Washington DC to usher in T-mobile 3G!


Forgive us for the late announcement, however last night we began the process of moving to our new host. With that we took the blog offline for a while so this announcement comes a little later than we had hoped.

With that little tidbit out of the way, Washington D.C. a city that needs no introduction is proud to be announced as the newest member of the magenta 3G family! As was the case with Detroit this week, a number of users are reporting faster than usual speeds and reports of 3G icons popping up in areas in and around DC.

T-mobile continues to roll out its 3G network systematically and efficiently and we are proud to continue announcing those launches. We can all be excited for these cities and easily agree that having faster speeds and improved voice quality just goes more to the point of why we love magenta, the little carrier that could!