Sony Ericsson TM506 hitting T-mobile on Sep. 3rd


A picture is worth a 1000 words. Unless it completely fails to mention HSDPA or aGPS. The Sony Ericsson TM506 will have 1700/2100 MHz UMTS & HSDPA, yet following T-mobile’s current policy of not telling customers about the best features on their phones, T-mobile fails to mention any 3G features on this new Orange and Black beauty (it will come in Green and Black too). No worries, that is why we are here! With 3G live in New York, Austin, Las Vegas, and rumored soon Minneapolis and Kansas City, it may be time to start telling people about your high speed network? Anyway, with a 2 mp camera, and 3G, the long-hyped SE Bella will finally see sunlight on September 3rd when it hits T-mobile’s shelves. Sound off in the comment whether your going to pick up the TM506! Enjoy (especially you Matt, we know you were waiting for this one)!

[Thank you Mario]

  • Orlando Reyes

    Great! I’m about to return the 3555 and I can’t wait to test this bad boy out.

  • Jenkins

    The Bella is not the TM506 according to the SE sheet I have.

  • Brian Steckman

    The phone looks great but please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this phone supposed to have GPS? I see no mention of this in the feature list!

  • Shawn

    Jenkins, what sheet is that? As a green flip phone with a 2 mp camera, aGPS, 3G, and no Wifi the TM506 matches up with the Bella pretty well. We really haven’t heard otherwise but we’ll keep open minds.

  • Deke

    It has aGPS.

  • Doble-A

    I mean coño, does T-Mobile not read these forums!!?? WTF!! Of course you wanna tell people what phones are 3G capable!! YOU GUYS ARE LAUNCHING 3G NATIONALLY!! HELLO!!?? I love T-Mobile, but damn stop being so hard-headed. Change the rules sometimes. Of course I’m talking about how they sell their PHONES!! Notice they don’t explain specs thoroughly or just wrong or they MISS something or two?? Point blank their selection is just TERRIBLE!! And then you miss displaying the fact that a NEW Sony coming up is in fact 3G capable!! Sigh. Time for a new phone selection crew??

  • Nina

    the sony erisson bella is the sony erisson z780.

  • T1 Connect

    does anyone know if this phone has teathering

  • T1 Connect

    oh and by the way yay

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m going to pass on Sony Ericsson phones. I prefer, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Blackberry’s.

  • mingkee

    SE bella=Z780 (for att)=TM506 (for TM506)

  • britt

    I have a SE w810 which is dying, need a new phone. I have been holding out for some TM 3G love up here in Boston and a new handset. I have been with TM for 13 years – this year I was really tempted to jump to AT&T. If not this handset then what else do we have coming soon – I am sick of waiting…..

  • Jenkins

    The Bella is the z780 and the tm506 is NOT the same phone. Also I have september 10th as the release date

  • mingkee

    I checked FCC internal photos
    they’re 99% the same internally, except the block next to Samsung chip

  • mingkee

    TM 506 will be an index that decides the future of SE phones
    if it has decent success, SE will grab away millions of T-Mobile customers by bringing out flood of 3G phones with AWS
    sorry nokia, I am about to jump back to SE

  • Pythagoras

    i hope you are right, mingkee!

    i remember WAY back when we were praying T would get the k700i. i finally simply bought one from SE

    what year was the last SE offered on T?

    i hear people every day wishing they could get a nice SE or upgraded HTC on T

  • JimBeam30

    The phone will be 3G capable

  • Spoklahoma

    As much as I don’t want this to be true, just found a reference at the following link (SE Blog) to the TM506 as the “Bella T-Mobile” and that it was cancelled:

    Anyone know if this is a reliable source? The site also lists the Z780 as the “Bella”. :(

  • mingkee

    the last one was T610, mid 2003

  • Josh

    taht pic appears to a dealer sheet of the specs for the device but internal (CC and TC reps) see a different one that specifies the 3g capabities for any device taht is launched. doesnt saying anything about the aGPS though, but we’ll find out in late august =P

  • Josh

    oh and btw, it DOES mention umts (3g) and HSPA capatable

  • mingkee

    by FCC doc
    it has WCDMA IV HSDPA
    and EDGE 850/1800/1900
    may flash to Hong Kong version once Z780 fw is available, but make sure it’s 100% trouble-free, because doing so will void warranty

  • antoine

    im going to try this phone out.

