T-mobile talks 3G, just not in any way we want…

So here is an article from rcrnews pointing out that T-mobile is attempting to stall/slow down the process by which a decision would be rendered in the AWS-3 auction. See how I sounded real smart there by talking about AWS-3? I wrote it and literally have no idea what it means but I bet It sounded like I did. Anyways back to normalcy, T-mobile wants extended time to discover if this spectrum would interfere with the licenses they bought for future, hopeful 3G services. Lets be honest, this is the only real 3G news we’ve had in some time and absolutely irrelevant.

Dearest Robert Dotson, please let us discover if there is interference by rolling out nationwide 3G coverage like yesterday and we’ll give you all the feedback you want. Oh yeah, how about an android phone while your at it. Pronto.

Read the rest of the article here, its nothing special per se, but news is news. At least it shows that they actually have plans to launch a nationwide service, I mean thats at least good news, right?

Ok, turns out there was a forum post before I got this up. Our super forum member found it first, who is this mystery man who deserves the credit. Go here to find out!


  • If you are going to demand things and make it sound like t-mobile is stalling then it would be best to actually understand what you are talking about. When did this site go from informative to bashing the best mobile carrier? Last time I checked it wasn’t Q4 yet and the 3G roll out is already underway. If you don’t have anything nice to say… Oh, nevermind!

  • DarkJedi

    I’m not bashing at all and information posted is still informative, as is this site. My opinion in its sarcastic form does not make the article, the information or the site any less informative.

    For that matter, I’m expressing what is my frustration with the current path/offerings as is my right. Owning this site doesn’t put me on a higher playing field or make me any less subjective toward whats available.

  • knytphal

    The least you could do is put a link to the forum post for further discussion!

  • Joe

    So I’m giving T-mobile till the end of August for a date or something physically materialize. A date for the Blackberry Bold or a date for 3G to switched on in Houston, TX. If nothing happens I’ll be forced to switch. I’ve been with them since 2005, and have waited patiently. I love them. But this isn’t just dropping the ball, this is dropping the ball on a bed of titanium spikes.

  • mingkee

    I think Dotson needs to bring T-Mobile together, not let everybody thinks it’s like “Cult”
    I’m not bashing his religion, but the way he does is hurting both T-Mobile and Latter-Day Saints

  • BBKing311

    I feel the same way about this 3G roll out, I’m in L.A waiting and waiting for this to come (Blackberry Bold 9000) it won’t happen unless 3G is up and going. And I don’t understand why T-Mobile would keep launching non 3G phones when this launch of a new service is already known to the consumers.T-Mobile has said the more customers that have 3G capable phones, the more likely it is to launch, but T-Mobile on has 4 phones that aren’t even that great. Haha… A T-Mobile @Home commercial is on right now!) Sorry thought that was funny since we are talking about t-mobile, anyway, I would say most reason why people leave t-mobile which gives them the churn they have would also be the selections of phones. Yes we all like the fact that t-mobile likes to make sure there phones will work and have the least problems with there phones, but they have to understand that a good part of there customer are 30 years old and under which love t-mobile but when talk about services and stuff most reason why people leave is because of the lack of selection. Every other cell phone carrier has really nice cool phones. Don’t really know how well they work, but that’s where the market is heading. AT&T (3G) Verizon (3G) Sprint (?) T-Mobile (2G/ Edge) T-Mobile needs to step up and fast! Or you see where Sprint is right now?!?! Yea… No rush Mr. Dotson but expectations are really high at the retail stores I can tell you that. We are branched off of Duetch Telekom which I’d one of the biggest carriers in Europe. @Home was a really good idea, but to customers, that’s not good enough, I’d say keep on schedule with this 3G launch and roll out some more 3G capable handsets for more of a selection for the customers, because 3G is very needed in some markets and customers are getting tired of waiting. Wow… I wrote a story… If people want to hear more of my thoughts just comment back or I will start a forum topic.

  • James

    Dark Jedi,

    When you say that T-Mobile should put out their 3G network and then you will give them feedback as to interference, you are missing the point altogether.

    The items that may cause interference are not existing yet, nor are those items even licensed yet in the AWS-3 auction. So how can you give them any feedback?

    T-Mobile is not trying to slow down their release of 3G. They are trying to prevent future transmissions from affecting the 3G service that their customers will be using.

    Two years down the road, do you want some wide-area wireless internet service slowing down or interfering with your T-Mobile 3G usage?

    Perhaps you should UNDERSTAND what the article is saying before you make such crazy comments.

  • Nwahs


    Perhaps you should check your ability to detect sarcasm. I guarantee that all three people running this wireless blog are fully aware of the abilities, details, and technical aspects of wireless frequencies, airwaves, 3G, and whatever else angered you in the article above. The simple fact is, most T-mobile users are fed up with 3G. So as T-mobile lovers, instead of bashing T-mobile, we use some sarcasm to show our frustration. I’m sorry you took it the wrong way.

  • mingkee

    does Dotson check hofo regularly, or stay in Temple 24/7 and not care T-Mobile operation?!
    there’ll be 3 million customers defect to elsewhere using that “SMS increase free ride” this quarter, what if the Germans realize the 3 million customers net loss?
    on yeah, ALL communication equipment is not used in Temple, and can’t call for warrant to nap Dotson in Temple!