Dearest fans… we're back


By now most of you, our loyal readers have come across the site and notice we’ve had some “host difficulties.” Without going into the technical details (simply because I really don’t understand them) we can sum it up by saying godaddy blows and we don’t recommend them, at all, ever. (This is another TmoNews writer jumping in and saying that David just let GoDaddy off easy…I wouldn’t be that nice. Terrible, inexcusably terrible.)

We know all of you have waited and waited and waited for what yesterday was almost assuredly breaking news. We had the scoop, we had the teaser post so you know we had something. While our info may be a little more in-depth than the new york times, still we feel terrible that we missed out on the opportunity to bring it to you first. We know we may not always be the first to break a story but when we have the chance, we love knowing that we are. This is THE unofficial T-mobile blog and where would we be if we didn’t get the scoop?

On behalf of Shawn, Jon and myself we want to apologize, the site went down at the most inopportune time and while it was beyond our control, nobody feels worse than we do.

We’re back now, we’re better and the host is stronger. The forums will be active, the champagne will flow and the blog will see our humor and sarcasm once again. We’ve seen your support and we love it. We appreciate it. We missed it, if only for 24 hours.

So once again, welcome back, thanks for missing us and enjoy.

We’re still working hard to improve access to the site. Assuming there are no more technical steps backwards, you can expect two exciting posts at 1:00 PM central time today.