And the veil has been lifted!


Alright Tmonews readers we’ve got some exciting news for you! Yes, that’s right, finally something to get your heart jumping, your blood flowing, and your adrenaline racing…the merger between Suncom and T-Mobile is finally winding down to completion, and we’ve got the scoop! The magic happens on September 5th, when Suncom officially becomes T-Mobile and [most likely] will display the T-Mobile tag on all current Suncom phones. WOOOOO!  Suncom rate plans are being converted soon after that day- unfortunately, there are no details beyond that, not even a mention of any rate plan that a current Suncom customer would be switched to, although rest assured it should be a close match up. Also add in the fact that T-Mobile has assured Suncom customers that rate plans through T-Mobile will be at least an equal if not greater value so it at least seems that nobody’s getting screwed over here.

Oh c’mon, you all must be even more excited than we are here at TmoNews, right? Injecting the T-Mobile brand name into the Carolinas is good stuff… because… people live there and… we want to use our mobile-to-mobile minutes with them, right? right?! Yeah! Go T-Mobile, let’s stick together!

Oh and umm, if you belong to one of the 30 25 million T-Mobile customers that this doesn’t affect, you might want to stick around until 9:20am (Central). I mean, not that anything can top a total Suncom merger or anything, but we’d suggest sticking around ;)

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  • GoCubs

    lol.. you gotta love TmoNews… what the heck. What’s 20 more minutes.

  • chris


  • Spoklahoma

    lol. Good one guys.

  • Corwinpop65


  • steven

    I hate you

  • ean

    Nice. next…

  • mingkee

    it’s finally done
    though we knew it several months ago
    no more worries when using service in SC

  • suhaib

    if they didn’t add that last bit… I would’ve committed the unforgiveable

  • Lil B

    alotta people don’t care about this but it is really important to some customers who travel through the carolinas and get completely cut off, that’s dangerous…so thanks for the info!

  • T1 Connect

    man what the hell shawn i live in ny first with 3g NEW YORK MAN NEW YORK and why cant you get tmo in nc

  • edwin

    who cares about this!!!!!!!!!! lol
    does this mean that SunCom phones can be used on T-Mobile??
    meh not that any1 of them are better than T’s

  • Corwinpop65

    Lil B, if you are driving through the Carolinas and worried that your phone getting cut off could make things dangerous, well then, get off the phone.

    I travel a bit too so I’m glad they are going to the Carolinas.

  • Lil B

    @ Corwinpop65

    It is dangerous to the extent that something could happen to your car or an emergency can pop up and you wouldn’t be able to react with your phone.

    Expand your mine, don’t be childish…

  • Sbarney

    30 million INCLUDES SunCom customers. Notice that the “30 million” number came out just after the merger was official? There’s really only maybe 25 million “other” subscribers.

  • Aaron Baker

    I’m very excited! It’s nice to finally have the T-Mobile name come to the Carolinas (particularly after being the only major market in the nation not to have native service)! I noticed today when I passed a T-Mobile store that the SunCom logo has been replaced on the outside of the building by a tarp. Underneath, big magenta letters are shining through!

  • Joseph Singer

    I don’t see why anyone’s plans would change at all. Usually when T-Mobile takes over any plan that someone’s on is grandfathered until such time as the person desires to change something in the plan.

  • Mystictrust

    @Joseph Singer

    Quoted from T-Mobile’s announcement at the Suncom website, “The rate plans for SunCom customers are designed to closely match your existing SunCom rate plan – even your UnPlan – and in many cases, we have added even more value to the already great SunCom service.”

    It seems that in a merger from another company, they need to bring those customers onto an actual T-Mobile plan and can grandfather it from there.

  • it might surely be into something amazing