Dearest fans… we're back


By now most of you, our loyal readers have come across the site and notice we’ve had some “host difficulties.” Without going into the technical details (simply because I really don’t understand them) we can sum it up by saying godaddy blows and we don’t recommend them, at all, ever. (This is another TmoNews writer jumping in and saying that David just let GoDaddy off easy…I wouldn’t be that nice. Terrible, inexcusably terrible.)

We know all of you have waited and waited and waited for what yesterday was almost assuredly breaking news. We had the scoop, we had the teaser post so you know we had something. While our info may be a little more in-depth than the new york times, still we feel terrible that we missed out on the opportunity to bring it to you first. We know we may not always be the first to break a story but when we have the chance, we love knowing that we are. This is THE unofficial T-mobile blog and where would we be if we didn’t get the scoop?

On behalf of Shawn, Jon and myself we want to apologize, the site went down at the most inopportune time and while it was beyond our control, nobody feels worse than we do.

We’re back now, we’re better and the host is stronger. The forums will be active, the champagne will flow and the blog will see our humor and sarcasm once again. We’ve seen your support and we love it. We appreciate it. We missed it, if only for 24 hours.

So once again, welcome back, thanks for missing us and enjoy.

We’re still working hard to improve access to the site. Assuming there are no more technical steps backwards, you can expect two exciting posts at 1:00 PM central time today.

  • Shader

    As long as it’s more exciting then the SunCom merger… yawn. Even though down in SC 3 years ago I got excellent roaming on them with my sidekick.

  • Nymostwanted

    Nooo! Thats 5 PM EST! Three hours to go!

  • Godzilla

    Yay! And I laugh at the “~killcps” in the URL.

  • Nymostwanted

    In the midst of all excitement I read 4 PM CST.

  • Mystictrust

    Umm, yeah… the killcps thing is an internal joke. Doesn’t look too professional but what can i do at this point? heh, nothing, we just have to wait for this change to take effect

  • goCubs

    So.. it’s already 1PM CST.. where’s the big news?

  • Jimbo831

    It is pretty funny nonetheless.

  • Nikolas

    Lol, I snuck on to an unprotected computer at school ( blogs of any kind arent allowed if computer is protected) yesterday at about 2:00 pm, and I tried going to tmonews instantly. All I got was a lousy server problem so I thought the school still managed to find a way to keep me out, then I tried engadget hoping they would have posted what you guys posted for the tease, nothing there. I then proceded to get home as fast as I could to see the big news, only to see a short message. haha pretty memorable…

  • timmyjoe42

    The site is way faster. Thanks!

  • mingkee

    I can access original tmonews with T-Mobile internet, and forums

  • ratchet


  • Lewis

    I was working and I told my manager I was going to the bathroom (Which I wasn’t’)Next thing I know site was down!!!

    403 forbidden access. I was like wtf did Tmo blocked Got home jumped into the PC and went straight to the site and there was the ugly and scared message.

    GoDadaddySucks.jpg Hahaha rofl

    P.S. Shawn thanks for the new updates!!

  • David

    @Lewis, I think your thanks need to go out to all of us but most importantly Mystictrust who slaved through the night and into the morning to transfer everything to a new host and get us back online.

    Remember there are 3 of us who were cringing at this outage.

  • Lewish

    You are right David i should thank everyone :) including those 3 who are or worked on the outage and brought the site back up and running.

    I notice d that when i go to it re-directs me to are you guys on a dedicated server now or just the backup?

  • David

    Lewis, the redirect is because we swapped hosts and its going to take them 48 hours to switch everything other so it redirects properly. For the moment, there is nothing we can do about the redirect. We’ll have to wait till Monday I guess. :-(

  • Lewis

    Cool so we just need to wait untill server loads the new DNS addresses :)