Aaaaaaaand we're back!


After a little downtime, TmoNews is back and badder then ever. If your wondering why we posted a picture of a mad baby…we don’t know either, it is just funny looking! Thanks to our wonderful host GoDaddy, our site was randomly taken down for a little under an hour. In their defense, we were back up within 30 minutes of calling CC. It shouldn’t happen again.

In T-mobile related news…keep your eyes open for some fun rumors in the next 24 hours about the HTC Kaiser, and T-mobile video calling! If your interested, there is a possible video of the HTC Dream circulating the internet. Check out the first android handset here.

  • Godzilla

    BGR can go to hell. They stole the story and other websites are crediting it as their story.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Yes!! Video calling. What about a streaming vid service tmo?

  • center rep

    buy a moto rokr streams video you constant compliner

  • Sunny

    Moto rokr streams videos? so you can go to youtube and other sites, like the iphone?

    Would you guys use video calling if it came out?

  • Tmobile2lyfe


  • Tmobile2lyfe


  • Sunny

    Oh, like AT&T TV Type?

  • Jessica

    Ewwwwwwww, the HTC Dream is gonna be white?? :(

  • terryjohnson16
  • Jay

    Streaming video!?!? Does that mean something like Verizon’s VCAST or video phone call chat? In either case it would be awesome. If it’s video chat maybe T-Mobile will bring over the high end nokia’s that support video calls.

  • DarkJedi

    I have to say that talking to godaddy is among the most painful things one can experience…I had a 20 minute unexplained hold. One of these days I hope someone sitting in a room somewhere decides that placing someone on hold simply isn’t acceptable.

  • edwin

    yes, i would use video calling!
    sounds like t-mobile does hear us

  • mingkee

    it’s video conference, it’s standard in European and Asian 3G
    but I don’t mind T-Mobile provides local TV feed through video conference, because I want it

  • mingkee

    whoever says KAIS140 1700 is compatible with T-Mobile 3G can simply go to HELL!!!
    I said many time, it’s JP1700
    AGAIN, JP1700!!!!!!
    if you don’t hear my words, just go ahead and buy it, just don’t complain why it doesn’t work

  • edwin

    what do you mean mingkee? whats the difference

  • mingkee

    the difference is very HUGE
    the 1700 (AWS) is paired with 2100, while the JP band is single band 1700, it’s more unique than American
    if you look at FCC doc of KAIS140, you’ll see there’s NO any 3G band tested

  • Orlando Reyes

    Not saying that it exists but we have the KAIS 100,110,120 and 140. Is there a KAIS 130?

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Yup Sunny. I hope u know that i was yelling at center rep for calling me a constent compliner……complainer? Whatever lol. Yeah ive seen it on howard forums that the 1700 htc kaiser is band IX not IV.

  • Sunny

    Wait! LoL You got me lost on the last part 2lyfe! what happend?

  • Sunny

    Someone should start a petition for t-mobile. Stating that users would like Video Calling! To make T-mobile 100% Aware that’s what people are wanting. If t-mobile agreed to it. They would gain so many customers, b/c would see that t-mobile really works for the people

    but thats just me! I just really want video calling ever since I went to Europe.

  • Brent

    I not sure if T-Mobile USA will require both 1700/2100 bands for 3G to work. I checked on and saw the new samsung phone, sgh tm506 a.k.a. bella is only umts 1700 and not 2100. So how can this phone be T-Mobile’s “flagship 3G” if it does not have the 2100 band. If this is the case then would any phone having 1700 or 2100 or both work on T-Mobile’s 3G network?

  • Lil B

    The TM506 does have 1700 and 2100, along with all the other Tmobile 3g phones that are already released.

  • I am excited for the Kaiser personally, if that does indeed come to Tmob, then the TMO->SunCom merger will be all the sweeter! Plus I will have a replacement for my MDA!