T-Mobile offers sweepstakes through the Xbox 360

Well, our favorite carrier is now on Xbox Live with a Play & Win sweepstakes with prizes for all! Yeah, there aren’t as many prizes as last time (which was 435 Microsoft Points cards in the amount of 4,000 points each) but there are a lot more ways to enter than just playing one game this time! First, the prizes:

  • Eight Grand Prizes: A prize package consisting of an Xbox 360 Elite console, Universal remote, and Xbox LIVE Vision camera.
  • Twenty-Four First Prizes: A T-Mobile-Wing™ smart phone
  • Thirty-Two Second Prizes: A Samsung t429 Prepaid Phone Kit

No idea why they’re giving away the Wing as a First prize though… but it’s something. I mean, all you have to do is play a game and you might end up with a nice smart phone [even if it is an older phone] for use as your primary or backup phone, whichever your fancy. As for the prepaid phone… no comment ;) Still, Play & Win contests are always fun, and in most cases it seems it would be a surprise to get an email stating you’ve won when all you had to do was play a game. So, what games are part of the contest? Well, there are four games, but you can only get an entry during specified periods all the way through September 30, 2008.

  • Frogger 2 (play between July 7th and July 22nd)
  • Kung Fu Panda (play between July 23rd and August 12th)
  • Madden NFL 09 (play between August 13th and September 2nd)
  • Lego Batman (play between September 3rd and and September 30th)

There you go gamers, knock yourselves out, and good luck getting some of that free stuff :)