T-mobile "fights back" against ETF evaders…

Well not really, consumerist in its usual grand form got a little info from a reader as to who exactly can qualify for this get out of jail free card. Two little rules and we will call them “flimsy” at best to steal consumerists verbage.

1. Can’t have unlimited messaging bundle on your account within the past 3 months
2. Has to have been charged for text messages during the past 3 months

I know this is a heated argument at pretty much every forum known in the wireless world but it is MY opinion and I emphasize my opinion that a materially adverse change is exactly as the article says, an adverse change. Imposing restrictions on a contract that has been voided is just plain stupidity on the part of T-mobile. T-mobs we expect so much more.

Check out the article here…

A quick glimpse at the comments over there show that they are indeed using those two rules as a guideline for cancelling out contracts upon request.

  • T-Mobile Retention Rep

    As a retention rep, and prev articles. We are letting people who are un happy with tmobile and do expect to be around with us much longer out and away. we are cutting down on customers that way the real loyal ones will be able to enjoy our brand new services more. if you read section 5 -7 of the contract, this is just an additional feature and since the messaging bundles has nothing to do with the actualy rate plan contract we DONT have to let ANYONE out. So if your unhappy and qualify then leave, let the T-Mobile Fanatic enjoy the new services

  • DarkJedi

    Honestly, if you are a T-mobile you are both misinformed about your companies own policies as well as amazingly incorrect about the nature of the contract in regards to MATERIALLY ADVERSE CHANGES as pointed out in the hundreds upon hundreds of threads across the dozens of wireless forums. Not to mention the flyer that was received by customers with their most recent billings that says in no uncertain terms that customers may be allowed to leave contract free.

  • mingkee

    some customers attempt to “cheat” the system
    please don’t be that naive, attempt to cheat the system to get out of ETF free by removing messaging element?
    except y’all know this 3 months in advance
    want 3G iPhone and 3G on att?
    want $30 500 mins SERO on Sprint?
    wake up!

  • Jack

    Here’s a good suggestion for all those who were turned down by T-Mobile: STICK TOGETHER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! (Remember what happened some months back when T-Mobile tried to stop customers from filing class action lawsuits?)

  • Rusty Blosser

    Question for the Rep: My whole family has been unhappy with the service in our area with t mobile from dropped calls, not being able to send text messages, and not receiving them. How would I go about getting out of contract without those etf fees if you say you are letting customers go who are unhappy? I don’t qualify for the out with messaging as we have an unlimited family plan. Any suggestions? I am no way bashing t mobile, they have great pricing! I only wish my coverage was better. Thank you!

  • T-Mobile Retention Rep

    Well first off try looking at the coverage map on http://www.tmobile.com If the area where you live shows 2 bars or less of service, you automatically can get out without any ETF fee. Other than that, I apologize for my mis-pharsing we arent letting EVERY single customer out who is upset, just those who always try to get stuff for free work the system etc etc., thats why we cancelled a lot of roaming accounts recently. And our supervisors are being more leanant on crediting fees under CERTAIN circumstances, before it was ifyou are in contract and no one has died or ur not moving out of the US you were stuck with the fee

  • Rusty Blosser

    Well I did find a small loophole. Text messaging rates are going up too for international texts, and international texts aren’t included in text messaging plans. The CS res verified that for me today. Since I had made a few texts to a friend in Sweden, I thought I could get out. They transferred me, and said i qualify due to this increase. Then they come back on the phone and say I don’t qualify because these charges have to take place within three previous billing cycles. This is absurd if you ask me. So, can I wait until my bill cycles in early august, then call to terminate? I really want out of this contract as my reception is pretty bad. I like t mobile for their cheap plans and customer service, but I need another carrier. Any thoughts?

  • T-Mobile Retention Rep

    No you will not be able to cancel if you call back in later. We prevent this from happening depending on your bill cycle you only have a certain time frame to qualify and if you called in and got declined, then we see you sent a TXT and was charged after we advised you of the policy, we will not waive an ETF. Like I mentioned, If you get bad reception look at the coverage map, or try to troubleshoot your device. Other than that, there really aren’t a whole lot of loopholes to get out of a contract.

  • Rusty Blosser

    well i checked my coverage, and it shows three bars where i live. so that disqualifies me too, right?

  • T-Mobile Retention Rep

    That is correct, a 3 bar location does dis-qualify you from the waiver of the Early Termination Fee

  • Becky

    uummm… you can block any chargeable messages now for free… did anyone notice that?

  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • Trista

    I’ve heard recently that if you change your rate plan, and re-up your contract that you then have 72 hours to cancel, because it’s a new contract… just as though you started new service. Is this true? If so, would it work the same way if you upgrade your phone and re-up your contract? Thanks!!!