T-mobile awes the world by launching the Motorola W490 in Mandarin


Well well well, what do we have here? We have seen T-mobile push phones before, but the W490, that little persistent bugger, has gone through yet another color refresh. With specs that barley surpass the Razr, the Motorola W490 provides nothing on the inside for us to brag about. But hey, if your one of those people that loves to match your phone with your outfit, why not pick up a few W490s and you’ll be set! If you want some more shots of the new Black/Mandarin combination, head over to NewEgg.com, who is selling it for $149.99, no plan required. While we’re on the subject of color refreshes…those BlackBerry users that are somewhat disappointed in the pretty lame colors of the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl 8120 should be relived to hear that color refreshes are expected soon on both devices.