry. The reason to bring this forward is Sascha’s notion of how T-Mobile should “flirt with the geeks to boost its profile, attracting developers and creative types.” As I read through that, I thought that’s a terrific idea, why wouldn’t T-Mobile want to attract those individuals who influence opinion based on the apps and products they develop? The geeks and creative types shape the industry these days with App Stores being all the rage, so why wouldn’t T-Mobile want to put some muscle behind this?

To support his claim, Sascha offers evidence in the form of the N900 and its T-Mobile based AWS 3G bands. Claiming T-Mobile should sell unsubsidized N900’s to move further move away from the current, loathed carrier model. T-Mobile would continue to differentiate itself as a carrier thinking outside the box. T-Mobile needs a “leg up” and while their new plan offerings certainly hope to give them a boost, attracting a more data friendly customer would serve to give them a much needed push for their public relations. Phone Geeks shout from the roof tops and the more yelling the better, magenta needs it.


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