Is Video Calling right for T-Mobile?


Alright, so users probably wouldn’t be getting video calling on the Wing, but we made easy work of it with Microsoft Paint. With the 3G up in The Big Apple, Sin City and Austin, and many more cities to come, it is time for T-mobile to expand create high speed services for users. Sure we could wonder down the music store way, or maybe offer brief clips of news, but with T-mobile’s promises of the fastest, and most innovative 3G services, why not introduce video calling.

We have been hearing some rumors that the HTC Kaiser is headed T-mobile’s way with 3G video calling. Rumor also has it that T-mobile is currently looking at the amount of demand there would be for video calling, prompting the idea for this article. Obviously these are just complete rumors, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t have a little hope right? Lets ask Obama.

After spending billions back in 2006, T-mobile has 20 – 40 MHz of AWS spectrum in almost all the markets across the country. Why not be the first carrier to introduce video calling nationally?

Teenager-wise, those fortunate enough to afford phones and services that support this will be able to have some fun with video calling.

More importantly, this new service will attract what is likely one of T-mobile’s weaknesses, businessmen. With T-mobile offering video calling, they will no longer be thought of as the teen carrier with cheap phones, but a very viable option for businesses and families alike. We can see it now…. “Verizon has great phones, and great coverage, we have to go with them” “But Jim, T-mobile has video calling that will help our employees network better, in addition to their prices that are much better then their competitors. Plus, you can use your Wifi phone overseas to make video calls back to the US!” Well…you get the point. Now all T-mobile has to do is offer some kind of awesome international roaming deal (hint), and they will be the businessman’s favorite. T-mobile video calling; good or bad? Let us know what you think!


  • breathe tmobile

    10000000000% good idea!!!! now if they could stick a front facing camera (for video calling) on the HTC DREAM (Android) and launch it already!!! that would really KILL the iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T1 Connect

    tmobile video calling that would be great for businessmen the companies reputation and for us customers who are dying for some state of the art phones and services we can benifit from. i love tmobile but sometimes i kinda feel left out or in the dust or something.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Good. Very good.

  • TmoBin

    where do i sign up?

  • Peter Griffin

    Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy (Yes)!!!

  • Aaron

    I would absolutely love this feature. My parents are also on T-Mobile and it would be great to be able to video call them from across the country…

  • Andréa

    I hear birds singing I would LOVE some video calling…I get soooo bummed when I go look at softbanks english website…(I know I know if you can’t have a super cool over the top Japanese phone why even bother looking ¬_¬) So that would be giddy school girl YES!!!!

  • Sunny

    What a great write up! How do we go about t-mobile seeing this, and recognizing this is what we want!

  • ratchet


    I think a petition or a letter to T-Mobile USA HQ could get the word to them. im not sure because ive never done such a thing

  • Ryan

    I’d definitely sign up for the video calling. Just give me an updated Windows Mobile Professional smartphone that ISN’T a Wing (preferrably the HTC Touch Pro) and we’re back in business.

  • Jay

    What a great feature this would be for T-Mobile. Its very futuristic and would definatley benefit everyone especially business people.

    Plus if this ever happened T-Mobile will get a slew of much needed awesome high end feature packed phones.

  • JB

    Good Idea? No…IT’S A GREAT IDEA!!!! As a long-time (3G deprived) T-mobile, video calling is the one service would make T-mobile a complete powerhouse in the US. Video calling and T-mobile prices would make AT&T the “has been” of the cell phone market!!! Now, it only someone at T-mobile read this message board.

  • Doble-A

    TMONEWS, MAKE AN ORGANIZED PETITION SO TMONEWERS LIKE MYSELF WHO WANT VIDEO CALLING CAN SIGN IT. We need to voice our concerns and suggestions. Then you can send it to T-Mobile’s HQ through expedited first class delivery and a fancy envelope that says “Stick Together” and is marked “Fragile” and have them offer the feature.

    Something of an example:

    1. Doble-A




  • chimphappyhour

    I don’t know. What about those times you want to make a call to get out of something? (Work, meet up with someone you really don’t want to meet up with) Or if you answer your phone while in the bathroom? Or even worse, the other end is calling you from the bathroom? I can see the stupid being paraded across the internet for all to see. One could say, “But it hasn’t happened yet!” To which the obvious reply would be, “But that is because we don’t have video calling on cells here in the US yet!”

  • Gabriel

    I can’t wait for this feature. Sign me up T-mobile but only if it comes launches with the iphone killer-the Samsung i900!!!

  • Andy, Inc

    Deffinantly good. My dads away on business and my moms getting a little sad and me and my sister miss him too. Video calling isn’t the same as having him here in person but it sure would help! I’m down to sign a petition

  • J

    Yes it would be Great to have video Calling!

  • mingkee

    video conference iss a good feature, which is a standard for 3G in Europe and Asia
    this is good for family too, to call and see family member on the phone like using webcam with IM
    plus T-Mobile can add some value-add feature using video conference, like live video/TV feed without using internet

  • It would be a great way for us to Stick Together and Get More. I wonder how much T-Mobile will charge for that.

  • Sunny

    I see t-mobile doing a 10.00 Monthly unlimited or something like that.. It really sticks to there stick together

  • SaDudE

    I think this is a great idea…I already have a Nokia E71 with a front facing camera, turn it on and I am game baby

    International roaming would be the motz. International wifi calling back for free is pretty bada** as well

  • Ben

    They need to do something, quickly… A me-only service like this, and a better choice of handsets, would surely help. I’m seeing a lot of attractive options with other carriers as my contract approaches its end.

