Google Phone Image Leaks, Surprise, Looks Exactly Like HTC Passion


This story just keeps getting better and better as images of the purported Google Phone aka Nexus One aka HTC passion have leaked. Looking almost identical to the HTC Passion, these images show one very sexy phone that “lacks any HTC branding whatsoever.” With no branding whatsoever, the mystery continues as how to the phone will be sold and what carrier(s) it will work with. I think we all know how this website feels about the mystery of carrier attachment. For the moment though, Cory O’Brien, a San Francisco- based blogger has managed to get his hands on one of the most sought after devices yesterday and leaked it to the interwebs to the delight of all. Congratulations Cory, you are now completely awesome in the book of phone geeks everywhere.

TechCrunch via Twitter

UPDATE: Pics taken with the “Google Phone” (Nexus One) after the jump!




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  • David H

    The phone’s colors look strikingly similar to the TMO HD2.

  • David H

    I meant the T-mobile TP2.

  • watbetch

    lulz, taken with an iPhone


      I Noticed That As Well HAHA

  • Galen20K

    I like it, I wonder if this will be the final design tho. It does share the same outside color as the TMo TP2 which I liked.

  • IWantToKnow

    this is suppose to be the hd2 version for android. looks nice i think i might give it a try or use it as a 2nd phone :D

  • Penny

    Maybe it will be unbranded and sold outright by Google itself!? That’d make sense to me! Eliminate the middle man!

  • beastly

    I don’t get it. This is just a new Android phone from HTC, right? What makes it any more exciting than the G1 or the myTouch and why does everyone seem to be treating it like some amazing new breakthrough from Google? We’ve had HTC Google phone(s) for over a year already.

    • Rochester

      *3.7 inches Touchscreen
      * Snapdragon 1Ghz processor making it the fastest Android
      * Android 2.1 ( My Touch running 1.6)
      * Some other enhancements that we are going to see soon ( like animated wallpaper)

      • Peter

        And the fact that it’s supposedly sold directly by Google, not through a particular carrier. Also that the body may not be plastic, but some kind of metal. All these are rumors though.

    • kershon

      This is not just another android phone “with google”. The hardware may be made by HTC but everything else is all Google from the ground up. This is rumored to be the most advanced android os phone that we have seen yet. It would be like MS building a phone with the most advanced version of wm7 and having the hardware built by htc or whoever
      . If this phone is all it is purported to be it will blow every other android phone out of the water.

  • -ray

    Please come in Black and not that brown color….

    • Peter

      +1 and make the that scroll button (whatever it is) have the same color as the body so it doesn’t stand out

    • kershon

      How about pink? My daughter wants a pink phone for Christmas. LOL

      • Bill48105

        Spray paint. :D

  • NiiDiddy

    What are the specs again??

  • Heaven

    I have Two questions. Does it have a physical keyboard? And how much?


      Price Hasn’t Been Leaked Yet But No, No Physical Keyboard.

  • saintory

    Trackballs are so 2008. Why can’t the latest devices employ a trackpad? Other than that this looks like a sexy beast.

  • Wow this might be the phone I’ve been waiting for..I was waiting for iphone 2010 but not anymore(maybe).

    But what if google is only testing android 2.1?
    And what is so special about this phone?

    but remember they have not have a g2 yet( mytouch is not the g2 cause that’s its own series of phone mytouch 2 september of next year) so this might be the google 2. Remember google designed the tmobile g1 and now this.

    Im calling this first. THIS IS THE G2( google might be called google 2. Gatorade have g2 already)

  • Kickstar13

    Post updated!
    Pictures taken with the Google Phone (Nexus One) added.

  • Ben

    The front of these phones are all very well and good, but “rumor” had it it was a slim phone. Someone get me a side-shot, and maybe while you’re photo shooting the thing a shot of the back, and the other side. If you’re going to be at Google and be doing something you probably signed an NDA not to be doing then at least go all the way. =)

  • caviar lover

    is that caviar in the picture?

  • bigg

    Yea so it looks good and everything but how do we know for sure its for tmobile/ or it will work with tmobile. When I say work i mean full blown 3g and not that pos 1999 edge.

  • it looks a lot like a her with no sense IMO.

  • sampson

    I don’t think it looks that great. I’m kind of annoyed it’s been so hard to make a good physical keyboard.

    Some of the specs are nice and it’ll be nice to not have to worry about updates as much

    The thing that really separates the iphone to the masses is the App Store, and not as much the hardware, so I’m not all hyped up just yet

  • rushmore

    No keyboard means game emulators will suck and texting gets old with a VK.

    This would be interesting with a KB and 32gb built in like the N900.

  • rushmore

    No carrier is getting this. Google wants it sold UNLOCKED and not depending on different carrier requirements for rom updates. One update for all.

