Just how many G1's will sell?!



Well yet again we are back playing the numbers game and wondering just how many G1’s will sell before years end?  We’ve heard inflated numbers, numbers that were a little more realistic and now we get word HTC is increasing its sales projections

HTC CEO Peter Chou expects to ship at least 1 million Android phones before years end. Which is of course really great, it’s exciting to see  the phone has been a success, regardless of some initial launch problems. With the Android market gearing up for next year and the introduction of paid apps, I think its safe to say that the future of the G1 looks quite upbeat. 

I have to say its really quite frustrating though to see a number of blogs yet again comparing sales numbers to the iPhone. While the comparison I suppose is inevitable, the contributing factors are vastly different. What would the G1 have posted sales wise had had it sold simultaneously in 20 some countries upon launch? Obviously one can’t predict such things but its increasingly frustrating to have every article about the G1 have a comparison to the iPhone. I’ll be doing my best to eliminate that from this site. 

Mobilecrunch via digitimes