G1 unlocked…free to roam about the cabin

Let me preface this by saying that while the phone may be unlocked, for the you can pretty much just make and receive calls and text. While I don’t think there is a doubt in anyone’s mind most of the phone’s capabilities will soon be available to AT&T users, for the moment its pretty much just the doldrum talk and text.

For a cool $22.99 the guys over at the aptly named Unlocked T-mobile G1 will provide you with an 8 digit code that gives your device all the sim card freedom an open handset could possibly desire. All you have to do is supply your IMEI number, fork over some cash paypal dollars and away you go. Video proof is supplied above and it is beautiful.

The reality is you could of course bide your time, wait your 90 days before T-mobile will provide you a sim unlock code free of charge. However, if you see the need for holiday traveling abroad or really just want to experiment on AT&T in the US, feel free to pay up right now and walk the path to unlocked freedom.

unlock-tmobileg1 via androidcommunity

P.S. Word coming in via email is that SOME pre-orders scheduled for a November 10th arrival have started trickling in a full 12 days early. Now we don’t encourage staring out the window endlessly looking for big brown but Christmashanukkahkwanzaa just might come early for some of you this year.


  • ebe

    great sweet but this need data plan?

  • pkdann

    I was scheduled for November 10 but I got mine yesterday. It was shipped the night before i received it.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Got my g1 today!

  • Sanjay

    @pkdann,tmobile2yfe when did you guys orderd, did you got tracking number before or no

  • MSfromtheOC

    BFD… the 3G radio in the G1 does not work on the AT&T, Verizon or Sprint systems. So if you unlock it, what does that give you?

  • escentz


    It’s Christmahanakwanzika

  • David

    @Escentz…shh, back to the forums for you!

  • I preordered mine Oct 11, just got it today!

  • Galen20K

    COngrats to those getting their G1’s this Week, it Truly is an Amazing Device!!!

    – D


  • T1 Connect

    Useless to onlock att does not support 1700mhz umts so what’s the point maybe th 2100 but still is that a att 3g band

  • Joseph Singer

    Why would anyone pay $23 for an unlock code when T-Mobile will supply it for you free if you’ve been with them for over 90 days?

  • Sandy

    Anyone know the exact wording of the 90 day rule? What exactly needs to be 90 days?

  • GTzeroH

    umm, im pretty sure its you have to be a customer with
    T-Mobile for over 90 days, but it might just be that you have to own the G1 for 90 days. I called and got the unlock code for my sons Samsung Blast. You can still get the unlock code, but they charge you if your under 90 days. Or just pay $23……

  • bobby

    the only problems are i’m not sure if this is right but att does not use tmobile 3g bands. and if you unlock it and go it att then you will have to pay an early termenation fee which is like 180 bucks right? so it sounds like it is just better to stay with good ol’ t mobile.

  • PinoyAko

    I think it is really stupid to unlock G1’s. They can only use the GSM/EDGE part of G1 in AT&T even if they unlock it because AT&T’s 3G uses a different frequency with the T-Mobile’s 3G. The G1 is designed from T-Mo.

    Why spend more money if you can’t use the full function of the phone?

  • TEXAS_MADE1978

    I ordered my 2nd G1 on Oct 5 and received it Oct 28, i was very surprised to say the least.

  • TEXAS_MADE1978

    Also, as a side not. I just spoke with T-Mobile customer care to add a data plan to my 2nd G1 and they told me that there was supposed to be new 3g sim cards shipped with the phones. When I told them that there wasn’t the rep said that I would need to go to the nearest T-Mobile store and get the new 3g sim card due to the fact that the old sim cards would cause problems with the G1 and slow it down. So first thing in the morning I am off to the T-Mo store.

  • mingkee

    even it’s unlocked, you may need to use Safe Mode if you use it with “foreign” carrier after it had factory reset
    under safe mode, you’re able to change data setting, this is essential if you want to activate the G1 with other carrier
    to use safe mode, press menu button when powering the phone on, and press all the way till you see standby screen

  • SoftTrex

    Ordered my G1 on the 7th and its coming in tomorrow. I can’t wait! I was really surprised the other day when I got a text from T-mobile telling me it had been shipped.