  • D

    His thumb appear to be trying to cover a Motorola logo.

    • manus

      No its the settings icon.

  • Danny

    I know trackballs are nice and functional, but they sometimes take away from the asthetics of a phone especially the white ones. They get dirty looking and start getting stuck after a while.

    I’d rather have more screen real estate than a trackball, but if they do make one at least make it a color that doesn’t get so dirty.

  • IsThataJoke

    I would Get It But I agree With saintory i don’t buy phones with trackballs anymore because they always break on me and track pads don’t and work better plus it has no keyboard which me personally has to have a keyboard so i will be buying the nokia n900 in 2 weeks i want to support mameo i really like it better then android but thats just me android is good also

  • Y314K

    Seems to be the exact same phone that HTC is shopping around to the carriers, The HTC Bravo… Seem all that google did was was for minor cosmetic changes and put their names on it… Not thing really special in form of hardware… The selling vehicle might be new but the phone is a Me too….

    So it’s a HTC Bravo without Sense UI… Same screen size as the MotoDroid…

  • rinklighter

    Would be nice if some prices and a release date leaked soon. If the rumors are true (Q1 2010), screw that new blackberry and I’ll get this.

  • John

    @David. Do you think this phone would get the fastest OS updates when compared to other Android Phones???
    What other advantages could this phone have? because lets face it, other phones are getting Android 2.1 (eventually).

  • deeone

    well i hope the screen is not 3.2 as usuall, we need massive screen and better 3d graphic processor.

    • alex

      It’s rumored to be 3.7″

    • alex

      It is rumored to be a 3.7″ screen, but I would have liked it to be >4.0″

  • CO_Yeti

    I don’t see Google selling this directly, they don’t have a retail group plus not many people are willing to pay $700+ for a phone without financing or a subsidy. The whole point is to rival the iphone and you need to move A LOT of units to do that. I do see Tmo selling the phone and service but giving Google all control over branding/updates/support/warranty.

    This actually fits with Tmo’s model since the summer. They would rather focus and service/network and let the manufactures deal with the devices.

    • alex

      This phone would not cost $700+ the only unlocked phone that is going for that much is the HD2 and that is just because of high markup. I can see Google selling the phone for ~$250.

      Also, your comment about providers focusing on service/network goes for all cell phone providers.

      • CO_Yeti

        Seems like you really don’t understand how the wireless industry works! If Google sells directly (which they won’t) it would be without a service contract which means an unlocked/unbranded phone. The N900, HD2, X1, all the high end unlocked phones start around $600. This phone being the first phone with the 1Ghz processor and Android and 3.7 inch screen would place the price well over $700.

        As for other network providers they all brand their phones and handle all the software updates, provide tech support, handle exchanges all in house and aren’t very keen on giving up that control. If Google took over that piece for this new phone either with Tmo or At&t it would be a new program.

  • Ariel

    Why is that strange pink error on the screen on the upper left corner?

    • CO_Yeti

      Looks like Android 2.1 might need a little work…

      • John

        because if you investigate a lil further you’ll learn that the phone on that picture was photoed before friday’s release. It is just that the pictures surfaced recently


    Let me start off by saying that this is the most exciting news I’ve heard all year. Good for Google. I’m sure they’re had their fill of seeing Android look so pitiful on crappy hardware. With the exclusion of the Droid the Android experience has been marred by handset makers dumping the OS on lackluster hardware. Finally we’ll get to see Android in all it’s glory.
    This is to to be somewhat good news for T-Mobile…if it pans out they’ll have a killer Android phone without doing any work at all. It’s funny I guess Google’s not taking any chances with allowing T-Mobile to muck up another marketing campaign for Android. I really wish T-Mobile had pushed for a handset as spectacular as the Nexus One. Google is also leveling the playing field by giving AT&T a shot at the phone. Hope AT&T can handle the traffic….hehehehe. Oh they plan on charging their iPhone users more for their heavy usage. What a crock. After being rated the worst carrier in the US they’re going to push the dagger in deeper. HAHAHAHA.

    Now you cheap bastards give give Google some support…buy this phone and show off how badass T-Mo’s HSPA network is. Cheers. Maybe I’ll come back.

