T-mobile talks 3G, just not in any way we want…

So here is an article from rcrnews pointing out that T-mobile is attempting to stall/slow down the process by which a decision would be rendered in the AWS-3 auction. See how I sounded real smart there by talking about AWS-3? I wrote it and literally have no idea what it means but I bet It sounded like I did. Anyways back to normalcy, T-mobile wants extended time to discover if this spectrum would interfere with the licenses they bought for future, hopeful 3G services. Lets be honest, this is the only real 3G news we’ve had in some time and absolutely irrelevant.

Dearest Robert Dotson, please let us discover if there is interference by rolling out nationwide 3G coverage like yesterday and we’ll give you all the feedback you want. Oh yeah, how about an android phone while your at it. Pronto.

Read the rest of the article here, its nothing special per se, but news is news. At least it shows that they actually have plans to launch a nationwide service, I mean thats at least good news, right?

Ok, turns out there was a forum post before I got this up. Our super forum member found it first, who is this mystery man who deserves the credit. Go here to find out!