T-mobile "fights back" against ETF evaders…

Well not really, consumerist in its usual grand form got a little info from a reader as to who exactly can qualify for this get out of jail free card. Two little rules and we will call them “flimsy” at best to steal consumerists verbage.

1. Can’t have unlimited messaging bundle on your account within the past 3 months
2. Has to have been charged for text messages during the past 3 months

I know this is a heated argument at pretty much every forum known in the wireless world but it is MY opinion and I emphasize my opinion that a materially adverse change is exactly as the article says, an adverse change. Imposing restrictions on a contract that has been voided is just plain stupidity on the part of T-mobile. T-mobs we expect so much more.

Check out the article here…

A quick glimpse at the comments over there show that they are indeed using those two rules as a guideline for cancelling out contracts upon request.