The TmoNews Forum Week In Review

Welcome to the first installment of the TMoNews Forum Week in Review!  I don’t know how many of you blog readers have had a chance to head over and check our forum (and if you haven’t, then you really should!), but they are always active and we have some of the best community members that I have ever been around.  This is hopefully going to be the first in a weekly round up of what’s been going on in the forum (you know, for those of you that don’t want to be forum regulars), so as long as things stay lively over there I should have plenty of material to put in this section.

All right, let’s get things started.  With this being the first entry, I’m just going to hit on a few topics that have been generating quite a lot of interest in the past few days – you’ve got to start somewhere right!  You may have read about this Nokia 5610 phone that’s getting ready to launch, and it’s caused quite a stir in our community, we have had a couple of members (thanks go out to BreatheTmobile and Pinche Rio) who have been kind enough to get some good shots of the Nokia 5610.  Another upcoming phone that has been the cause of some excitement (though not as much as the Nokia) has been the Sony Ericsson TM506, which has been spotted in T-Mobile’s Streamline system (thanks to jimbo831).  Many members are looking forward to this device, which marks the return of Sony Ericsson to the T-Mobile lineup.  To finish up the new phone entries, we have (once again, thanks to BreatheTmobile) excellent shots of the upcoming Curve, Sunset-style!

Next up we have a couple of Android related topics.  Jimbo831 let us know that we could check out the web browser in the upcoming Android devices by simply downloading the Software Development Kit and loading up the emulator – and that it’s an impressive web browser at that.  He has posted some screen shots of the action as well.  Everybody is wondering what the upcoming Android device is going to look like, and while nobody is certain our wiki moderator Godzilla has gotten his hands on a picture and video of an Android device in action.  Is it what the final version will look like?  Who knows, but speculate on!

I’ll end this first entry with something a little on the lighter side.  Inspired by the craziness that was the name change from the Blackberry Kickstart to the Pearl 8220, forum member STAY COLD decided to lend a hand in coming up with more insane phone names….anybody want a Blackberry Blueberry, or Motorola VOWL?

That’s it for this week.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the forum, or the wiki, don’t be afraid to take a little time and check them out.  The forum is full of helpful people and friendly banter, and growing by the day.