G1 coming to a Wal-Mart near you?


Engadgetmobile is reporting this morning that the G1 is on it’s way to Walmart and at a  price lower than T-mobile directly is offering. Walmart, king of the odd price is said to be selling the G1 at $148.88, a full $31.11 savings, or the cost of a tank of gas for me to get to my nearest Walmart.

Engadget’s tipster is claiming that the top 10 stores in each regional Walmart market will receive inventory by the 24th of November, just in time for the start of the holiday season. So the bottom line is you have about a month to decide whether or not waiting for a Walmart savings is just what you wanted for the holiday’s!

Via Engadget


  • ebe

    great i want one

  • Mark

    if you bought it at walmart, would you have to sign a two year contract with it?

  • Is this where I am supposed to start crying like iPhone early adopters did when Apple cut the price sooner than they expected?

    Too bad, I’m too busy watching Android Market fill up with apps!

  • fbarkon

    I’d like $31.88 back in a rebate… we’ve been together awhile T-mobile, it’s not right that the new chick gets a better box of chocolates on Valentine’s day.

  • bobby

    ^yes you would have to sign a contract for that price. but how do you know if the wal-mart near you is one of the top 10 stores?

  • ebe

    this needs requerid data plan?

  • this sucks for me i have a tmobile exc;usive store and we already loose enough money on the phone and now walmart is gonnna kill us

  • Kaminsky

    That’s great. I wonder if the Wal-Mart by my house is going to have it. My house sit between a Tmo store and the Wal-Mart. This is good news!

  • stefan

    hhmm i live in phoenix so im guessing its not coming to my wal mart

  • tato22

    Walmart coming up

  • Mack

    That’s crap I pre-ordered and now is $31 cheaper. I waited for a month to get it and now people get it cheaper’ that’s bulls***.

  • thaone&only

    Lol! :D

  • :D

  • iwantflash4g1

    Yeah its a bunch of crap! Ill take a rebate please! I spent 340 bucks on this damn phone. The only upside is if more people own a g1 more apps will be created. btw where the heck is flash capabilities??? How about instead of filling up our phones with these apps we were some how able to um idk save them to our removable memory cards just throwing that out there.

  • Andréa

    yay I can buy tampons, meat for dinner and a G1…oh wait I don’t shop at walmart…and I own the G1 already

  • center rep

    You would have paid the same even at walmart upgrade pricing is subject to qualifications the only people who qualify are full disc customers and new customers and did you see the date its a black friday special duh!!!!!!

  • Good things come to thoses that wait

  • bonh

    uhh center rep the 24th of november is a monday????

  • center rep

    thats a shipment date fool they start getting everything for that sale that week.

  • Teemoe

    Found it in a Wal-Mart in Austin Texas for $179.88. The rep said that they “bounced back and forth about the price and ended up with this price”


    Bummer because I have been holding off for two weeks to buy this phone.

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