Rokr Users Get Software Update


A mere two weeks after the release of the Motorola Rokr e8, users are already receiving software updates. This over-the-air (OTA) update will begin being sent out today, July 21st. Either T-mobile is doing their best to give customers the best phones and software possible, or they received so many complaints about the Rokr in the last 2 weeks that they were forced to release an update. Either way, we’re guessing you probably want to know what is involved? Here is what we know about the update:

  • The main goal of this update is to minimize the number of freezes that this device experiences.
  • The option to copy contents fromthe SIM card to the phone book (this is kind of a given…come on guys)
  • Default view for images and video will be changed from list to thumbnails.
  • Customers who put in the wrong screen name/password combination on IM services were not able to login the next time, this will be fixed
  • E-mail will be easier to setup and login
  • The Voice Record screen was fixed
  • During streaming, no delays or breaks will occur
  • The User Interface will be sped up so users will see less freezes and delays