Sony Ericsson Equinox Cometh


For those of you who still have yet to jump on the Blackberry, Android, and WinMo ship phones, others phones do still exist. Case in point, the new Sony Ericsson Equinox that boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera and (GASP!) picture messaging! Take that iPhone owners, beat you by 3 days! We had an inkling of this phones arrival at T-mobile all the way back in early May but the powers that be have decided an October launch is the perfect time to unveil this Sony Ericsson goody. Sadly, this is just another middle of the road flip phone for T-mobile and its renewed agreement with SE and I’m beginning to think that may be all we will see out of the deal. Sony Ericsson makes some high end, quality devices and when are they coming to T-mobile shores? The CS8, which was canceled or shelved and yet AT&T delivered the very same phone. Tmo, whats up? Can’t a dude get an Xperia running Android up in this here?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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