Is Video Calling right for T-Mobile?


Alright, so users probably wouldn’t be getting video calling on the Wing, but we made easy work of it with Microsoft Paint. With the 3G up in The Big Apple, Sin City and Austin, and many more cities to come, it is time for T-mobile to expand create high speed services for users. Sure we could wonder down the music store way, or maybe offer brief clips of news, but with T-mobile’s promises of the fastest, and most innovative 3G services, why not introduce video calling.

We have been hearing some rumors that the HTC Kaiser is headed T-mobile’s way with 3G video calling. Rumor also has it that T-mobile is currently looking at the amount of demand there would be for video calling, prompting the idea for this article. Obviously these are just complete rumors, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t have a little hope right? Lets ask Obama.

After spending billions back in 2006, T-mobile has 20 – 40 MHz of AWS spectrum in almost all the markets across the country. Why not be the first carrier to introduce video calling nationally?

Teenager-wise, those fortunate enough to afford phones and services that support this will be able to have some fun with video calling.

More importantly, this new service will attract what is likely one of T-mobile’s weaknesses, businessmen. With T-mobile offering video calling, they will no longer be thought of as the teen carrier with cheap phones, but a very viable option for businesses and families alike. We can see it now…. “Verizon has great phones, and great coverage, we have to go with them” “But Jim, T-mobile has video calling that will help our employees network better, in addition to their prices that are much better then their competitors. Plus, you can use your Wifi phone overseas to make video calls back to the US!” Well…you get the point. Now all T-mobile has to do is offer some kind of awesome international roaming deal (hint), and they will be the businessman’s favorite. T-mobile video calling; good or bad? Let us know what you think!