National T-mobile 3G launch on October 1st?


Once and a while we will ask our users to take an article with a grain of salt. We’re going to up the ante here, and tell you to take this one with a whole damn bucket of salt. That said, we have some exciting T-mobile news to bring you don’t we? Well according to an anonymous tip TmoNews got, 3G is being lit up in T-mobile’s top markets on October 1st, 2013, 2008. We checked out much of the tip and have only found good things, although we’re still waiting for more trusted information. We’ve been telling those antsy and impatient users to wait for Q4 of 2008, and it looks like T-mobile is on track to pull through with some great phones and national 3G. Besides the four 3G phones already released, T-mobile will release the Sony Ericsson Bella as their flagship 3G device, as well as the 3G Android handset and another unknown high end 3G device. In addition to all this, T-mobile is working on a 5mp Samsung to be released in Q4. Could we have both a 5mp Samsung, and a 5mp H@H Motorola? Either way, T-mobile users rejoice! And loyal T-mobile users rejoice even more, because lucky you, you will have first dibs on some of these great devices! For now, we’re filing this one strictly in the rumors category, but trust us, if we hear anything more, you’ll know about it. Keep your browsers pointed to TmoNews for more information on Android, 3G, and everything you need to know about T-mobile. Enjoy

  • David Washington

    Thats great. Too bad i’m getting my Tony Hawk Sidekick LX soon. So, I guess 3G for me next year.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    2013? I cant wait that long. J/k cant wait 3 more months. October 1st is my birthday also yeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  • MaxAndre

    Im a big skeptic and i reasons to be.All we can do is to wait


    I thought it was SE TM506? :o And I’m going to probably get those phones in 2009. :P

  • th3man

    I am a T-mobile employee here in NYC. I will look into this with the regional manager which he is going to visit the store I am employed at on tuesday. I am pretty cool with him so I’m sure I will return to you guys with some valueble information.

  • mingkee

    just hope T-Mobile will bring out some decent 3G phones by then
    and give some data freedom, no apply cap like other 3, then T-Mobile will be a winner

  • curlin31

    How anonymous is this tip?…. Cause if it’s completely random and anonymous, anyone could be the tipster. Not trying to be a complete skeptic, just saying.

  • MaxAndre

    HTC Dream here i come.I can’t wait for that phone,it’s going to be big ladies and gentlemen

  • terryjohnson16

    T-Mobile bought so much AWS spectrum, so I wonder if they will build into the rural areas after they launch in the metros. That would be good to compete with AT&T’s rural coverage.

  • customerchamp1

    Hey T-Mo will come thru! They are really pushing the @Home with the employees and spending big money on it! So it is safe to say that when they do it, they will do it big! T-mo has definitely got its 5th gear coming to the competition in Q4!

  • danny

    is great believme i hope great devices with touch screen like iphone, in sprint samsung instinct, all the companies have crazy devices t-mobiles doesnt have i think so they are waiting for 3g and later bring asewome devices

  • Vision77
  • Thomas

    What Sony Ericsson Bella? Isnt that a codename they have given multiple phones? Cant this please be the X1? Please??

  • vaquero

    I’m leaving Sprint in August for T-mobile particularly for tech and $ reasons ie T-mobile@HOME service. Should I wait? I wanted to upgrade to RIM Curve. Maybe in Oct T will offer a Curve or a RIM Bold w/3G! I hope Austin TX in the advance group of cities!

  • Alex0184

    Really? The Sony Eriosson Bella is going to be the flagship 3G phone?! WHo are they targeting as their main customers? I hope the HTC Dream, if it comes to Tmobile, comes with H@H, if it does, where do I sign the 10 year contract?!

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  • I’m a t-mobile employee and can tell this info is true. Our test market was New York which the network has been running great since early May. The plan was always to roll it out to the top 25 markets by the end of the year and full on nationwide next year. Oh and by the way, to all of you potential/current iphone users that are tired of paying more for at & t service, you may be pleasantly surprised next year about what t-mobile and apple have planned.

  • Laz

    @ Q-Ball_Lobo, I thought AT&T has an exclusive 5 year deal with Apple! Is there anyone who can confirm this? I’m four days away from walking away to an iPhone…

  • Alex0184

    Q-Ball Lobo – what could they possibly have planned? The iPhone is on a 5 year exclusivity contract. Doesnt seem to me like they would make a Tmobile tPhone?! I bet ATT has an exclusivity to work with agreement as well to keep them from being able to collaborate with anybody else in the US. I am calling BS on Q-Ball Lobo.

  • id

    i think q is right, starbucks had a deal with tmo that changed why wouldnt apple do this they are all about money thats the buzz i heard at least at my call center

  • bd

    A couple of things…

    As for the October date, when I mentioned to a tmo rep that even though I love using my unlocked iPhone on the network, I would be leaving for att to get the 3G iphone(which I’m sure will be unlocked soon as well), the rep said, well if you can hold out until Oct… (I’m in the Atlanta area)

    2nd thing, the 5 year deal with apple/att IS for real. If apple/tmo are working on something as q-ball states, it is not an iPhone deal.

