Better late than never…


I know this is coming to this blog later than most but its news and as such is still worth posting. As some of you already know the white G1 is now available in (some) T-mobile stores. We’ve definitely had some mixed information about the availability of the white model as of late. First, it was announced it wouldn’t be until after Thanksgiving, then we heard it WOULD be available and by the 24th…and voila, it is!

Still not wild about the white/grey combo myself but I do prefer the clean look of the white more so than the bronze or black. Lots of discussion going on here and here.

However, if you believe the white G1 is the solution to all of your wireless problems, check your local T-mobile stores and see if they have one sitting in inventory calling your name, just waiting for you to come and pick it up, hold it, caress it, love it, feed it, give thanks for it.

Three more pictures after the jump.





  • G1 is associated with Google services, so it’s normally welcomed by Google users.

  • Denise

    First I miss the free flight promo, by a day and now this!

  • I have the White G1 here in the UK.

    Funny as it was only colour available when i ordered a few weeks back.

  • debra

    It looks nice cant wait to get one

  • Jose

    Finaly, I will be gettin mine today!!


    but i was thinking all white, is silver in the back damn, i buyed the behold if i dont like i return this for the g1 i just only use my behold for 2 days and i dont know man i lot good things and bad things like i cant put java applications somebody help me!!!!!

  • armytank

    That is a weird looking back cover.
    Danny what are you using you phone for?

  • NickyHilton

    I would’ve gotten this phone if they would’ve made the back cover white to match the front. It would’ve looked really cute with it all white. Arggh! I’m planning to buy a G1, but I’m not sure if I should wait for the Blackberry Curve II. What do you guys think? Oh yeah, I have another question. Do all the G1 phones come with the 3.5 adapter now? I want to make sure that the adapter is included before I head over to a T-Mobile store and purchase one…Oh yeah, sorry…one more question for you T-Mobile fans…how much would the phone be if I were to buy it with a one year contract? Alrighty, let me know you guys…TMO News Rocks!!!

  • NickyHilton

    LOL! One more thing…I’m just so excited about buying this phone, so bare with me…I have one more question. For all you Blackberry Curve users out there, is the keyboard on the G1 as easy to use as the Curves? Was it an easy transition from the Curve to the G1 keyboard? I’m in love with my Blacberry Curve 8320, but I need to switch to the G1 for a better browser experience. I cannot stand the Blackberry browser and even the Opera browser. Anywho, let me know…ttyl.

  • Flipside

    men whats with the different color cover?! would have looked nicer with just one color…

  • Pythagoras

    I am waiting for purple w/pink polka dots

  • TomCruise

    @NickyHilton, 1 yr contract price is 299.99

  • ores

    i think this phone is nt tht cool i rather take the black one cuz, just imagine how many times u have to clean it and its gonna mess up real bak i’ll stil with the black one. well hopefully i’ll get it by kristmas

  • PhoneCrazed

    You might not need to wait till X-mas, I walked into a retail store yesterday and they had several for sale so just check the stores near you and see rather then ordering online and waiting 2-3 weeks.
    White one looks the nicest, not 2 fond of the back but when I saw in person its nice!

  • Snowy

    so 3.5mm jack included?

  • WXman

    I ordered the black one. The bronze keys are harder to see, and the white one is a bit feminine…though not too bad. I just figured I couldn’t go wrong with black.

  • Snowy

    So without contract what would the cost be? Thx.

  • T1 Connect

    @tomcruise $399.99 roughly $420.00 with taxes.

  • D

    Guys why is Tmonews so slow these days.Anyways i just downloaded the phone fusion viual vmail(iphoney cant brag n e more) and its one of the best apps so far. Follow instructions when u download it though.The AM also put up opera mini 4.5 for u opera fans.
    I wouldnt get the white if i were u cuzz it’ll get dirty,keys r harder to see and if u drop it it’ll look messed up because its white.

  • MikeK

    @Nicky –

    I hate the Blackberry interface so I was not fond of the Curve at all. The keys on the G1 are much better IMHO because they are much more spaced out like a real keyboard; however, they are not as ‘raised up’ as on the Curve so it takes a bit of getting used to – it’s much closer to the Wing or Sidekick than BB. I also like having a dedicated row of number keys at the top instead of having to ‘alt’ all the time. The hardest part I had to get use to was flipping it open to type anything but they should have a workable soft keypad soon so that will make one-hand operation easier.

    All I can says about the browser is that it flat out rocks! About the only thing it can’t do is Flash but that’s coming. And the apps you can download from the market keep getting better and better.

    All the new G1 shipments should come with the 3.5mm adapter. The outside of the box doesn’t mention it but you should be able to open it up first to check before you buy.

  • escentz

    As much as I hate the G1, the white is just SO damn sexy. :P

  • Joey

    looks like a tampon

  • D

    this is not confirmed yet but i think the AM charging has begun.A commenter in the AM is claiming on his phone he can see EA has released tetris and monopoly but i dont see it yet.I hope he right because one they launch prices then touch qwerty will be up and also flash an video recording will be much closer to being released.I love my G1

  • Monica

    Just a heads up many stores are limited with stock and arent allowing ppl to exchange the phones soley for color pref.

  • Snowy

    Were u correcting tomcruise price under one year contract or was the price u posted referring to a no contract price? Thx

  • TomCruise

    @Snowy, T1 gave you the no contract price. You can check it at


    man i want the g1 while but really u need data plan for used? i can buy for 400 but i dont want data plan is any way works the g1 without data plan ? i buyed the behold 2 days ago i liked but has litle bad things like for take a picture is slow no wifi not apps this has java but i cant put news apps sucks i have rizs before and i played much with this phone lot apps

  • damian316

    I love the G1 my wife has the bronze one and I plan on getting the white one I think it jus looks clean and classic….but I wonder why T-mo didn’t make the back casing white as well…..the black is all black (front & back), the bronze is all bronze so why not make the white G1 all white like in th UK?

  • tlfelder

    @mikek hey I know u don’t know me man but I had a question and you
    seem to know what your talkin bout when it comes to the G1, I have a G1 myelf
    and I downloaded some ringtones from a free site called and I
    Cand seem to delete them, its crazy cuz I also downloaded some from the
    Amazon store and I can go I and delete those and edit, but ic ant do anything
    with the ones from myxer, any suggestions? I would appreciate it man, also just cu
    what color G1 do u have and how do u like it so far?

  • macho

    Does anyone know how to get your contacts to show on the visual voice mail?

  • MikeK

    @tlfelder –

    Android doesn’t let you delete ringtones directly from the OS so you have to get to them another way.

    Use a file manager application from the Market – I use Glance – to get to the file system folders.

    The stock ringtones are stored under /system/media/audio/ringtones. Ringtones you create will probably be stored on the sdcard under the /music directory.

    Another way is to connect your G1 to your computer via USB and explore the filesystem that way to get to your ringtones.

    Apps like Ringdroid will soon give you the option to delete tones but it’s not there yet.

    See for more info.