  • Pythagoras

    so we are looking at exactly 5 years since the last SE!

    i want one.

  • i am so jaded on tmo now. i still have this busted up, unlocked unbranded nokia 5300 where everything is stopping working, because i don’t want to waste my contract re-up on a non-3G phone. still, this silly bella is their flagship?? what makes it better than all the cut rate 3G phones they have out? think we are getting any real web capable phones? anyone hear any newer 3G rumors regarding t-mo and htc re: wing successor?

  • renmique

    another crappy flip phone from tmobile

  • thedude
  • mingkee

    then what do you want?!
    warning, 2.01 fw has severe security problem, it has “back door” for Apple to inspect you phone

  • Peter Griffin

    Let me know when something that is actually exciting comes to Tmo. maybe something that might not be targeted to the high profile 14 year old girl. Neon Green? Really?!

    Also, will any of the 3G phones come with Hotspot@Home? I hope so.

  • Jenkins

    BGR got their info wrong and so does this site.I wish someone hadn’t given me the link to tmonews because it’s full of errors.The Z780 and TM506 have more than a few differences and yes, I work for T-Mobile. Maybe I should start my own site and get stuff wrong.

  • DarkJedi

    Well Jenkins, instead of acting all high and mighty, inform us of the correct information so I can make any necessary changes to the post. Why do you feel that because there is incorrect information you need to be rude about it instead of trying to be helpful and informative? Good luck going through life all pissy.

  • Shawn

    If your too good to read TmoNews, why are you wasting time in your highly precious life to write up a comment?

    Make your own site, I challenge you. Obviously we’re doing something right. Please take your comments elsewhere from now on

  • SB

    i am due for upgrading my phone, but there’s nothing exciting. Even now I use an unlocked Treo 750 on TMobile.

    Does anybody know if Nokia 5610 is 3G? When I check GSMArena this phone is listed as 3G capable. If it is, I’ll get that as a secondary phone.

  • viva_la_t-mobile

    The 5910 is listed no 3G/ UMTS. Looks like T-Mobile didn’t want this as a 3G phone. Specifications say “UMTS:N/A”

  • viva_la_t-mobile

    The 5610 specifies as no 3G… Which I don’t under stand why it would be originally 3G compatable, why would T-Mobile take it out. T-Mobiles specs say “UMTS: N/A”…. BOO!

  • Nina

    the 5610 had at&t 3G bands. this phone was probably never meant for t-mobile in the first place. & this is about the sony ericsson tm506

  • T-Mobile Insider

    After being in a presentation here are ALL of the facts for this phone…. You wanted it, and here it is.

    The Sony Erricsson “Bella” will be called the TM506.
    Release Date: September 3rd 2008
    Colors: Emerald Gaze “Green” and Chromatic Amber “Amber”
    Red Rush will be a Color Refersh Q’1 2009
    “Bubbles” to Incorporate MyFaves look as HTC had done with T-Mobile Shadow 1.

    HSDPA 1700/2100 (THIS PHONE WILL BE 3G)
    EDGE Quad Band
    M2 Memory Card Slot
    Bluetooth 2.0/A2DP
    Flight Mood
    Mp3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA support
    MPEG4/WMV/H.263 support
    02 Java Email
    Java MIDP 2.0
    Access Nelfront 3.4
    Custom Java Security Policy

    2.2″ QVGA
    2.0 MP Camera
    IM Support AIM/Y!/Windows Live
    MyAlbum MMS Service
    Combined Outbox Experience
    Unified Message Composer

    aGPS built in
    MyFaves 1.5
    RSS Feeds
    Audio Postcard
    T-Mobile Address Book Update Capable

  • lloyd

    im just glad SE got out of that exclusive with at&t, and now that sony realized that selling the walkman brand was a mistake, I wonder who will have, and when will the PSPhone will be here.

  • Joe

    Thank you for your posts. Very informative. My phone has been a Nokia 6310 but I lost it (!@#%$#@%!) and now looking to get a phone that will last me as long. This seems to be a phone capable of taking me into the next few years.