Nokia 7510 Supernova coming to T-mobile USA


Well this one is out of left field, but you can’t really complain about a phone that is called the Supernova. Wait, yeah we can! Where is the 3G or UMA?! We can expect this to be another Nokia music phone, marketed toward the young, hip-type that love funky phones. Talk about an iPhone killer…the Supernova sports a 2 megapixel (VGA Video…not bad!), 6 hours of talk time, quadband EDGE, FM Radio, and a slick push-to-open mechanism. What can we say, T-mobile is releasing another decent music phone, anyone surprised? From what we can tell the device will have a low price, and will likely be an addition to the Nokia music phone lineup, instead of a replacement for the current 5310 or upcoming 5610. Stay tuned for more details on the phone, or click here to view all of T-mobile’s upcoming phones.

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