Better late than never…


I know this is coming to this blog later than most but its news and as such is still worth posting. As some of you already know the white G1 is now available in (some) T-mobile stores. We’ve definitely had some mixed information about the availability of the white model as of late. First, it was announced it wouldn’t be until after Thanksgiving, then we heard it WOULD be available and by the 24th…and voila, it is!

Still not wild about the white/grey combo myself but I do prefer the clean look of the white more so than the bronze or black. Lots of discussion going on here and here.

However, if you believe the white G1 is the solution to all of your wireless problems, check your local T-mobile stores and see if they have one sitting in inventory calling your name, just waiting for you to come and pick it up, hold it, caress it, love it, feed it, give thanks for it.

Three more pictures after the jump.