Detroit waking up to 3G?!


Detroit, Detroit, my neighbor to the North(east) it seems as though magenta has given you an early holiday gift and brought you 3G! With a dozen or so emails this morning from overjoyed G1 users, added with word out of this forum thread, T-mobile has gone and given Detroit residents a reason to smile today!

While T-mobile still has a way to go to catch up the national footprint of the big 3 players, every 3G city launch brings us closer and closer to the ultimate goal of total 3G domination. Well maybe not that dramatic, but you know it’s going to be fun pointing at 3G iPhone users, while they keep hitting redial and redial and redial.

So break out your G1’s, head on over to here, or here and report in the comments what kind of data speeds you are receiving.

Keep in mind dear readers, we have NO idea what geographic area the Detroit market makes up so when you ask in your comments if your city 130 miles a way has service, we don’t know!


  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Yup. Even though i didnt wake up to it i noticed it around 2am.

  • YAY!!! I live in Detroit, and i’ve been waiting for this, for so long. This means that I will have my Samsung Behold with 3G right on time, instead of having to wait for it, and use Edge. THANK GOD!!!!! Thanx TMoNews for the info, I really appreciate it

  • Crescentmage

    I’m still hoping this covers Ann Arbor. I have been waiting for years to get 3G in A2, and had started to shop around this summer when I ended my last contract. When I heard that Detroit was on the list I became hopeful and put my shopping on hold, but waited on preordering a G1. Live 3G means I’ll probably pick up a G1 and roll along with T-Mobile, but no 3G means I may have to reconsider my carrier (every other major carrier has 3G in Ann Arbor). I’d appreciate if anyone in Ann Arbor with a 3G phone could comment on whether A2 is covered.

    • umich dude

      I’m here on UM campus and getting 3G

  • Victor

    Congrats folks. We here in boston have 3G, though I notice that it tends to hug edge, while I am in buildings. Is this the case for you folks?

  • Eyeluvskullz

    I noticed it this morning…thing is that I am still running on Edge but the 3G keeps showing up in its place now and again…then back to “E”.

    Maybe it’s a soft rollout and it’s not quite up? I am sitting in Livonia right now…live in Ypsi (only noticed the 3G in Livonia because I use my wifi at home–I’ll have to check when I get back what connection I get there).

    Anyone else experiencing it?

  • laphoneuser

    Congrats Detroit. I’m enjoying very nice 3G speeds in Los Angeles. You’ll love it!

  • lou b

    I live in rochester hills Mi,about 20 minutes from downtown D-Town, and i woke up to my phone saying 3g. but so far its back on the EDGE. damnit. hopefully it can change back….

  • freeQwnC

    Finally. I was waiting for Detroit..and now im waiting for my Behold!! :P

  • antoine

    good tmobile now get some more phones.

  • david

    Seems like a problem – – stops my connection from leaving them once I use it…in firefox, yet can leave in IE…PC

    G1 shows 791kbps, SF…

  • Jonathan Moore

    Don’t forget that you can check your coverage at (go to and click coverage, then, “Check my coverage now”). Just click on the “Data” tab above the map to see EDGE and 3G coverage in blue. Enjoy!

  • Jonathan Moore

    Edit: doesn’t look like the PCC’s been updated yet. Yet something else to put on auto-refresh ;)

  • Ivan

    When is Tampa, FL going to be 3G? Any info please?

  • Kal

    I live about 10 blocks away from detroit and im still on edge?? =( y!?

  • We have 3G here in Providence, RI. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t work well indoors.

  • David
  • Kal

    Nevermind, I was on edge because I was in my basement. As soon as i stepped outside, I was on 3G network!

  • victor

    I notice 3g works great in doors in certain areas of new england. In cambridge
    For example, there is no problem. In my part of boston, get great 3g outdoors
    Though when I step inside I have full bars with edge only. Its almost as if they
    Don’t want me to use 3g at home lol

  • Galen20K

    I woke up Today and my LOvely LOVely G1 was Connected to 3G speeds of 800 to 900 kbps, imagine my Delight!!!

    – D

  • VDubb

    How come other cities got a sweet, helicopter/satellite view photos of their city put up, but Detroit gets a lame image?

    – VDubb

  • domiiniicano

    I’ve got 997kbps down on Detroit’s 3G SWEET!!!!

  • Armytank

    please come to Cleveland Please!!!!!

  • pkdann

    No 3G in the Alabama area yet. Got my G1 10mins ago. If you are in the Nov 10 batch, you should be expecting it because i got mine today. I checked everyday but didn’t get nothing. I checked it after delivery and it shows it was shipped last night around 11pm.

  • freeQwnC

    The ” D ” Some 3G. Hehe

  • freeQwnC

    I meant– > The “D” Got Some 3G.. Hehe

  • mingkee

    congrats everybody in Detroit
    don’t forget to use your 3G phone to keep up vote next Tues
    btw, is there any news about 3G date in Washington, DC, as I read some member asked in hofo

  • @ Ivan Us in Tampa got it on Oct. 21! Congrats D-Town!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J

    The personal coverage map on has been updated to show Detroit 3G. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include my city of Waterford – only about 10 miles away from the coverage area :( I wasn’t going to get the G1, but with the reported speeds of around ~1 mbps, I would have considered it if I had 3G coverage at my house or where I worked (<5 miles away from coverage area!). Oh well, blackberry storm on Verizon – here I come.

  • Nicholas Adams

    Of course I live in Ann Arbor and I’m missing 3G by about 15 f’ing miles…

  • Galen20K

    Consistently getting 1400 kbps in Livonia on my G1 WHOot whoot!!!

    – D

    Nicholas dont worry, they will be Expanding very Quickly to ANN ARbor they HAVE to!!! ITs such a Great College TOwn!

  • MrDrew

    Oh man, they don’t even have Novi fully covered ;_; Hopefully we’ll get more 3G expansion ASAP…

  • rudy pooh

    ANN ARBOR HAS 3G!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooot woooot!

  • rudy pooh


  • Rudy Pooh


  • Gene Quagmire

    West side of Ypsi as well. Don’t think it needed that many posts, but I’m happy as well.