  • kyiske

    T-mobile actually doesn’t have actually have any 3g sim cards. The rep should have clarified to use the sim that came in the box because for some reason slightly older sim cards may not work properly on the G1.

  • Tyler

    I too ordered mine on the 15th and I’m getting it tomorrow.

  • TEXAS_MADE1978

    There were no sim cards in either G1 I received , so I have no choice but to use my 5+ yr old ones…..

  • Ahmed

    well maybe unlocking does have a use, you know how they say you have to have the special g1 data plan to make it work, maybe this way if its unlocked you don’t need that special plan,

    i am sure a lot of people have that 20 dollar data plan, plus m issue is i have that really nice retailer plan, which includes data, and costs like 1/3 of the cheapest g1 plan, so i wonder if that would work for me…

    any thought?

  • Daniel

    As an employee, word going around is that T-Mobile will not be unlocking the G-1, because it is an exclusive phone to the company much like they never unlock their sidekicks. Nothing has been made official though

    Also, you do not need a new sim card to use the 3G network. However replacing your sim card every 2-3 years is a good thing as sim cards get weaker with usage; so using a new one improves quality of your network coverage

  • David

    @Daniel, it was made clear by Cole at the press announcement of the phone that the phone would be unlocked per the usual T-mobile 90 day policy.

  • ftblstr

    I had the g1 on launch, ordered the unlock code from TMO the next …sold it to a guy with Att the day after. Bought an E71 battery life on the G1 was horrible

    I put my sim in, let him input his gmail info…took out the sim and off he went. I think you have to manually enter ATT apn info..

  • sandy

    @mingkee Can you give more details into what you mentioned. Or if you have a website, that talks some more in detail about using the g1 with “foreign” carriers. I understand the frequency difference for the 3g. That’s why I only plan to use just EDGE. But I didn’t realize the G1 won’t automatically sense and pickup those 2/2.5 G settings

  • @david

    You can unlock it standard 90 day rules apply

    and there is no such thing as a 3g sim card that was mis information.

  • L.Krishna

    @daniel: did I understand you to say that t-mobile has the exclusive rights to [1] the android os [2] the htc g1 or[3] both os and phones using that os? from what i’ve read in businessweek, motorola is all set to manufacture a lineup of android powered devices which is probably why t-mobile rushed release of the g1 in such a deplorably incomplete state. of course, motorola will have a finished product available for consumers after having had time to review the debacle that is the htc g1 project. personally, I can’t remember the last time a company marketed an unfinished product and asked their customers to pay for the ‘privilege’ of waiting to see if the numerous glitches displayed by the device will be something that is repairable by a software upgrade or something that is a mechanical defect which will require the phone to be returned to t-mobile for replacement. how long should anyone be reasonably expected to wait, if at all?
    honestly, i’ve used ms-powered devices and never had a problem downloading apps that I needed except where they were restricted by, guess who…t-mobile and htc. I queried several issues with msn and was informed, in every instance and in no uncertain terms, that they were not in the business of preventing anyone from downloading programs which they felt they needed for personal enjoyment or business purposes and that I should redirect my queries to t-mobile and htc. also, I was always able to store the apps I downloaded on a memory card, with the singular exception of google maps mobile, which took up residence in the phone memory and refused to function if I attempted to transfer it to my memory card, a harbinger, obviously, of bad and inflexible things to come from the big G.
    L.Krishna [My real name, not a pseudonym or nom de plume. yes, my mother named me after the hindu deity and I can refer anyone who wants to make it their business to more women than wilt chamberlain ever met, just to clear that up].

  • Jake Lake

    Soooo…what’s the word on the data plan being an absolute requirement on this phone? The rep i spoke with said I needed to have it when I got the phone, but can I just try it out and then if I don’t really find myself using it like I thought remove it, or have it removed?

  • rNdy

    To clarify the 90 day rule. The line you’re requesting the unlock code for must be active for at least 90 consecutive days (no full suspensions) and you can only request 1 unlock code per line every 90 days.