    Sorry though, the Kaiser isn’t enough to keep me — in handset-years, it’ s nearing its 100th birthday. I don’t really want to carry a brick around, but I do want all those features in something smaller and more attractive.

  • Sunny

    I would like a razr thin phone with video calling please..

  • Matt


    DO IT DO IT DO IT T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!

    yea, this would be amazing if it came out!

  • Brent

    I think T-Mobile needs some exclusive love like the other US carriers. Therefore, lets get this video calling feature on limited devices that are exclusive to T-Mobile for 3-5 years. Then other people will leave the other carriers and come to T-Mobile thus making them the number one carrier in the US and Europe.

  • Sunny

    If they do it! ima buy 2 phones and video call myself lol ” sounds nasty “

  • Pythagoras

    hopefully we are not the first to think of this. i have often wondered why T doesn’t let us know what’s coming…

  • nanosp

    I would definitely try video calling out, it’d be a big timesaver and im surprised none of the other carriers in the states have tried it yet (though I think AT&T had some kind of 1 way video messaging going on, but correct me if im wrong…)

  • Dennis

    I wouldn’t get to excited about the business area. When the company had an eval to select the Corporate Cell/BB supplier, TMo dropped out way early. If becoming a supplier to a 40 Billion $ company doesn’t matter to them, I can’t believe the business market is that important to them. The sad thing is that their published services prices are almost as low as the discounted rates that were negotiated with the other three carriers.

    Oh, and I would like to see anyone saying they would sign up for Video put down how much per minutes per line per month they would be willing to pay. For example, if it was $15/mo for 300 min outgoing/incoming, would it be worth it, especially if you had to pay for three family lines?

  • center rep

    hells yess awesome idea, we were told something about innovative ideas. I think tmo will take facts and probably decide only if test markets go well to provide a service such as this. don’t know if they are testing this anywhere but to me it seems like would take a lot of people knowing about it and I haven’t heard sh%#

  • JackJackEleven

    Its definitely a good idea to market and catch attention. But I’m not sure if video calling would ever pick up. Its was introduced in Europe several years back and still hasn’t caught up. Think again! Do you really want yourself to be seen while talking on phone? Especially in the US where privacy is great concern.
    I think T-Mobile should introduce other value added services over 3G that US has never seen before – like mobile money, music/ movies on demand, etc.

  • mojo jojo

    actually, we (t-mobile) WILL have international calling plans shortly. It was announced during our Townhall Meeting with the vp of customer care.

  • mojo jojo

    International roaming plans. sorry. Also I remember the higher ups discussing video calling at last years Townhall. Don’t know whatever came of it though.

  • I hope so

  • lana

    This would be absolutley great for deaf people. This is a great idea!

  • Brent

    I also spoke with a CS rep today and inquired about several things but wanted to share this with you. I told her about the video calling idea which is floating around this forum. She was in agreement and felt it would benefit all consumers especailly business people, deaf people, etc. I said if T-Mobile would offer this service it would like entice previous customers to return to T-Mobile and also attract new customers. I told her of the talk of the petition on this site and she was really excited about the idea. She said she was going to forward the idea to upper management.

    So I recommend all to call CS and make this suggestion so it will get to upper management and let our vocies be heard.

  • who,when,where

    This is a tremendous idea! The probem, or should that be task at hand is building demand for the feature. It”s like the chicken or the egg. They wont spend on the feature if there is no one to call and you cant call because there is no one you know with the required handset and service. Remember, video calling was introduced by old Ma Bell way back at the 1964 NYC WORLD FAIR. It still hasnt caught on even with TV Shopping stations selling pairs of video phones that work on POTS lines.

  • cosmo10292

    wassup with t-mobile almost all over the world t-mobile is great but for sum reason in tha us they do pretty poor. they get the sorryest phones and are the last to upgrade to 3g. i went to germany about a month ago and i just could not believe the phones that they had there and the prices! they had the nokia n95 8gb for about 100 us dollars and threw in a free bluetooth headset. the free phones that they had there were better than tha best phones t-mo has 2 offer here. but that mite change with tha android:) n no i am not hating on t-mo. ive used it 4 a couple years all they need is new phones n better coverage does anybody agree?

  • lana

    I think Tmo does have good coverage, but just like other carriers scattered all over the us, some towers don’t work on some locations. I mean imagine tmo buying all towers allllover the us, itd be a monopoly. Oh of course Germany has better phones than the US…didn’t tmo orginally started out in Germany?

  • Queue

    I’d be all for it. TMobile needs to do something unique to attact customers, especially with it taking 2nd in JD Powers Customer Service Rating. Video conferencing is becoming big now with gas prices increasing aid airline prices increasing. If they could show the multiple ways it could be utilized (connecting with family, business, shopping, how to do something with someone else on the line showing you, etc), it could be big. It would eventually cause other companies to follow suit and lower the overall price of the service. I would hope that they could do something affordable or reasonable with this kind of service.



  • SAM


    look, we all like tmo for their low prices…

    but, like others have posted, it has sucked that they’re losing out to cool phones. If they have video calling and it wasn’t a crazy price it would be nice, especially if it was tied to all handsets & pc/mac video calling ( that would be incredible and would make it a very nice service. I could see calling parents at home with this.

  • Dennis


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