And the veil has been lifted!


Alright Tmonews readers we’ve got some exciting news for you! Yes, that’s right, finally something to get your heart jumping, your blood flowing, and your adrenaline racing…the merger between Suncom and T-Mobile is finally winding down to completion, and we’ve got the scoop! The magic happens on September 5th, when Suncom officially becomes T-Mobile and [most likely] will display the T-Mobile tag on all current Suncom phones. WOOOOO!  Suncom rate plans are being converted soon after that day- unfortunately, there are no details beyond that, not even a mention of any rate plan that a current Suncom customer would be switched to, although rest assured it should be a close match up. Also add in the fact that T-Mobile has assured Suncom customers that rate plans through T-Mobile will be at least an equal if not greater value so it at least seems that nobody’s getting screwed over here.

Oh c’mon, you all must be even more excited than we are here at TmoNews, right? Injecting the T-Mobile brand name into the Carolinas is good stuff… because… people live there and… we want to use our mobile-to-mobile minutes with them, right? right?! Yeah! Go T-Mobile, let’s stick together!

Oh and umm, if you belong to one of the 30 25 million T-Mobile customers that this doesn’t affect, you might want to stick around until 9:20am (Central). I mean, not that anything can top a total Suncom merger or anything, but we’d suggest sticking around ;)

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