T-mobile deal of the week


Did you know that if you walk into a T-mobile with documentation that you can get one of the phones they offer, for cheaper somewhere elsewhere, T-mobile employees can price-match that competing store and give you the phone for the same price? Of course this only works with places you can physically go, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco. Not online only companies such as Wirefly. Well this is the beginning of TmoNews bringing the best T-mobile deals to you whenever we find them. This week? This week Walmart takes the cake for providing the best deals. Here are some of WalMart’s offerings:

T-mobile Wing:

  • T-mobile – $300
  • Walmart – -$50 (Yes, there were supposed to be two – signs there. You actually make $50 with this device)

BlackBerry Curve:

  • T-mobile – $150
  • Walmart – -$50 (You make $50)

Samsung Blast:

  • T-mobile – Free
  • Walmart – -$75 (You make $75)

Nokia 5310:

  • T-mobile – $50
  • Walmart – -$50 (You make $50)

BlackBerry Pearl 8120:

  • T-mobile – $150
  • Walmart – Free

Click here to view the rest of the deals at Walmart.  To receive this deal in a T-mobile store, you must print out the page which shows you can get the phone for that price. Keep in mind that for any of the Smartphones, a $20/month data and e-mail plan is required to be eligible for the mail in rebate, however after you receive the rebate in 6-8 weeks, you can drop the plan. In the end, it will cost only $30-$40 for the plan. All you smart shoppers, keep sending in great deals! Many people pick T-mobile due to their competitive prices, and great deals. TmoNews will continue to do our best to find the best deals out there for T-mobile-ers. Enjoy!

  • Sidney

    I don’t think the Wal-Mart deals you listed there with the negative prices are ones you can get in a physical Wal-Mart store so they can’t be matched by T-Mobile stores.

    If you look at the URL it’s really an Letstalk website which is similar to Wirefly, which as you said wouldn’t qualify.

  • Nwahs

    Although I originally thought that, I went to a T-mobile store, the EMPLOYEE, not me, printed off the Walmart info, and matched the deal for me.

    I got a Pearl 8120 for free, but it sounds like I still get the $100 Mail In Rebate…so I’m making $100 off this Pearl. Not bad, I’d say.

  • sflex

    As Sidney says, you can’t match from Wal-Mart online, because it’s run by LetsTalk. However, T-Mobile should match the in-store prices, given that Wal-Mart actually have the phones in stock.

  • J

    Just for the record with any mail in rebate on a Smartphone you must have any data package of 9.99 or more so you can go with just the email package and still recieve the rebate :D

  • ElectricMonk

    Has anyone seen deals like this that work with extending your contract? Mine is up, and I’d love to get a pearl or a shadow.

    I suppose I could get a new line, port my old number, and cancel the old plan, but that seems like a hassle. I’m on a family plan, and I’m the only eligible for an upgrade.

  • T-Mo Rep

    i hate wal mart so much. they really do ruin us. stores lose so much money over this. wal mart is able to sell them so CHEAP because they don’t commission their 8 dollar an hour connection center employees and the department manager only makes about 10 an hour. ridiculous.

    they buy the phones from t-mobile beforehand and then sell them dirt cheap because they take a percentage of each person’s bill for the first year.

  • Nick

    Can I take this to a TMO Corp store and get this on an upgrade?

  • Renesandy

    Will this also work with a contract extension? Not necessarily a new activation?

  • BJ

    This is a great deal if you can make it fly at your local T-Mobile store. Looks like in most cases the price is around $100 less than T-Mobile’s offering.

  • LazyCody

    above the list of phones there is a series of drop down menus, I changed the one that said “Choose Purchase Type” to renew, and the prices jumped way up. Does this mean that as an existing customer with expired contracts I can’t get the badass deals when I renew?

  • J-Nic

    Sorry if I missed it, but can current customers with contracts get this or should I go to the store and ask..

  • T-Mobile Rep # 2

    Somebody comes to me stating to match up a price they saw at wal-mart, is not getting NOTHING…they paying what the t-mobile price card states, no less..unless it’s a nice 5 line deal ;)

  • Nwahs

    This does NOT work on upgrading. ONLY on new accounts/adding a line.

    It may not work some places, but it worked for me.


    Here is proportionately part of the skinny. In honesty it’s up to the store to honor this. T-Mobile is becoming a more budget conscious company and therefore discounting is frown upon. A few years ago there were documents sent out saying we should price match. Well, that’s changed at least in my area. If a customer came in and said hey price match this. I’d have to turn them down since this is a hit on revenue. So, if you go into a store and are rejected that is why. It’s not that anyone is trying to be mean it’s just frowned upon now a days.

  • Lancerevo

    As many people have already said already this offer does not apply to upgrading customers only activations.. And even on activations its at the will of the manager of that particular store cause the actual policy states it will match any nationally advertised pricing on a phone. I’d say you have a very very beyond slim chance and getting them to price match walmart for a free wing let alone give you 50 dollars to take one. The reason letstalk and the other websites can offer them so cheap is you are actually signing 2 contracts one with the web company and one with t mobile. We can’t do any price matching on upgrades because our systems don’t allow it. It spits us out a price and we have to stick with it. There isn’t any option to change it or even take off the upgrade fee.

  • barbiie

    well don’t come into my store in philadelphia, we don’t price match. buy it there if its cheaper.

  • tmoguy

    Just added a new phone line to my current family plan and was able to get a BB Curve for $149 and $100 rebate…total cost will be $49 after he rebate check arrives. I actually called my local T-mobile store and they said, yep we are matching Walmart’s price. thanks for the info!

  • Christina

    I was just on the Motorola site, that is apparently run by letstalk….they are offering the new E8 for free after rebates w/2yr contract. I printed out the pages and will take them w/me to TMO when I go later today. The papers show the site url as motorola, so we’ll see what happends. I am fully prepared to buy the same phone off of ebay so that I won’t have a contract. It will end up being the same price in the end.

  • Ravi

    I’ve learned a few things about the T-mobile price matching:

    – It is under the managers discretion to apply a price match credit to pricing

    – It applies only to new activations or add-ons. Does not apply to renewing contracts or upgrades

    – The rebate will not work if it results in the customer recieving additional money (i.e if you make 50 dollars after the rebate) But its still worth a try. Most of the time the Sales rep will not issue a price match to a point where you make money.