Detroit waking up to 3G?!


Detroit, Detroit, my neighbor to the North(east) it seems as though magenta has given you an early holiday gift and brought you 3G! With a dozen or so emails this morning from overjoyed G1 users, added with word out of this forum thread, T-mobile has gone and given Detroit residents a reason to smile today!

While T-mobile still has a way to go to catch up the national footprint of the big 3 players, every 3G city launch brings us closer and closer to the ultimate goal of total 3G domination. Well maybe not that dramatic, but you know it’s going to be fun pointing at 3G iPhone users, while they keep hitting redial and redial and redial.

So break out your G1’s, head on over to here, or here and report in the comments what kind of data speeds you are receiving.

Keep in mind dear readers, we have NO idea what geographic area the Detroit market makes up so when you ask in your comments if your city 130 miles a way has service, we don’t know!