  • Laz

    You guys are too much! Do you know that Apple and AT&T have a revenue sharing deal that is benefiting Apple? I really don’t see Apple comprising this! Verizon was first approached to jump in the barrel with Apple and turned it away. Do you think Verizon is kicking themselves? I really want something solid to hang on to stay with TMO!

  • RS

    I think Q-ball person perhaps has the rumor confused with maybe tmobile international service in germany/austria?! who knows! Anyway, the discussion was about 3G and I hope Tmobile will have it available with better handsets HOPEFULLY!!! or i’m leaving.

  • Sam

    @ Q-Ball and the rest who replied to him–

    Remember the terms of the original AT$T exclusivity agreement, and how it had terms of revenue sharing with Apple? Well, with the iPhone 3G, AT$T has revised it to exclude any type of revenue sharing with Apple. Essentially, they’re becoming just another reseller to Apple (i.e. Best Buy), and the agreement breech may lead to some sour grapes between the two companies. If T-Mo launches their 3G network and can prove that their speeds and reliability will be comparable to AT$T, why not violate whatever exclusivity agreement is in place to sell 3 million+ more handsets to another carrier?

    Financially it may make sense depending on the terms of the actual agreement, especially if the non-revenue-sharing part constitutes breach of contract on AT$T’s part…

    Not that I’m all that big of a fan of the iPhone, but I’m just sayin’…

  • Alex0184

    I hope you are right. The phones that Tmobile offers suck to say the least. I hope they get some sort of touch screen phone so i can be pseudo-cool just like all the att-ers! lol

  • gsm1

    The target for 3G launch is indeed Oct. 1st. The 3G handsets for this year should be out for that launch.

  • OMG, Q-Ball_Lobo. T-Mobile, and Apple next year. Your gonna make me loose my mind. If ur telling the truth Yay! cause i’m gone get my Tony Hawk LX tomorrow, and by next year, i’ll be ready 4 another upgrade.

  • MaxAndre

    i could careless about some i phone.I m waiting on thhat HTC Dream goodness.Not everybody likes apple products

  • iPhone isn’t coming

    To Sam:

    It won’t be financially viable for Apple to break their agreement with AT&T. Ma Bell would hit Apple for every penny of profit generated by a T-Mobile deal.

    The new business model does not violate previous contracts. Both parties reworked the terms of the deal to accommodate the changing market. The exclusivity portion of the contract remained the same.

  • mingkee

    by what Breathe T-Mobile said
    HTC Raphael (touch pro) is coming too
    this is a big surprise
    but please, both T-Mobile and SE bring in bar phone with AWS HSDPA and 3mpx AF cam

  • Laz

    I’m sorry to say T-MO lost my wife and I! We bailed on our contract and bought a couple LG Dare phones with VZW last night. With an employee discount we were able to buy these phones with only a one year contract cheaper than a iPhone. I can’t believe the speed and full browser versus the BB 8100 we had before.

  • Smoku

    thats cute what does this have to do with 3g?

    good 4 u!

  • MaxAndre

    goo for you LAZ.Just so u know CDMA is not a widely used technology in the world

  • Laz

    I understand the whole GSM/CDMA difference but my wife and I do not travel the world.

  • World Traveller

    Sucks for you Laz! The world is a great place to see.

  • Chris

    T-Mobile needs a good data device/PDA/smartphone with at least a 5MP camera in it, a gps, and preferably Symbian, or Windows Mobile because of their programibility. Unless the mysterious andiod has an equal programibility. And they should put their 3G into this device. I don;’t care if its a bar, touchscreen, keyboard, flip, whatever.. I’ll learn the interface. We need a quality 3G PDA allin one with no less than 5 MP. Stop trying to tell me 2 MP or 3 MP is innovative. No more gimicks .. Hot Spot at Home, My Faves, Degigner Colors, give me a break. Two perfect devices would be if T-Mo USA branded the Nokia 96 or Samsung Omnia for their network.. They would sink the Iphone, the Instinct, all of them. They could be number 1 again or for the first time.
    But I fear we’ll see 5MP in non smart phones only, more gimmicks, more crapberries, and T-Mobile will remain in the dust, after 10 years, since they were omnipoint, I prepare to say goodbye to the carrier that allowed me to make calls out of ground zero on 9/11 and let my family no I was alive. I do not do so lightly, as loyalty goes a long way with me, but I’m sick of these craptacular subpar devices they release just because they got burned on the IPAQ all those years ago and they’re still skiddish about being innovative.

  • MaxAndre

    Any late news lately?

