Finally, message blocking, parents around the world breathe a sigh of relief!


The day will soon arrive when you can finally block all those messages from the crazy ex’s, annoying friends and hell even your parents (kids)! Thats right T-mobile fans mark your calenders as July 16th is the day. Hallelujah! Here is what we know:

Beginning July 16, T-Mobile will offer Message Blocking, an add-on feature that gives customers the ability to block unwanted chargeable messages. TMobile will offer Message Blocking free of charge. Our Message Blocking services will allow customers to block the following chargeable messages individually or all together:

  • Text/Picture Messages
  • Instant Messages
  • E-mail

Note: The option of blocking instant messages and e-mail will not block any Internet driven instant messages and e-mail via a data feature (WAP deck). Message Blocking should be recommended to customers if the following options will not meet their needs:

  • Message Value Bundle
  • Spam Filter (available via My T-Mobile)
  • Family Allowances feature (for family or multi-line individual plans only – launching soon. Stay tuned!)

Customers who use Message Blocking will continue to receive non-chargeable messages from T-Mobile that are required to maintain the service.

This is terrific news and I am sure just about everyone will agree this is a major step in the right direction. Whether a response to this, or just a brand new service we can all agree this is a very very welcome addition.

  • Message blocking, and Family Allowances feature, Yay!!!!!!!

  • DriveHigh

    Good. Call blocking would be even better.

  • BJ

    Agree with DriveHigh. My luck that I took over a number for some deadbeat who receives at least 2 collection calls a day. So frustrating that T-Mobile can’t do anything about it. My only recourse is to pay a fee to get a different number. That’s not what I call top notch customer service.

  • MW

    Finally! I called TMo a few months ago and asked about blocking text messages. I don’t want my daughter receiving text messages on her phone and running up my bill and I was told all I could do was add the messaging package. Uhh, I don’t want to pay more than I already am that is the problem.

  • KeNNethx

    For call blocking I use YouMail…free and it’s also free visual voicemail.

  • Michele

    I called Tmo because I couldn’t get to their site for the contest. None of the links work. I asked about messaging blocking and from what he knew it was all or nothing so it doesn’t appear that you can block text for just select people. He said the roll-out is 7-12. I also asked about the Family Allowance and he said they haven’t had training yet but that you can allocate a particular # of minutes to each acct on a family plan. He didn’t have all the details so I do not know if it is worth it or not.

  • Genise

    *sigh* This won’t apply to Sidekick users *sniff*

  • Bob

    The reality is that they stink for not offering this feature years ago…it’s probobly illegal. Think about it…someone wants to mess you up…they just keep testing you over and over…each time it costs you fifteen cents.

    Did anyone get the notice that they’re going to twenty cents?

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