T-mobile 2nd quarter results


I’m so thrilled with the MS Paint work above, I just had to use that for the graphic today, I had better options but I think that one is just so bad, its so awesome. So don’t make fun of it!

So the 2nd quarter results are in for T-mobile. I won’t bore you with all the facts and figures, only the most important parts:

– 668,000 net new subscribers

– 31.5 million customers

– $52 Arpu

– 1,000 new cell sites built in 2nd quarter 2008, $1.1 billion invested in the network

– 6.5 million my faves subscribers, up from 5.5 million last quarter

– Contract customer churn was 1.9%, up from 1.7% last quarter and 1.8% from 2nd quarter 2007

The press release points out that the increase in churn is due to “The sequential increase in contract churn was primarily due to the anniversary of the introduction of two-year contracts in April 2006. The second quarter of 2008 was the first quarter these two-year contracts could have expired.”

So yeah you can read more of this exciting article here. There is the the usual financial stuff as well as the highlights of late, the @home launch, the new unlimited family plan that were designed to lower customer costs etc etc, 3G launch in New York (Las Vegas as of yesterday.)

While I’m hardly content with the numbers, I want you all to put this into perspective. Sprint LOST 901,000 customers last quarter. So while we may not have gained quarter over quarter, we gained and thats more than #3 can say. I just want to say that again because its so funny, Sprint lost 901,000 customers last quarter, haha. So Sprint customers, if the 12 of you who haven’t left the ship yet are listening, things are much better in magenta world.

  • timmyjoe42

    Good news all around.
    I’d be interested to find out how many customers tha iphone brought to AT+T.
    Expect me to account for a +2 customers in the 3rd quarter of 2008. :)

  • mingkee

    some of contract churn caused by text rate hike, that affects the terms of contracts on carrier side, and see a good number of customers went elsewhere
    however, late Q3 and throughout Q4 will reverse the loss when 3G keeps rolling out
    it appears T-Mobile 3G has slightly better QoS, that handles traffic better
    now T-Mobile has 3 markets having 3G (NYC, LV, Central Texas), plus 2 more will be active (Minneapolis, Kansas City) in this month

  • T1 Connect

    always good news when it comes to tmobile unlike sprint who just lost 901,000 customer in q1 and 2. everyone can cleary see tmo has thier head on right no mistakes or if any minor correctable mistakes

  • viva_la_t-mobile

    Sony Ericsson TM506 coming September 3… UMTS, HSDPA 1700/2100!!!

  • SC00PB

    Was thinking of selling sprint again, but never mind I’m happy with tmo and the changes that are taking place…

  • S.P.O

    Not for nothing, but in two months we have been putting the fliers for the text messaging hike in peoples billing, me, and the other cust service reps around me have taken maybe 4 or 5 calls about it. The rules on who gets out are so specific, and hard to get around people are not even trying. Not like the .10 to .15 a few years ago. I have only took one, and the guy had the 14.99 unlim on his plan, so no love for him. Most of it is coming from 24 month contracts launching for the first time with tmob during this time of 06, so a lot of people are coming off of contract right now, but I think thats in the release.