Nokia 1608 to release on July 21st, T-mobile customers cry


We have been asking for some high end devices, and look what we get! We know, we know, your asking why we would post something this trivial and unimportant. Well we’ve gotten in a lot of tips today, and we’re happy to say that this is definitely the most unexciting. For those five or six tech-savvy readers that are actually interested in this device, it will be released for prepaid only, so it looks like you wont have to be doing any huge 2 year contract extensions to pick up this baby. As a 3G-less, H@H-less, Camera-less brand new T-mobile phone, the 1608 will provide absolutely no excitment or anything worth mentioning to T-mobile’s lineup. Now…on to real news!

  • LOL

    is it 3G!?!

  • steven

    i have been using this phone for over a month now i grabbed it when i broke my other phone cause i needed one that day

  • Jessica

    And Jesus wept.

  • Jessica

    No seriously, is T-Mo EVER going to come out with a touchscreen?? I like my Shadow, but…there’s always room for improvement ;)

  • breathetmobile

    the nokia 1608 is an iphone killer!

  • Dave

    funny. My impression is everyone needs to accept that fact that t-mobile is not interested in becoming a smartphone/pda/data centric company. Considering they are 1-2 years behind all of the competitors, this would lead anyone with a brain to realize this. They are going move forward with UMA phones for cheap wifi calls at home, lower cost text and phone packages, and rollout a 3g network but no hurry since they already will have virtually no market presence by the time it arrives. I hate to be negative but I am not staying with them once att and or verizon/sprint brings out there new devices. If you are interested in real data phones then T-mobile is not the place for you. I am a Shadow owner and really like the phone and t-mobile but I’m not waiting for them any longer especially because it is clear they dont want us to wait for them. ask yourself a question, how much is on their website regarding the 3g rollout? How many cities are up and running now? the latest unofficial news of Oct 1st rollout of up to 100 cities is nice but still way behind their competition. att is in 350+ locations already and is doubling their 3g speed now! T-mobile is destined to be a cellphone company which isnt all that bad for many that dont want the smartphones. But we just need to stop fooling ourselves into believing they care about their smartphone customers.

  • jmts

    I bet lines outside the T-mobile stores are at least a mile long waiting for this high end phone! iphone be damned!

  • Joseph

    Wing much? ;)

  • RS

    ha….thats so funny. I used to have a phone just like that in 2000 and back then verizon was discontinuing it. The ringtones were so embarrasing. At least, it has color screen…ROFL. I used to get face plates changed on it all the time. Way to go tmo, bringing back the mellinium days. BTW, How much is this sucker?

  • anna d

    In my ten-minute training on this phone they told us an easy way to remember it is “1608 rhymes with paperweight.” It’s meant to be what it is, a cheap phone-and-text only handset.

  • Me

    It is the Nokia 1208, not the 1608.

  • marco

    i think it is 1680 not 1608