    • Bill48105

      Wow MAXIMUS you pointed out something BIG in ATT’s possible ‘hog’ plans. I keep saying over & over that unlimited is not only unfair but is ripe for abuse and excessive usage (especially morons doing stupid stuff like streaming videos 24×7 to ‘get the most’ of their connection, even while they’re sleeping) so I’m glad ATT is doing something but the key is WHAT they will do. As a first step I suggest they offer a monthly discount to everyone who’s usage is below certain levels. So for example if it’s $30/month for data and the artificial cap is 5Gb for ‘unlimited’ before yer charged extra fees then give customers $5 off if they stay under 3GB, $10 off if they stay under 2GB or $20 off if they stay under 1GB. I’m pulling #’s our of the air as examples. Suddenly people have an incentive to track how much usage they have (can I hear an APP for that??), traffic is cut way down on the network and customers are happy. Not to mention people like myself who refuse to pay extra for a smartphone plan would actually consider getting one. That might just be a way for the cell companies to keep the coveted ‘unlimited plans’ for their marketability yet appease people like myself who loath those unlimited plans or services and save their networks.

      Cell companies are you listening??

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t mind the trackball at all… I actually prefer one. True a trackpad is better but something is better than nothing. I would like a keyboard though which is a bummer. I like a real keyboard over a virtual one but then again the G1 has it flaws with the keyboard (screen becoming loose feeling). As long as the screen is large enough and responsive enough a virtual keyboard would work. The main thing I am worried about is the price… because something like this is NEVER under $200 with a contract so I could only imagine it without one… and unlocked to boot would probably raise the cost. Hopefully Google will surprise us again… and if they want to take out Google a low cost may just be the way.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I mean take out Apple… not Google.

  • Touch pro2 user
  • FILA

    no QWERTY :-/ but has a faster processor

    no G1v2 yet? Damnit


      Erm…..I doubt T-Mobile will be bring the G1v2. You should be excited about the Nexus One….keyboards are overrated, hehehehe.

      At this juncture I don’t think we can depend on T-Mobileto generate any kind of buzz of their own. As much as I’m excited about seeing this phone I’m still saddened that this phone doesn’t really put T-Mobile in a better position. What it signals is Google’s own lack of faith in any carrier or handset maker to show off their precious Android OS. They will be the do the best at it. It’s really what thy should have done last yeah instead of allow T-Mobile to release the God awful G1. 4 Android phones later and T-Mobile still hasn’t improved much. This phone is going to be a buzz killer the iPhone, Storm, Pre and my lovely Droid. It’s to be expected. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Kudos to Google for getting the job done right.

  • I want it. I love that big ass touchscreen too, and it’s so SEXY!!! But the hardware & the seamless integration & process speed of it will really determine whether or not i’ll get it.

  • chaoscentral

    Am I the only one so far who has realized that Google’s plans to sell unsubsidized falls neatly in line with T-Mobile’s Even More Plus plan??? I mean if you are on that plan, you are buying unsubsidized phones, but T-Mobile is allowing you to finance the phone. I can see this phone as being a new driver for people signing up with T-Mobile just to use the Even More Plus plan financing if Google will only be selling this device unsubsidized.(Providing it is a hit, which I’m sure it will be)

    Just a thought, but it does make sense when you think about it. Who want’s to shell out $400 – $600 on an unlocked phone these days? If you tell the customer “Oh by the way did we mention if you have an Even More Plus unlimited plan you can finance your phone purchase to just $50 today and an additional $20 on your monthly bill over the course of 19 months?” People would be all over that, and I think this is why T-Mobile decided to go with their new pricing structure.(BTW all numbers were pulled from thin air and hold no resemblance to fact ;) )

    I am seriously hoping that this pans out this way, so I can dump my Cliq since it seems to already be a bit long in the tooth with it’s Android 1.5 and no update in site…

    • John

      no you’re not the only one. I said it yesterday :P. However, are you planning on supporting this? i mean, buying phones for full retail prize and using them one even more plus???

      • chaoscentral


        I do support this, mainly because I like the idea of not having to pay the full $200 or whatever the subsidized price is up front(I have the Cliq on an EM+ plan and I plan on paying it off in full come tax return time) Over time I mean you are going to save money eventually.

        The prices of plans on the EM compared to the EM+ is about an extra $20 a month which equates to a $400 phone on the EM+ but they key is after the 19 months are up your plan goes down, where the EM plan stays at that $20 more.

        Plus I also support the idea of not being locked into a contract, or extending one for a break on the initial cost. I mean hell look at it this way

        Even More Plus:
        Up Front – ~$50(1st month + tax if applicable)
        Monthly – $100(for first 19 months with unlimited TTW then $80 afterwards)

        Even More(Traditional)
        Up Front – ~$200(Cost of phone plus applicable tax)
        Monthly – $100(for 24 month average contract term)

        Total cost of ownership on EM+ – $2350 over 24 months
        Total cost of ownership on EM – $2600 over 24 months

        I totally support this new model of selling phones/services. If I don’t want a new phone I don’t have to pay the extra cost of the subsidization(Say I bring a phone from ATT or Europe, I’m not paying that extra $20 because I have nothing to subsidize, as opposed to the traditional model where everyone pays the same rate subsidized or not.

