Kickstart and Javelin to hit T-mobile's lineup by end of the year


The time has come for those T-mobile Blackberry users that have gotten tired of Curves or Pearls. Our friends at BlackberryNews have presented us with the roadmap of T-Mobile’s 2008 Blackberry plans. Number 1: The Blackberry Kickstart (Pictured above). As the first ever flip-Blackberry, the Kickstart will have to prove itself in the Blackberry community, but with Hotspot@Home (UMA), OS 4.6, and seemingly all the same features as the Pearl 8120, the Kickstart seems like it will be hitting the market hard with a new activation price of around $50.  No complaints there! BBNews suggests a Late September/Early October date for the Kickstart, and we’re going to have to go ahead and add in that October 6th is looking like a likely date, but keep in mind these often change. On to Number 2: The Blackberry Javelin. Although unconfirmed by our sources, the Javelin will supposidly launch with EDGE (No 3G from what we can tell), OS 4.6.1, and a super high resolution screen. BBNews is predicting a November or December launch for the Javelin. Finally, like we’ve been telling you for a while, the Blackberry Pearl 8120 will be getting a color refresh or two, or three. We’re told that the three new colors, Tahiti green, Indago, and Frost Blue will be out the last week of September. Unfortunatnly for all you Bold hopefulls, there are no mentions of the Blackberry Bold coming to T-mobile’s lineup. Now we play the waiting game, and hope that BlackberryNews got all their info right (except of course if they missed 3G on one of the BBs)!


  • T1 Connect

    blackberry kickstart sweet for tmobile. only flip bb even sweeter

  • PDH

    No Bold? Come ON. How f’n lame is that? How do you NOT expect defections to ATT when that’s the only 3G device that people who have blackberries (like myself) are willing to upgrade to. And to not even be able to unlock a bold and bring it to TMobile’s essentially proprietary 3g network is even worse. Thanks a lot, idiots. I really hate every other carrier and love everything else about Tmobile, but if they actually pull this stunt, and dont have a bold at least announced by November, I swear to god I’m leaving them.

  • center rep

    well laters pdh no news on that till dec, we wont miss u. like was said before 80 % of our customers want the free phone or cheap phone. you are not that important obviously. bb has an aggrement with att for 3 months what makes u think we would get it first, the us government sux and for some odd reason doesn’t like t-mo. why would they hold spectrum so long, why would they make so many loops just to acquire a little sun com of but att can buy chingular with no effort right. sprint is gonna need to file chapter 13. the only company’s interested are foreign and that looks to be something the us government doesn’t want. so the whole im gonna leave to another carrier bullsh%* will soon change,leave who cares why would u come on a blog and say if they dont im gonna,f u call retention and cry to them. u suck along with all the other winers get a life morons!!!!!!

  • James

    I herd about it being the Javelin from my blackberry rep.. So sad! I want a 3g Blackberry!!!!

  • sheshe

    Blackberry kickstart r u kidding… that’s grbage black berry has definitley gone down in my book … and how many different colored pearls does 1 carier need its disgusting… pick it up t mobile

  • Michael

    Calm down about the 3G already! It is NOT magic super sauce that will make your Blackberry omnipotent!

    Stop drooling & think for a moment – is your Blackberry _that_ much faster on WiFi? No? Why not? ‘Cause your hardware & software are tuned for EDGE speeds, so giving them data that much faster doesn’t really have that much effect.

    How about coverage? 3G will be an urban product. Great if you live / work / play downtown but soon as the skyscrapers are over the horizon you’ll be heading back into EDGEland. For those of us deep in suburban office parks we’ll never see 3G.

    Then there’s battery life. See the Apple suggestions for the iPhone 3G? Turn off *what*? Oh yeah, 3G, it sucks the phone dry like a drunk at an open bar. Same for any 3G, with current phones it’s more/faster/sooner-outta-juice.

    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Blackberry has a brilliantly balanced set of features and finely-tuned hardware, giving up some of it’s qualities for 3G may not be as win/win as everyone dreams.

  • Nina

    in case anybody has been waiting for the bold to come to t-mobile have you forgotten that at&t is gonna have it exclusively for 3months?

  • Fine, it’s absolutely an article to check out again!!

  • ToLoveIsBOLD

    I absolutely second PDH. Having a 3G network and no BOLD to show for? That’s pathetic. How do they let at&t bit them to the punch like that? My loyalty is wearing thin right now, very thin! I have been stuck with the Dash waiting to upgrade to the BOLD, i guess i’ll add myself to the long list of new at&t customers. Sad…

  • MiketheSith200

    Everything I’ve heard from my friends at RIM say they’re making a WCDMA Bold for T-Mobile. So I’m sure its coming. But ATT better not have 3 months exclusivity on it that’s bullshit. If the Bold launched in July like it was supposed to 3 months would be fine. But if this thing comes out in September and tmo doesn’t get it till Nov. That’s bs. And if tmo doesn’t get it at all I’m definatley switching to ATT. Btw tmonews is always wrong about release dates and who will get what. That roadmap you guys have is crap.

  • RockinRocky

    Well, I’ve been in a war with T-Mo over a ‘Curve’ I returned during the 14 day return period, and them saying ‘oh well’. So, they have the phone, AND the money I paid for it, and I’m stuck with a 7105t that’s got internal memory problems. I’ve been waiting for the Bold as well, but now one mgr at my local store says T-Mo is without a doubt getting it, and 3 days later, another mgr in the same store told me that the BB rep was just in, and told them they would be getting a new BB phone, it just would NOT be the Bold. So I don’t know what to believe, except that if AT&T can match what I pay for unlimited BB service with T-Mo, I just might jump ship as well. T-Mo’s customer service has really taken a nose dive!!