Details emerge on T-mobile's plans for the remainder of 2008, and we like em!


Users that have been getting antsy about the T-mobile phone selection have been told that we are experiencing the quiet before the storm. Well as we get nearer to October, the storm is approaching and the news is rolling in. First and foremost, a follow up on this article we posted on July 5th is in order. Over the next few days, after the rumors passed around the internet, we got a slew of confirmations on the October 1st release of T-mobile 3G in the nations top 25 markets. Not only that, but we’ve gotten a number of tips that the first Android device to be on the market, the 3G-enabled HTC Dream, will be launching on T-mobile on the same day. We also know that the Sony Ericsson Bella will launch with 3G either on October 1st, or a short while after. Oh you thought we were done huh? Definitely not. Also coming before the year ends is MyFaves 2.0, which in addition to other cool new features, users will have 10 Faves instead of 5. My Fave10 just doesn’t have the ring to it My Fave5 did. Either way, we doubt anyone will complain about the number of their MyFaves doubling. Also in store for 2008: A complete upgrade to FlexPay 2.0. We’re sure T-mobile employees will be thrilled better Flexpay systems, and less complaints. Anywyas, with a new Sidekick, the Shadow II, Motorola ZN5, Blackberry 9100 on OS 4.6, Nokia 7510, Nokia E-series device, mysterious higher-end Motorola and Samsung phones, and much much more, the remainder of 2008 is looking to be quite exciting for T-mobile customers. We hope your as excited for all of this as we are. Check the countdown to the right to see how much longer T-mobile customers will be able to complain about lack of 3G, and poor phone selection. From the looks of it, that is all about to change. We have more exciting news that will be posted in the following weeks. To see all of T-mobile’s upcoming phones, click here. Enjoy!