Featured add-on of the week: YouMail


Every Wednesday TmoNews will feature a free add on, which is aimed to make our readers lives easier and more efficient. This week’s feature is YouMail. We rarely hear complaints about T-mobile’s voicemail system, but a step up can’t hurt right? YouMail provides users with many cool features that T-mobile’s regular voicemail does not. Here is how it works:

  • You set your phone to forward unanswered calls to YouMail
  • Optional – Change your voicemail number from T-mobile to YouMail (This will only make it so holding 1 will dial your YouMail voicemail instead of T-mobile’s)
  • Once someone leaves a voicemail, you will receive an SMS message showing the name (Caller ID), Number, length of message, city the call originated from, and the carrier from which they called from
  • You will also receive an e-mail, and be able to access your voicemail online, or by calling your YouMail voicemail.
  • Optional – YouMail can automatically attatch an Mp3 of the new voicemail, to the e-mail with the name, number, transcription, etc…
  • YouMail offers 1000s of free, and funny (some are very funny, some are professional) greetings to choose from, as well as the ability to upload or record your own by computer, or phone
  • You can also enable transcriptions. YouMail will take your messages, write them out, and send them to you via SMS, e-mail, or both. Slick huh? (Our experience shows that it transcribes about 75% of the message correctly. Enough to get the gist of what the message-user is saying)
  • YouMail is 100% free. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can always revert back to your T-mobile voicemail, no harm done. Their revenue is based off of ads, and their live support team is great! (No, they are not paying us for this)
  • If anyone has suggests for future features, please let us know!
  • Ben

    I’ve been using YouMail for about a month now. For the most part, it’s OK — but there are a couple issues.

    #1 — receiving of text notifications that you have a message is hit or miss. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s a miss. Full integration would be much better, with the voicemail icon on my phone being activated when there’s a message.

    #2 — Email tech support — I’ve sent them messages a number of times, without once receiving a response.

  • How do they compare with gotvoice.com?

  • Genise

    I’ve been using YouMail for a long time. I LOVE IT! It has a great feature called Ditchmail

  • Rich

    I too have been using YouMail for about a month. I like it.

    I would however like to use it on a second phone that happens to be T-Mobile “PREPAID.” Apparently, you cannot change the voicemail # on a T-Mobile Pre-paid account. Anyone know how to do so?

  • BmC

    I have one question and main concern :

    Does this use your minutes when the call is forwarded?! I cannot afford to lose these minutes!

    For example, if someone calls… once it is forwarded to the YouMail, and they leave a 3 min VM. Do those 3 minutes count against me?

    This is the only thing that has prevented me from using this for months! If I cannot get an asnwer here, I will need to call TMobile!


  • Ben,

    Please email support@youmail.com again today (since we don’t know who you are) so we can find out why we didn’t respond to you. You can also call us at 800-374-0013.

    Our CS team prides itself in responding to all queries in a timely matter. We get a lot of emails and calls and answer all of them in the order we receive them.
    We’ve also found that sometimes responses go into a person’s bulk/junk folder and are overlooked.

    As far as your text message notifications, when you get in touch with us we can look at your account activity and determine if there were any issues related to your particular account.


    Marc at YouMail

  • umm, you guys said every Wednesday and the date is July 24th, isnt today thursday?

  • Alec

    BMC – Every account on T-Mobile has 500 free minutes of call forwarding. This is what is used when messages are being deposited at youmail. So, you’re not being charged for the 3 minutes but you would be (i think… check with tmo) if in theory you had more than 500 vm’s in a single month. In theory, only those minutes over and above the 500 free call fwd min would be susceptible to a charge. Hope this helps.

  • Nwahs


    You caught us. The article was posted at around 12:05 AM on the 24th. I had it almost done and posted, but had to go back and add some things so it was posted a couple minutes late.

  • chellie

    I use phone fusion and its great. You can forward both your work and vekk vm and it comes up on your phone with the number and you click the icon to play the message. Its free as well.

  • BmC


    Thank you very much for your help!! I am going to call TMobile and verify :D

  • Krubuntu

    The 500 forwarding minutes should work out in the event that you use conditional call forwarding. (Ie. Your mobile rings and then you hit ignore.) But if you call Youmail to check your messages, this will go against your minutes but that’s the way T-mobile’s voicemail works anyway so you shouldn’t notice a difference. Since Youmail’s number is “non-t-Mobile”, you could add them as one of your faves and then you would definitely have nothing to worry about. But, as always, contact customer care to be sure.
    On a side note, has anyone had success with this service using Flex Pay?

  • Try Out GrandCentral

    GrandCentral is the bomb if you already have a number. All VM’s go right to it (rather than forwarding), you can get text or email alerts immediately when there is a missed call. Finally, they provide visual voicemail for retrieving your messages. Only thing it doesn’t do is transcribe your messages for you. That’s fine for me since most of my messages include numbers and addresses. I need to listen to them for accuracy anyway.

    Of course, GC does much more. Set it up as a Fave and you can make and receive unlimited calls without chewing into any plan minutes.

  • Shane

    Does YouMail allow you to change your greeting from the handset? That way I could have a different message based on if I was in a meeting, at the gym, etc.

  • Kaye

    I just phoned T-Mobile Customer service and was assured that every TMobile plan comes with 500 minutes of call forwarding. These can be to anyone- not only to TMobile numbers. He was able to see that I have used 37 min of these 500 free minutes in the last couple hours. I think it was so much because I was recording individual greetings for a lot of people and recording them over and over- but 500 min should be way more than enough normally. Youmail seems like a great plan so far !

  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • shanghei

    BEWARE using youmail with tmobile myfaves. I just got my bill from tmobile and I have over 100 dollars in usage fees all from youmail. Whenever someone calls me and goes to voice mail it takes 1 minute and if someone leaves a 2 minute voice mail message it counts as 3 minutes. I have the myfaves plan and this hit me by surprise. Guys who have tmobile check your bills!

  • Ashandri

    Their text messaging feature is kinda strange. It contains a tagline, which only leave you with 128 characters. The message itself isn’t technically from you, so the recipient can’t reply to it. Several people I text’d did reply, which I never got, and didn’t know I didn’t get until days later when they inquired as to why I didn’t answer them. A better choice for PC-based texting is Jeyo Mobile Companion, it hooks up with your WM device and lets you text, via your device, from your PC. Texting from YouMail seems like a great feature, until all that confusion starts :(