T-mobile deal of the week


Did you know that if you walk into a T-mobile with documentation that you can get one of the phones they offer, for cheaper somewhere elsewhere, T-mobile employees can price-match that competing store and give you the phone for the same price? Of course this only works with places you can physically go, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco. Not online only companies such as Wirefly. Well this is the beginning of TmoNews bringing the best T-mobile deals to you whenever we find them. This week? This week Walmart takes the cake for providing the best deals. Here are some of WalMart’s offerings:

T-mobile Wing:

  • T-mobile – $300
  • Walmart – -$50 (Yes, there were supposed to be two – signs there. You actually make $50 with this device)

BlackBerry Curve:

  • T-mobile – $150
  • Walmart – -$50 (You make $50)

Samsung Blast:

  • T-mobile – Free
  • Walmart – -$75 (You make $75)

Nokia 5310:

  • T-mobile – $50
  • Walmart – -$50 (You make $50)

BlackBerry Pearl 8120:

  • T-mobile – $150
  • Walmart – Free

Click here to view the rest of the deals at Walmart.  To receive this deal in a T-mobile store, you must print out the page which shows you can get the phone for that price. Keep in mind that for any of the Smartphones, a $20/month data and e-mail plan is required to be eligible for the mail in rebate, however after you receive the rebate in 6-8 weeks, you can drop the plan. In the end, it will cost only $30-$40 for the plan. All you smart shoppers, keep sending in great deals! Many people pick T-mobile due to their competitive prices, and great deals. TmoNews will continue to do our best to find the best deals out there for T-mobile-ers. Enjoy!