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UPDATE: Walmart stores will NOT be receiving the G1 till November 3rd due to shipping delays!

I’m in a little bit of a rush so I’ve decided to condense two entries into one. Yesterday we ran a story via Engadget regarding Walmart and sales of the G1. While the original article stated a “launch” date of November 24th, that has since been revamped to, well, tomorrow. Purchasing the G1 from Walmart will still net you a savings of $31.11 as Walmart is undercutting T-mobile directly and selling the G1 at a discounted offering of $148.88. Can you just imagine a bunch of middle aged Walmart corporate types sitting around in a room trying to come up with a price for this? Did they just throw darts at dartboard and voila, we have pricing?!

Regardless, 550 stores nationwide will begin a sales rollout tomorrow and you can happily make you way to your nearest Walmart and save just enough to pay for half a tank of gas. Pricing is good for new or qualified upgrade customers! Yeah for Walmart!

Via CNN Money

Tonight’s second story comes via the G1 again, and is coming by way of androidcommunity by way of us actually. G1 users were thrilled to hear about an update coming their way which was bound to fix at least a few of the errors buyers have reported over the past few days. Unfortunately this update did not fix a reported software bug found in the browser which could subject the phone’s user  to having their keystrokes recorded. That would be bad, especially if you bank or check email over the phone. I wouldn’t want anyone seeing my email, especially if they felt like being just nasty and canceling my jello flavor of the month subscription.

The fine folks over at androidcommunity point out and a discussion on the forum also discovers that RC29 software update fixes the issue and has been released. We expect like the previous software release, this one will be a staggered roll out so if you haven’t gotten it already, just keep waiting and you’ll get it. There is no magic wand to make you get it sooner rather than later so just keep an eye out over the next few days for a prompt to update your phone.

That’s all, we now return you to regularly scheduled broadcast. The Shield is on tonight as well, man I’m going to miss that show…


  • DanKind

    hmm… i wonder what they will charge without a contract extension?

  • Yayo


  • tim

    About the price, walmart has a pricing policy that says no price will end in 1, 5, or 9. And to make a somewhat decent discount to get customers to see they would take at. Least $25. But 155 isn’t an attractive price to customers so less than 150 it is. Now why 148.88 instead of 149.88… well no idea. Although, I have seen that to be the current pricing trend lately.

  • ebe

    talk me i am confusion, i go to the store to buy the g1 but i cant pay data pla,n and i want buy this ratail price but the guy talk me doesnt work the phone if i buy like that i cant make call that is true that or he lyes me? i dont believe that guy talkk me

  • Jack

    2 Questions:

    1. If I buy the G1, may I keep my current plan (no data, unlimited texts) and just use it as a phone with no internet access. Or is the upgrade to some type of data REQUIRED.

    2. The Philadelphia Area has been introduced to 3G network correct?

  • misscrys

    it is true ebe can not use the phone even for voice if you do not have the data plan on ur account

  • tato22

    Wow thy need more updates and go walmart

  • freeQwnC

    Which Walmart stores are they? Is there a list??

  • bonh

    i just bought my g1 today too………………………………………………………………….

  • Pythagoras

    just preordered the G2 at Walmart!!!


  • colin small

    why is the software classified as RC? doesn’t that stand for release candidate ? why is software that was not final released to the public and why are the updates all classified as RC still? is android a beta at a release candidate status?

  • Persia


    with google everything is beta. HOW DO U NOT KNOW THAT? SHHHEEESSSSHHH. lol jk

  • Pythagoras

    G2 resolves that if you can wait till the day after Thanksgiving

  • colin small

    seems to be lol I guess I expected android to be at least 1.0. isn’t gmail still beta?

  • Sean

    @Pythagoras – Do you mean G1?

  • Persia

    @colin … ya gmail is still beta and gtalk and bunch of other things…

  • nick

    1) The g2 isn’t even confirmed by anyone so I doubt its real this early after the g1 is released.

    2) did anyone get the new update yet?

  • JYL

    Did anyone get the first update?

  • JYL

    I never got the first update and I pre-ordered my phone getting monday oct 21st.

  • WXman

    That’s really nice. Now, how about some Behold news?

