More fun with the Samsung Behold!

So you’ve got that new Samsung Behold, and while it’s a pretty cool phone it does leave a few things to be desired – but what doesn’t, right?  You’ve enable full HTML browsing, but you still have a couple of nits to pick with the device.  Perhaps you think that the ringers or alerts are just not loud enough?  Well, thanks to some excellent detective work from forum member spinn360 we have a possible solution to that problem for you!  Spinn360 provides us with a nice little overview of the test mode settings for configuring some new volume levels for your new phone.  Make sure you read through that and understand what you’re doing before making those changes though.

Thanks also go out to forum member inebriat3d for showing us how to get Google Maps on your Behold!  So now you can find your way around when you go out on the town and don’t want to get lost, or need to find some cool new place to try out.  It’s not too difficult to do, but it does present a few hoops to jump through, so once again, please make sure you read and understand what you’re doing before making any changes!  Well, now you’ve got a decent browser, you can hear those ringtones and find your way around….what about some better gmail?  Forum member fleshdeep has confirmed that by using inebriat3d’s instructions that the GMail App does indeed work on the Behold, and has the screen shots to prove it!  You can try other java apps and see if they work as well.

Which brings us to our last tidbit of the night!  You’ve got some pretty cool java apps on your Behold now, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to minimize one or two of them instead of exiting them out?  Spinn360 is back with another admin setting to do just that!

Hopefully these little bits of information can make your new Behold just a bit more fun to use!  I’d also like to thank all of the forum members that have provided the information for this entry – without you guys this stuff wouldn’t be possible!