  • T-Mo Rep

    The only good unlocking the device will do is allow you to make calls or use the edge network. In the US, Tmo is using both the 1700 and 2100 spectrums, for upload and download respectfully. To the best of my knowledge, Always Trashing The airwaves, or AT&T, is using the 1900 spectrum. Perhaps in another country, where you have either a 1700 or 2100 network available you could use it. From what I understand, the G1 can be set to upload and download on a single spectrum. Hope that helps.

    Oh, and to Krishna, don’t hate Tmo for being the 1st to step to the plate with the biggest thing to hit the industry in the last 5 years. Tmo knew Android would have problems, just as At&t knew the iblowme would. The fact that Moto is waiting with bated breath to get their hands on this os proves my point. And as for your comment about build quality from a manufactuering standpoint, Moto has, by FAR, the largest failure rate of ANY manufactuer that Tmo deals with. It wasn’t until the v8 came out that we saw an exchange rate lower than 50% on a Moto product for hardware AND software. Moto’s MO of late is put out cheap crap that looks good, and pay to advertise it, much like your beloved Microsoft does with Vista. Oh, and more than The Stilt, now we ALL know you’re full of $hit!

  • L.Krishna

    @ t-mo rep
    man, just as I started thinking I’d got an adult response from someone who appeared to be somewhat erudite you had to demonstrate your puerility in the manner typical of the various t-mo reps who are using this site to convince consumers that the deeply flawed g1 is the most amazing technological development since god took adam’s rib and made it into something we can’t live without. well, some of us guys, real guys, anyway.
    I never quit on t-mobile/voicestream/omnipoint for the more than ten years i’ve been a customer. acquired and gave up at&t and sprint accounts along the way. where’s the evidence that i’m a hater?
    I have and love XP. hate vista. hate that the whole DRM thing is causing vista to prevail. i’m not afraid to tell microsoft how I feel; like i’m not afraid to tell t-mobile how I feel about them abusing my love and loyalty. I even talk back to my girlfriend…standing at a safe distance, of course, outside of her dish-throwing range.
    why can’t y’all respond without using profanity to try to denigrate someone with whom you misguidedly disagree? it’s so unprofessional. so ghetto.
    freedom of speech. it’s enshrined in the constitution. are you people part of the democratic presidential campaign? finally, do some research into the disease known as sex addiction. I was not boasting. I look back at what I was, and still have the urge to be, and i’m disgusted. there’ nothing to brag about. wasted lives, misusing time and energy to fill an emotional need. hurting people you love and ensuring that you wind up alone right when you need their support. as for the number that you obviously can’t relate to; I know. it sounds astronomical but it’s easy to achieve when that’s what you do every available moment. you don’t have to hunt for your prey either. after a while you develop a reputation and people want to experience what the hype is all about. your wives girlfriends, your sisters girlfriends. the girlfriends of their girlfriends. become a photographer. work for the newspapers and all the people who aren’t exactly celebrities but need or want the media exposure line up to offer you anything you want if you’ll give them what they want.
    stop being so clueless and don’t jump to conclusions about things of which you know naught. from now on let’s stick to the g1, please. please? and remember, it’s my right to be critical. i’ll most likely wind up buying a couple of them… after the fixes have been insralled or maybe…the G2? hmmmm.

  • Scott

    @T-mo Rep:

    Lets not get too cocky now. Lets not say the G1 or even Android is “biggest thing to hit the industry in the last 5 years.” Because, as much as I’m sure you’d hate to admit it, the iPhone really pushed this market. I’d be willing to bet you wouldn’t have seen an Android phone this year if it wasn’t for Apple pushing the norms. So lets give some credit, where credit is due. Thank you!

    – A very happy iPhone 3G user

  • L.Krishna

    @ scott
    great phone, the iPhone. it does what it does. it is what it is. the g1 is already on the market and I can’t say that about it. all the conjecture, speculation, rumors amd hope are just that until the bugs are fixed and the phone becomes a functional and reliable device…like the iPhone. why don’t they just fix the phone instead of hyping it for what we hope it might become.
    geez, it’s bad enough we’re expected to elect a president in that manner. where will it end?