Parents rejoice and teens cringe as T-mobile prepares to launch new minute allowance services


We’ve been hearing a lot whispers of some kind of new Minute Allowance feature with T-mobile, but thanks to our faithful tipsters we can safely say that teens around the US are not excited for July 30th. From what we are hearing, minute allowance is designed to keep families connected, and overages down. Parents will be able to control minute usage, costs, and more, via both and their T-zones portal on their mobile phone. This will be great for those parents with over talkative teens that don’t know when to hang up. Hell, it could be used as a punishment too, the last thing teens want to hear is “Your not grounded, but you can only use 30 minutes on your phone this month.” However it is used, it is definitely a step in the right direction of stopping unwanted and unexpected (and outrageous) overages.

  • GreenEyedBandit

    Being a tmobile rep.I can’t wait for this addition….

  • Jimbo831

    It will be nice, but I see it causing some problems. Parents won’t set it up properly and then blame us when they still go over, or even expect us to set it up for them, when it states it’s to be done online or tzones.

  • What happened to the thing about like Allowances for downloads or somethin?

  • Russian Solja

    Hahaha Parental Control on minutes PRICELESS… what are they gonna come up with next? lol.

    MY QUOTE: Life is like cell phone minutes… spend it WISELY! By: -0z-

  • Smoku

    how about blocking tzones for other phones on the account. my sister alwasy downloads stuff and they i need to pay for it!!!

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  • anna d

    Family allowance is a great idea IMO, especially combined with the new message blocking feature. I’m so tired of people complaining about these two things. (I work for T-mobile customer service.)

  • terryjohnson16
  • :))