T-mobile to open up network?


So first comes 3G and now comes an open network?! This week has certainly been a productive and joyous one for T-mobile fans across the country. Here is better news:

“Starting this fall, T-Mobile USA will take the extraordinary step of ditching its traditional deck on the phone and replacing it with a platform that’s open to almost any developer…” Thats right, read those words again because its just that good.The best part is, it will cover every platform T-mobile operates, from android to java, from windows mobile to sidekick. Ooo I’m just tingling with anticipation of being able to finally run google maps on my 6133 weekend phone without any hacking.

Brief notes:

– Developers will submit their applications online

– Their will be a revenue sharing process similar to the Apple app store, not similar in split but the same principle as both sides will get a cut

– Apps will ranked by popularity, not by developer

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Update: Take a look at the developer page, already launched!

  • Eduardo

    Sounds cool

  • gds

    How does the apple app store work?
    And since this will be for all phones this should be really good/interesting. Especially for the Sidekick line, since the OS is a closed one.

  • OMG T-Mobile is really goin to WORK this year. Now, all they need to do is pick up that HTC Touch Diamond, and i’ll be happy.

  • nick

    So does this mean I have to buy a newer phone from them for this to work? Or are they putting out new firmware updates for most phones?

  • Lil B

    As far as phones, we may be lagging (right now) but on the service side, T-Mobile may be the most innovative (I know the idea isn’t totally theirs) company in the world. With the faves interface, @home, hotspot, family allowance etc. It makes me happy to be associated.

  • rommel

    where are the n-series phones!-come on tmo!,too many garbage phones.

  • gds

    Also you might want to change the pic to a different Sidekick cause I don’t think they make Sidekick Slides anymore

  • DarkJedi

    I took the first picture of the sidekick I found, besides, reading through the article it seems like this open platform will apply to phones both past and present.

  • Vit

    Too bad T-Mo doesn’t have any interesting 3G smartphones, particularly WM!

  • Teufel

    They still make sk slides just we don’t have much in stock :)

  • Aaron

    Ok, time to clear up some things about the sidekick.
    1) this is how the sidekick’s app distrobution has ALWAYS worked. You submit to danger/t-mobile, they test and approve, it goes to the catalog and you’re paid royalties.
    2) whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t know that t-mobile doesn’t lock the device down from loading 3rd party apps, it’s part of the OS as Danger designed it. It has always just required a developer key, earned by proving you can develop.
    So if t-mobile *is* opening their phones, danger will have to change their business model entirely.

    However, it sounds like they’re just making more phones work like the sidekick because they make more money when they have a hand in application distrobution.

  • Bart

    THAT’S NOT OPEN! It’s just another re-branding of the same old model of the phone company wedging themselves between you and the phone in your pocket. I’m really dissapointed about this because I have been hoping that we would be getting an actual computing platform without having to hack our way into our own devices. Try again.

  • What an excellent blog…