Kickstart and Javelin to hit T-mobile's lineup by end of the year


The time has come for those T-mobile Blackberry users that have gotten tired of Curves or Pearls. Our friends at BlackberryNews have presented us with the roadmap of T-Mobile’s 2008 Blackberry plans. Number 1: The Blackberry Kickstart (Pictured above). As the first ever flip-Blackberry, the Kickstart will have to prove itself in the Blackberry community, but with Hotspot@Home (UMA), OS 4.6, and seemingly all the same features as the Pearl 8120, the Kickstart seems like it will be hitting the market hard with a new activation price of around $50.  No complaints there! BBNews suggests a Late September/Early October date for the Kickstart, and we’re going to have to go ahead and add in that October 6th is looking like a likely date, but keep in mind these often change. On to Number 2: The Blackberry Javelin. Although unconfirmed by our sources, the Javelin will supposidly launch with EDGE (No 3G from what we can tell), OS 4.6.1, and a super high resolution screen. BBNews is predicting a November or December launch for the Javelin. Finally, like we’ve been telling you for a while, the Blackberry Pearl 8120 will be getting a color refresh or two, or three. We’re told that the three new colors, Tahiti green, Indago, and Frost Blue will be out the last week of September. Unfortunatnly for all you Bold hopefulls, there are no mentions of the Blackberry Bold coming to T-mobile’s lineup. Now we play the waiting game, and hope that BlackberryNews got all their info right (except of course if they missed 3G on one of the BBs)!