Vacation time!!


Just a quick little update here. I’ll be traveling over the next two weeks and won’t be as attentive to the site as you and I have become accustom. Its been a LONG and arduous seven months now and Tmonews has grown faster and larger than we could have ever hoped. With that in mind its time for a little getaway. (Thanks for helping us grow!)

I will do my best to check in from time to time (which sadly usually translates to daily) but I won’t be able to monitor the news as much as I would like. Therefore some stories might get by, or get posted a day late. It pains me to think of such an event but if I don’t find myself away from this computer for a while I might have a nervous breakdown. Rest assured Shawn and Mystic have the lay of the land and will keep in contact with me telepathically as we have developed the ability to communicate by reading each others thoughts.

On that note, I wanted to give you guys a quick little rundown of a few of the posts I am working on:

  • T-mobile will be introducing payment installment plans for phone purchases
  • **Rumor alert** T-mobile and Best Buy are partnering up to offer unlocked and unsubsidized handsets
  • White G1 release date
  • web2go breakdown and what’s new
  • T-mobile cameo pictures
  • Androidguys introducing their own app store
  • Why I am awesome

I know you all will miss me terribly and I hope to return refreshed and invigorated going into the end of the year. Have a happy beginning of November, GO VOTE TODAY! and remember to tell all of your friends about Tmonews!