Motorola Rokr E8 for T-mobile – Unboxing


Thanks to BreatheT-mobile, our go-to guy on phone unboxings, we got our hands on a nice review and unboxing for the Motorola Rokr E8, 5 days before it is released. We were a little skeptical about this one but ok, we have to admit, Motorola actually did their homework on this one. The Motorola Rokr E8 really is a sight to look at. The phone commands attention with every sense of the word. Its sleek design follows Motorola’s classic sharpness while managing to define itself in a completely new concept separate from that of the Razr. The phone has a glossy finish that will drive “de-smug-ificators” (yeah, I made up that word, so what?) crazy. The overall feel of the phone is great. We love the weight and size of the phone overall. This phone truly looks and feels expensive, and it is! The OS is super quick and definitely deserves major props. The half-wheel does get a bit annoying after a while. We actually found ourselves using the D-pad more. The Camera quality is the BEST we have seen in a long time. To top it off the E8 includes, a 2gb internal memory plus support for up to 8gb of external memory, Stereo Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm headjack. When everything is said and done, the Magic Morphing Keypad is by far the best part of the phone! If you are liking the morphing keypad, the candybar form-factor, and the classic Rokr music player, you can drop by a T-mobile store on July 7th and pick one up for a whopping $199.99.

The Phone packaging includes:
-1 gb micro sd card
-Usb Cable
-Home Charger
-Carrying Pouch
-Installation CD




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  • jmts

    Thank God Moto is finally getting away from the RAZR design form. It got old real fast! It doesnt take a genius to figure out why they are in bad shape. Keep making cool phones like this and Moto may stay afloat!

  • KcloudKicker

    The Motorola Rep stopped by our store yesterday and said it would be on a limited time promo sale for $100.