Washington DC to usher in T-mobile 3G!


Forgive us for the late announcement, however last night we began the process of moving to our new host. With that we took the blog offline for a while so this announcement comes a little later than we had hoped.

With that little tidbit out of the way, Washington D.C. a city that needs no introduction is proud to be announced as the newest member of the magenta 3G family! As was the case with Detroit this week, a number of users are reporting faster than usual speeds and reports of 3G icons popping up in areas in and around DC.

T-mobile continues to roll out its 3G network systematically and efficiently and we are proud to continue announcing those launches. We can all be excited for these cities and easily agree that having faster speeds and improved voice quality just goes more to the point of why we love magenta, the little carrier that could!


  • ores

    Does anyone know when South texas would receive the 3g network, the Market would be Rio Grande

  • Rccarroll1

    Wonder If this will cover parts of Virginia as well? :)

  • nick

    well it sort of covers nova, at least near the pentagon… my G1 has shown the 3G icon a couple times.

  • jorge

    Got the g1 yesterday and it is geart!!!

    Hi ores, i live in laredo texas and i am wondering the same thing as
    You are. i hope they do it soon. We dont even have edge
    And the g1 on gprs is painfuly slow

  • david

    FYI, My G1’s G3 stop working…when I called support I was told I did not have the data plan, (which I had for the past 10 days). Had the $19.95 on my N82 and when I got my G1 put the sim into the G1…which has been working the past 10 days…they turned it (24.99) on and removed the $19.95 data plan saying that all pre-orders had FREE G1 until their plans start date. I had to do a master reset, which lost all my settings and now everything is working again. I wonder if I had just done a master reset if I would still have been on the $19.95 (WITH G3)…hee, hee…

    I only wish the browser had flash so I could see my wireless webcam like I can on my N82 and/or could connect with my N810…

  • WheresMyG1

    @ David

    Same thing happened to me. Was told 3G was free til the 29th. However, I didn’t have to do the hard reset, simply turned it off and back on. Worked fine. You may have lost all your settings for nothing. A simple shut down should have done the trick. I’m sure the flash app is coming. The G1 is a work in progress I’d say wait til December…January at the latest for everything to be smoothed over.

  • mingkee

    it’s more G1 specific
    can you configure internet2 APN into your G1?
    even you switch to G1 data, you still can use other data device, make sure you use the following
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    homepage for t-zones (regular phone only):
    or wap.myvoicestream.com
    no proxy required

  • T1 Connect

    Happened to me yesterday i called they told me ny was down and i was only getting edge so i took it as for what it was and waited. two hours went by and still nothing so i called back and because of something kevman said i asked if i had the g1 data plan she said no added it. got my data back up but it turns out the entire new york had no umts signal yesterday i got mine back at 2:30am with a little surprise it is waaaaaay faster than it was b4 like they increased the speed for 3g im really lovin it right now.

  • WXman

    Long story short..had T-Mobile for a few years. This past August, switched to Verizon. Didn’t work worth a *amn. Then switched to Sprint. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER DEALT WITH. The Instinct phone was cool, but not worth dealing with Sprint! Back with T-Mobile now. Even without 3G, T-Mobile is SO worth it.

  • blackthought

    a yo word up im so happy this shit is finally here is dc. good looking out to u guys word up peace.

  • Who is your new host?

  • Armytank

    Does anyone know anymor info on future 3g cities?

  • GrayT

    3g works in VA (Tysons Corner and Alexandria) just fine so far…I LOVE TMobile. It sucks my battery dry tho…so I will stick with Edge unless I want to watch/listen to something streaming.

  • Tyler

    I’m still hoping for Rochester, NY. Which is weird when I called to confirm my upgrade a few weeks back the rep I talked to told me that when they did NYC they decided to do all of NY, clearly she was incorrect but she really sounded like she had her facts straight. We talked for about 40 minutes about the G1.

  • aaron

    The RGV needs 3g!!!

  • mingkee

    currently 3G is available in NYC, LI, Westchester, Yonkers
    it doesn’t go further north, it even has not reach Albany!, but let’s hope it’ll expand north soon, a lot of soldiers in Fort Drum will be happy then

  • beardeddraggons

    I’m glad to read this, I had my setting to use 2G only and would have never noticed the 3G icon. I’m in Northern VA (Fairfax) and it works great.

  • PittsburghGuy

    Any ideas when I’ll see 3G in Pittsburgh?????

  • Me

    Anyone know when 3G will come to Richmond, VA? That it is right on I-95 and 64 and is OUR STATE CAPITOL should have made it a priority for T-mobile.

  • david

    # mingkee Says:
    October 30th, 2008 at 11:08 am

    it’s more G1 specific
    can you configure internet2 APN into your G1?
    even you switch to G1 data, you still can use other data device, make sure you use the following
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    homepage for t-zones (regular phone only):
    or wap.myvoicestream.com
    no proxy required

    There are so many fields in the G1 APN…username, etc….

    How to connect to my N810 and/ the laptop without al the information needed………

    Anyone got this working yet??

  • WheresMyG1

    Hey has anyone tried the IM all in 1 application???? Does it work better than the IM that comes loaded on the phone? Does it still sign you out randomly??

  • Tyler

    As to Tyler’s comment. I agree, originally coming from that area I completely understand.

  • Tyler

    Correction, mingkee*

  • Britni

    yay! i’m going to be in dc from dallas for a week in nov. good to know i’ll have 3g there with me and my g1.

  • Galen20K

    WHOot DC Congrats!!!! Loving 3G in Michigan!!! – D

  • mingkee

    I have N800, the setup is similar
    you don’t have to run wizard
    name: T-Mobile
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    number: *99#
    leave ALL the rest blank

  • mac

    hey i also live in laredo
    an it sucks that we dont even
    have the stupid EDGE an like
    on the map coverage it shows
    that it does have
    but its bs cuz we dont
    when the hell is it gonna get here