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Two quick updates…


UPDATE: Walmart stores will NOT be receiving the G1 till November 3rd due to shipping delays!

I’m in a little bit of a rush so I’ve decided to condense two entries into one. Yesterday we ran a story via Engadget regarding Walmart and sales of the G1. While the original article stated a “launch” date of November 24th, that has since been revamped to, well, tomorrow. Purchasing the G1 from Walmart will still net you a savings of $31.11 as Walmart is undercutting T-mobile directly and selling the G1 at a discounted offering of $148.88. Can you just imagine a bunch of middle aged Walmart corporate types sitting around in a room trying to come up with a price for this? Did they just throw darts at dartboard and voila, we have pricing?!

Regardless, 550 stores nationwide will begin a sales rollout tomorrow and you can happily make you way to your nearest Walmart and save just enough to pay for half a tank of gas. Pricing is good for new or qualified upgrade customers! Yeah for Walmart!

Via CNN Money

Tonight’s second story comes via the G1 again, and is coming by way of androidcommunity by way of us actually. G1 users were thrilled to hear about an update coming their way which was bound to fix at least a few of the errors buyers have reported over the past few days. Unfortunately this update did not fix a reported software bug found in the browser which could subject the phone’s user  to having their keystrokes recorded. That would be bad, especially if you bank or check email over the phone. I wouldn’t want anyone seeing my email, especially if they felt like being just nasty and canceling my jello flavor of the month subscription.

The fine folks over at androidcommunity point out and a discussion on the forum also discovers that RC29 software update fixes the issue and has been released. We expect like the previous software release, this one will be a staggered roll out so if you haven’t gotten it already, just keep waiting and you’ll get it. There is no magic wand to make you get it sooner rather than later so just keep an eye out over the next few days for a prompt to update your phone.

That’s all, we now return you to regularly scheduled broadcast. The Shield is on tonight as well, man I’m going to miss that show…

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