It turns out Best Buy is good for something!


Our friends over at BGR got their hands on some juicy tidbits of information that are showing up on Best Buy’s systems. All three devices (And the Motorola Rokr which we talked about earlier) look like they will be shipped on July 27th, so we may be looking at a release the day after, on Monday the 28th? Either way, this is a clear indication that all three of these devices are coming to T-mobile. Just to recap:

  • Blackberry Curve will be released in Sunset
  • The Tony Hawk Sidekick LX will come with the recant OTA software update already installed
  • The Sidekick Gecco will be a nice replacement for the Sidekick ID
  • The Blackberry Pearl 8120 will be getting three new colors, including blue and green


  • Nwahs

    Before everyone gets all angry and defensive…the Best Buy thing was a joke. I do shop there occasionally, and actually have only had good experiences with them.


  • marco

    what is the samsung re…?

  • mr.gadget

    Yah I’m just about tired of the damn slide!!!!

  • matthew

    Im a little bummed that they decided on the sunset for the curve thats what the ruby pearl was originally branded and then they rebranded it ruby. I think the samsung 339 is the samsung re…

  • Nwahs

    I’m looking into that…can’t figure out what the hell it is though

  • barbiie

    interesting. I can buy a curve now.

  • Tmotim

    Tony Hawk sidekick is coming on 7/16!

  • vm

    “The Blackberry Pearl 8120 will be getting three new colors, including blue and green”

    I don’t see it on the list. I was thinking maybe it would look like this:

    just click on it and you will see.