        Sorry for the long winded post lol, Just felt like saying a few things(Got into an argument over this with a friend at work lol)

        But I am happy we now have the option to go buy a new phone whenever we like without a contract extension and without having to cough up $500 up front.

        They even allow you to pay off a remaming phone balance if you happen to have the money!

    • kershon

      Nope. Ur not the only one. I have been thinking this all along. Fits in very well with em+ plans. Since T-Mo is going to support it, why would they not sell it? With the economy the way it is payment plans are always good.


      It’s not like Google and T-Mobile planned Even More Plus plans to coincide with the release with the Nexus One. It more like ‘just so happens’. It doesn’t really set an advantage to EM+ subscribers since really anyone can buy an unsubsidized phone on any plan. EM+ get to spread the cost across payments. If that make you happy, great. :o)

      I’m not to worried about the user experience since I know Google’s put in the work to make 2.1 a sexy beast. I’m curious about price. Hopefully this week…maybe today we’ll get some news on price.

  • Usman

    The rumor at Engadget is that T-mo will be selling this unsubsidized…hmmm…

  • KenpachiZaraki

    This actually looks like a touchscreen sidekick. If you think about it, the trackball and screen and stuff. Flip the image vertically and it really looks like an lx sidekick. Anyways, my contract from tmo doesn’t expire till July 2010 so I guess I’ll wait for the new Iphone. Tmobile lost my service after they messed up with the sidekick outage. Never trusting them with my data again.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I have a question… what about customers who have older plans… would they have to goto even more plus to make payments on a phone? I don’t want to get rid of my plan because its already like the even more plus version of 1000 mins plus nights and weekends for $39.99 plus I have the added bonus of MyFavs. To top it off I have the Android web with the 400 text bundle for $24.99. Why would I want to switch only to pay the same but without the MyFavs then pay an extra $5.00 for web and lose my 400 text? Sure I may get the mobile to mobile but with 1000 mins and MyFavs… not to mention Google Voice… who cares? I’d still be losing out. I am hoping they will offer it with some sort of contract as well or if you sign some type of contract with a carrier you’ll get it at a discount. If not… I don’t want to lose what I already have but I hope they will still let me make payments on a phone. After all I have been with Tmobile for over 5 years and while it may not be as long as others its a milestone for me… I’ve stuck with them longer than I did with Verizon and I hope to continue it. Too bad they don’t let you trade in your old Android phones towards the purchase of a newer model. Maybe get like $50 to $100 off with a trade in.

  • Nitaino

    I think this phone looks more to the “HTC Dragon” which is “4.3 inches screen”, does not look at all to “HTC Bravo” check the specs & photos at search HTC Dragon & Bravo or Passion

  • jose

    I just read a report Google went to Verizon first with this phone. Verizon say no. What the hell were they thinking? The word is Google wants to sell the phone unsubsidized and Verizon didn’t vibe with the idea. No way they could stick someone in a 2 year contract. Nice Score for T-Mobile. I can’t believe I’m actually saying something positive about T-Mobile…..I’ve been waiting for this day. Just news like this is an early Christmas present for me. Hopefully the phone won’t be priced too high. For those EM+ subscribers I guess it doesn’t matter.
    What a great New Year gift Google is delivering to the US. I can’t wait to see this phone in action. I’m extremely happy with life in the land of Droid but this phone makes T-Mobile look prettier than they have in a LOOOOONG time.
    The Nexus One is the cream of the Android crop.

    • John

      of course you don’t say anything good about t-mo. You are the kind that complained about the cliq and the behold 2 and how t-mo was falling behind. But I knew all along that this would only last for a couple of months until t-mo stepped up. It is a good thing you are recognizing t-mo’s effort on supporting Android devices. Now if you would do me a favor and keep up the good comments.
      @chaoscentral attaboy! is good to see somebody uses a calculator from time to time!!
      Hows that cliq going?

      • MAXIMUS

        Uh John…..T-Mobile hasn’t stepped up….Google has. T-Mobile just happens to be possibly benefiting from Google’s move into selling phones. This is not a T-Mobile marketing push this is Google’s glory and Google’s alone. Don’t get it twisted son. Notice the phone won’t have an ounce of T-Mo branding? Let’s not give T-Mobile too much credit. How about none at all. I’m extremely happy that Google isn’t playing any games by limiting the GSM network but making the assertion this is some glorious contribution by T-Mobile holds no weight. I for one want T-Mobile to benefit from the introduction of Nexus One. They can learn a thing or two about how to market and sell a product.

  • mrnova

    Maximus, you nailed right on the head. Tmobile has nothing to do with getting this phone to tmobile, just was lucky that verizon said no to the nexus! Tmobile really needs to get its act together about these phones, before there is no tmobile.