  • cocopuff

    I’m still waiting for my RC28 update…

  • @nick: I believe is to soon to release a new version of G1, G1 has not in the market even a month yet for now Google (Androids) developers will put their efforts on creating general fixes like Microsoft does with their operating systems.

    Maybe there is a soon to come G2 to resolve all the current issues found on the handset, G2 will be like the SP2 for Windows.

  • ores

    i want to get this phone but with all the problems this phone has, im doubting about it, if i dont get this phone probably i would be getting the Wing, i dont know im confused

  • Dime04

    My internet service for my G1 was not working today so I called customer service and they told me today was my new billing cylce period so I didn’t have the G1 data plan on my account. In other words it didn’t automatically convert over from my unlimited BB service. Once she added it on to my account everything was fine. She also told me that I only needed the $25 data plan since I already have the $19 unlimited messaging family plan. Which I thought was sweet saving me $10. In other words I thought I was going to have to use the $35 plan. Funny thing is though I was able to make calls and text without a data plan. Thought it’s not supposed to work without data plan…..hmmm…

  • T1 Connect

    @ores the wing’s specs 200mhz processor 64mb of ram and 128mb of rom running windows mobile 6 not 6.1 but 6. the g1 specs 528mhz processor 192mb of ram 256mb of rom running android. im not gonna say what u should buy but i think the specs are pretty much self explanatory.

  • X

    I havent goten no update yet.

  • Andréa

    I never even got the first update yet… now they have a second? my husband got the first update last friday….

  • T1 Connect

    i know a lot of people with this phone and none of them has gotten and update i was starting to think these updates are just myths but ive seen a pic online with one so now its like why didn’t i get mine yet.

  • Steven

    I have called like 12 walmarts.. and no one has even heard of the G1. Was this really a good call on TMO’s part to put a new piece of technology like this in the hands of people who don’t know a hack saw from a curling iron?!?

    Kinda makes it seem low budget..

  • Armytank

    mine still says RC19

  • T1 Connect

    @steven thats the same thing i was thinking why are they doing this we went nuts waiting for this phone now after a week its being sold at walmart of all places for 148 thats nuts bro. sometimes i wish i could work there just so the customers can actually know what they’re buying. most of the time i go there i say to myself these people dont know anything.

  • Sean

    I’ve called a few Wal-Mart’s in the Denver area and most didn’t know what I was talking about. One associate said that their T-Mobile rep for all Colorado stores said they weren’t getting it until November 15th – the day 3G is turned on here.

  • macho

    @t1 was good my dude typing from the g1 shit is crazy hot can’t stay off it once question well…actually two first one is how do you cut and paste and is there any spell check coming soon …also what applications do you recommand thanx holla back

  • T1 Connect

    macho my boy cut and paste isn’t available in every app but most of the time its a long press type thing and also i think spell check and auto corret is a auto thing as well. as far as apps they have to work for you with your lifestyle and what u like, but me imeem, wikitud, shazam, videoplayer, weather, ringdroid, yellow pages, caller id, android file manager and backgrounds. as far as games well that depends on the user and what they like but i got some of them. hope you’re enjoying your g1. got a wallpaper discussion going on in the forums i mean a good amount check it out(mine are one page5)

  • macho

    What’s the caller id about?

  • Persia


  • tato22

    Man i called 100 walmarts down here in miami and nothing yet this is bull

  • JBLmobileG1

    @ Steve

    I don’t really appreciate your comments. I work at Wal-Mart and I do know about the G1 along with all the other phones that we sell. Honestly it really depends on who your talking to at the store. When you called did you ask for electronics or Connection center? and by the way all this info about it releasing tomorrow is not 100% correct nor is the price. My guess is that it will be less expensive than the Tmobile store but to get the good price you will need the data plan. And like most phones what you pay for a new contract applys to the upgrades as well. Althougt I haven’t heard a word about what the plans are so maybe things will change.

  • Coach

    I’ve been with T-mobile for 3 years and have had very good phone service with very little dropped calls, even when traveling from coast to coast.

    G1 Upgrades are only available to those whose contract has reached the 22 month mark! Though I’ve been with T-Mobile 3 years and cannot get the $179 price. There ideas of “world class service” leaves something to be desired.

    Bet if I dropped my service, they would come around, but I doubt it.

  • farmer

    I asked at my local Super Wallmart, they said that Wallmart will not be carying the G1. Ever.