G1 unlocked…free to roam about the cabin

Let me preface this by saying that while the phone may be unlocked, for the you can pretty much just make and receive calls and text. While I don’t think there is a doubt in anyone’s mind most of the phone’s capabilities will soon be available to AT&T users, for the moment its pretty much just the doldrum talk and text.

For a cool $22.99 the guys over at the aptly named Unlocked T-mobile G1 will provide you with an 8 digit code that gives your device all the sim card freedom an open handset could possibly desire. All you have to do is supply your IMEI number, fork over some cash paypal dollars and away you go. Video proof is supplied above and it is beautiful.

The reality is you could of course bide your time, wait your 90 days before T-mobile will provide you a sim unlock code free of charge. However, if you see the need for holiday traveling abroad or really just want to experiment on AT&T in the US, feel free to pay up right now and walk the path to unlocked freedom.

unlock-tmobileg1 via androidcommunity

P.S. Word coming in via email is that SOME pre-orders scheduled for a November 10th arrival have started trickling in a full 12 days early. Now we don’t encourage staring out the window endlessly looking for big brown but Christmashanukkahkwanzaa just might come early for some of you this year.