Tony Hawk Sidekick LX available to current T-mobile Customers


The special edition Tony Hawk Sidekick LX, being publicly released on July 16th, is now available to current T-mobile customers. When customers login to, the online T-mobile customer portal, and go to “upgrade phone,” the Tony Hawk Sidekick will show up with its full $499 price tag, in addition to the price which you can get for a 2 year upgrade. Remember, the user whose screen is shown above has recently signed a 2 year contract, and therefor would be getting the phone for $409. We’re not sure what price the Tony Hawk Sidekick will retail at, but the lowest price we’ve heard of so far is $299.99. Anyone get a better deal yet? Sound off in the comments

  • I went to the store, and they said it was only in select stores. And they told me I can call customer care to order it, and I did. And it’s gonna be $443, with the upgrade fee, and tax. But, it was originally was supposed to come too, $399 w/ a $50 MIB (Mail in Rebate) which would’ve made it $350 when it was all said, and done. BTW I hate the new upgrade fee’s its bad enough the economy done took a big plummet. Anyways thou it arrives tomorrow.

  • Joey

    Actually theres an error stated on hiptop3 the tony hawk sidekick lx is listed as 299 with 2 year extension 449 w/o

  • Orlando Reyes

    My upgrade says $299.

  • Yeah, I think for 2 year contract extension; it would be $299; but, thats before taxes, and the upgrade fee. Including the upgrade fee, and tax yours might come out to $340 or somethin

  • Andy, Inc

    My update is $409 with extention and $449 without. I don’t qualify for the full upgrade discount

  • Christina

    You might as well spend the extra $100 or so to buy it outright w/o singing a new contract.

  • kenomikes

    I see $299.99 for a 2 year extension ($100 online discount and $50 MIR). Not for this overpriced non Wi-Fi thing though.

  • k

    Peoples discounts will be different. It depends on when the last time you renewed your contract with them. The contract I am on was renewed 7 months ago so with the 2 year extension I get the 409.99.

  • Rafael

    Now – How dare does tmobile release this piece of crap sidekick and charges its customes $299 for upgrade? If you are like me – you wont give this sidekick the time of the day!
    How about we get some RESPECT from tmobile and have them release a REAL phone before Xmas?

    I am so on the edge of jumping to ATT! Mr. Tmo – you dont even know it!

    We are worst than Britney Spears Fans!

  • Kyle

    Wireless Champs sells these to new non-flexpay customers for $225

  • brion

    Why would anyone pay that kind of money for a non wifi device? You can go to the iphone and get a better phone for less… T-mobile get some better phones! I am not 12 and want a sidekick!

  • silk7

    For $299 this is what you DON’T get
    great video

    New T-Mo saying “Home of the DPHONES (Dumb)just for you.