Rokr Users Get Software Update


A mere two weeks after the release of the Motorola Rokr e8, users are already receiving software updates. This over-the-air (OTA) update will begin being sent out today, July 21st. Either T-mobile is doing their best to give customers the best phones and software possible, or they received so many complaints about the Rokr in the last 2 weeks that they were forced to release an update. Either way, we’re guessing you probably want to know what is involved? Here is what we know about the update:

  • The main goal of this update is to minimize the number of freezes that this device experiences.
  • The option to copy contents fromthe SIM card to the phone book (this is kind of a given…come on guys)
  • Default view for images and video will be changed from list to thumbnails.
  • Customers who put in the wrong screen name/password combination on IM services were not able to login the next time, this will be fixed
  • E-mail will be easier to setup and login
  • The Voice Record screen was fixed
  • During streaming, no delays or breaks will occur
  • The User Interface will be sped up so users will see less freezes and delays

  • T1 Connect

    it would be nice if tmobile would send a ota update that adds a hidden hsdpa radio to the phones.

  • mingkee

    a little hint:
    with total internet, you can stream BBC with this phone
    key: when launching player on host computer, right-click the “play on stand alone real player” link, and save the .ram file, and transfer the file to the phone, and viola!

  • Jay

    Wow that was quick, Danger started rolling out OTA’s over a month ago and most Sidekick LX customers have not gotten the update.

  • Bill

    I just picked one up last week. How can I tell if or when the update is installed? This phone is very interesting and different. The more you mess with it the better it gets.

  • drivethruboy168

    Not suprised… Most phone are given an update a little bit after it’s launched. But this soon?!?… Well I guess RoKr customers are going to be a little more happier with this fixer upper! Great phone! Best Motorola yet! Well… In the states of course! Don’t really care for the “Q” or any of that. But the commercial for it caught my eye when it came out! ……. Bold 9000? Anyone?….

  • Christina

    Will you still get the update if you bought an unlocked phone, that happends not to be from the US?

  • phoneking13

    Christina: No, probably not. This update is for T-Mobile-branded ROKRs only. But I’m sure someone will leak the software sometime soon.

  • Nwahs


    You will be promoted to accept the update. Once you accept, you will have 10 minutes where the update will be installed, and then your phone will work again.

  • I came across this blog the other day and you got some great info here – thanks.

  • Jeff

    I never got a message of an update on my phone, i assumed once I turned it off, it would take effect

  • Jow!!!

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile about the update, and apparently my phone is up to date. Can someone who got the update confirm the SW version?

  • Christina

    Thank You! I’ve checked my phone and it says that it is up to date.

  • Dan

    The moto rep that came to my store the day the phone came out was already talking about this update. It was planned before the phone even hit stores then, so this isn’t because the users complained. Besides, with such a ridiculously high price point I doubt all 27 of the rokr customers complaining at once would do much to sway tmobz into offering out an update so quickly… :)

    Oh, and moto guy said that razr2 and rokr were looking to head down to 100 within the next couple months… could be just him tryin’ to get us excited about the phone, but who knows? 100 bucks is a REALLY good price for that phone.

  • Walabe25

    Motorola says there is on update out for our phone. What that do? Tmobile is saying close to that other then call motorola. There is nothing on the website either. So how true is this post?

  • TonyLoaf

    If there is an update that’s being pushed out over the air, they usually do those in stages. All you can do is wait.