Just how many G1's will sell?!



Well yet again we are back playing the numbers game and wondering just how many G1’s will sell before years end?  We’ve heard inflated numbers, numbers that were a little more realistic and now we get word HTC is increasing its sales projections

HTC CEO Peter Chou expects to ship at least 1 million Android phones before years end. Which is of course really great, it’s exciting to see  the phone has been a success, regardless of some initial launch problems. With the Android market gearing up for next year and the introduction of paid apps, I think its safe to say that the future of the G1 looks quite upbeat. 

I have to say its really quite frustrating though to see a number of blogs yet again comparing sales numbers to the iPhone. While the comparison I suppose is inevitable, the contributing factors are vastly different. What would the G1 have posted sales wise had had it sold simultaneously in 20 some countries upon launch? Obviously one can’t predict such things but its increasingly frustrating to have every article about the G1 have a comparison to the iPhone. I’ll be doing my best to eliminate that from this site. 

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  • Rochester

    G1 has been back ordered since the day it was released. You would think T-Mobile figured out how to keep G1 in stock. Hopefully, the whole backorder issue will not turn off some prospective buyers.

  • Jim 4

    I ordered my G-1 the 15th and im still waiting….! call t-mobile and they said that it should be ship the 24th or the 25th… cant wait…….!!

  • david

    Are new orders coming with an adapter (3.5) as some folks are saying, if so, as has been said, I think what’s more important than the question of fair vs. unfair is good customer service. Are early adopters like us necessarily owed an adapter by whoever sold us our phones? Probably not. But are they going to raise a stink and be more unreceptive to future releases? Are they gonna go around and bitch about how they were badly treated as loyal customers? Yeah, most probably.

    Apple didn’t really have to refund that $200 either, but it was a goodwill gesture that ensured that their fanbase was kept intact and pleased with the product. The same should apply here. (Though I already bought my own adapter weeks ago.)

    Yes, I both purchased a 3.5mm and believe as you that ‘Customer Care and Feeding’ pays off in the long run. I could draw comparisons as other giving reasons – proof of my feelings/point of view – however, your post is unemotional and fact based view, therefore needs none.

    I will make a personal suggestion vs. accusing others that their feelings are unfounded, hey, feelings are feelings. Business “high/low moral ground” calls will decide what the market place will support and does trickle down to everyone sooner or later. If company A saves dollars by this kind of treatment, other companies will follow it is as simple as that.

    Please do not read any more if my personal feeling would upset you, you are warn, IF they have added something within 30 days, at the same price, then it seems logical that an oversight was made and they believe it needed to be corrected. If so, then “fish or cut bait” and do the moral thing, otherwise stop sending them with the new orders.

  • Snowy

    it would be interesting to see 1st gen iphone sales compared to G1 based in US sales.
    I agree with on how dumb sites project their figures without limiting certain factors or even what the statistics are based. They just luv to toss numbers 4 a headline. Especially when it comes to US/World figures. So much information is omitted from the reader beliving the crap is world figure. For example news of iphone being number 1 without mentioning where this data came from, does it consist of US sales or world sales. They call them self reporters or journalists by manipulating information to fit their view, scandaltus fucks!

  • WXman

    Ordering a $350 phone a waiting over a month to *maybe* see it really sucks. I’m shocked that a company like T-Mobile allowed this to happen. But I guess they didn’t expect it to sell THIS well.

  • TomCruise

    why are people ordering over the phone?????? aren’t these available in stores?

  • KH

    “Obviously one can’t predict such things but its increasingly frustrating to have every article about the G1 have a comparison to the G1.”


  • David

    @KH, fixed thanks!

  • Alex

    Yeah comparing the G1 to the G1 is completely absurd! Haha sorry had to point it out.

  • jdslim

    I know its only natural for people to compair G1 sales with Iphone sales. When looking the final prediction of G1 sales try to keep in mind that the G1 isn’t an Iphone and T-mobile is not ATT. The 1st gen Iphone was marketed as the ultimate Ipod with phone added if not all most of the iphone early adapters where ipod owners or mac users. With Apples already owning a largest share of the portable MP3 player market they knew it would be a huge success and if not they made the Ipod touch to fall back on. Unlike the Iphone the G1 had no fan base before they had any release notes on the device. Most of the early adapters of the G1 are the tech minded people who understand that the power of G1 is the Android OS.

    When the Iphone was launched Apple and ATT marketed the hell out off it. Promoting with Tv and print ads. One thing Apple does better then anyone else is to market their products and ATT also has a pretty strong marketing team aswell. At the launch the iphone was available at Apple stores all ATT stores and online of course. Att has more stores and customers then T-mobile does. Unlike the Iphone the G1 is only available in stores located in within T-mobiles 20 plus 3G markets and from Tmobile.com.

  • jdslim

    only can get phones at stores that are located in 3g markets. For all other loyal customers we can only get them from customer care or online

  • youngmiss156

    I had the G1 for a week, and decided it wasn’t for me and went back to my Blackberry.

    Plus the battery life was horrible, whereas by BB lasts me at least 10 hrs. I did like the touch screen, but the keyboard was entirely too flat for me.

    I turned off 3g, lowered the brightness, and everything else…G1 couldn’t cut it for me.

    From now on I will stick with RIM devices.

    I hope the G1 sales are good though.

  • encoreorv

    Guess what ppl I went to WALMART last nyt and they had the g1. Granted they only had four in stock I guess u guys could cancel ur online and either pick it up from the store or walmart. Why wait for what you can get today