  • Laz

    I will never bag on T-MO but will tell you to keep day-dreaming until Thanksgiving for the 3g smart phone.

  • Nwahs

    Well for those few users that check the comments, we have gotten a couple (4 or 5) confirmations that the October 1st date is indeed true.

  • mingkee

    this is worth to wait
    T-Mobile HSDPA is very good, even basic UMTS can go on par with ATT HSDPA in NYC

  • Digdug

    TMO is a great carrier, however they seem oriented toward the 12-19yo female market segment. They have crappy smartphone selection (that’s being generous) and there is no indication TMO’s focus will change anytime soon. Who wants a 3G sidekick for gosh sake? TMO needs to get with the times and offer some real 3G handsets for those of use that are tired of the teenybopper TMO mindset. Please, don’t placate us with a hot-pink Wing.

  • MaxAndre

    Nwahs, are the cofirmations for both the 3G LAUNCH and the Android device or 3G ONLY????

  • mingkee

    there’ll be a couple of “flagship” 3G devices (not including SE phones, will be out very soon) will be out in Q4

  • Aleks

    What networks is tmobile using for 3g in new your 1700? or 1700/2100 ? I wonder if they will be using 1700/2100 because I have a 3g capable phone from europe, I wonder if it will work with tmobiles 3g it would suck if it did’nt. I heard that they would use the dual network, but also heard they would only use the 1700 band? anyone know which is true for sure, because I want to use my LG Secret :)

  • mingkee

    I can guarantee
    except your phone has AWS/WCDMA IV, your EA 3G phone will not work for sure

  • j

    I really don’t know why anyone would want an iphone….. maybe the first month it came out but now its played out. everyone and their granny has iphone and its overpriced(att sucks too). the iphone is the next razr: everyone has one and they’re no longer unique or interesting. iphone= JUNK

  • TonyW

    I have this nice unlocked Nokia N95 (with 3G, GPS, 5MP camera, Symbian S60 OS, and much more), so I hope that it will work on TMo’s network and that the coverage will be better than what currently passes for coverage here in the SF Bay Area.

  • John Doe

    I have lots to say:
    1)That Android phone is the ugly looking phone and T-mobile better not put that on its line up
    2)T-mobile better get some LG phones like the env or whatever
    3)I’ve been with T-mobile for the longest,and now that i see phones that sprint and verzion offer.. I’m thinking about switching over there

  • Alucard

    Hey guys I have been searching the net and talking to my local t mobile reps and everything looks good to go. As far as new phones go the best I’ve seen so far is the blackberry 9500 (or the blackberry thunder). Its launching possibly in November. Its pretty sweet. Its basically the blackberry version of the Iphone. There isn’t a ton of info out yet but its definitely something to look forward to with this new system launching.

  • yessi \i 92

    can any one confirm for me that the Samsung T919 is really coming out because i need a upgrade because i hate my crapy ass sk3 omg never again trusting sk man omg $300 in the trash man. and if u guys know how much its going to cost can you hit me up at because im thinking about getting the rockr but if the Samsung T919 is coming out for real that im hella willing to wait till November or October or when ever it comes out because i have seen some demos on youtube and its sweet. i just hope its true because its about time tmo comes out with some good phones because they are a really good company (i would say the best) but they phones are disappointing omg.

  • Armytank

    What about the cleveland area for 3g???????

  • taylor

    HTC Dream preorder date begins Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 3. The Dream release date is Oct. 13 and will be 50 dollars cheaper on preorder than just going and buying on the release date. I am not 100 percent on the price but I have seen 199 for release and 149 for preorder. 3g is definately coming to t-mobile Oct 1. I have an iPhone and use Suncom (just bought out by tmobile) and i plan on getting the new HTC dream. This new android phone will definately be the FIRST iphone killer unlike the instinct and all the other wanna be touchscreens. And as far as Apple having a deal with Tmo for 2009 I have heard nothing on that subject but we can only hope those rumors are true because apple is most definately one of the best product designers and tmo is in my opinion the best wireless carrier. my question is will the android have windows mobile? i sure hope so! if anyone has any information on this please send me an email at

  • Andres

    Dear taylor…why would the HTC dream have Windows mobile when it has Google’s own android technology. I am sure that you well know that Google is one of Microsoft’s rival companies, so of course the G1 does NOT have Windows Mobile.

    I do have a relevant question though, is there a website or a place that I could check if my area will be covered under T-Mobile’s 3g. I am well aware that only about 27 cities will fully have this capability once Oct 1 gets here, but I do not want to wait to pre-sale week only to find out that my area is not under 3g. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Nesse

    I have a sidekick lx now. As soon as the G1 phone is released, i will get it. i have to have a new phone every year especially if i really like it.

  • Brian

    T-mobiles 3g network launch here already.. to bad that theres no new 3g smart phones

  • great, cant wait to see the phone