T-mobile updates MyT-mobile.com with MobileLife


For those users that are disappointed with T-mobile’s official user’s site, MyT-mobile, here is a little relief. A while ago T-mobile brought you the first news about an update to T-mobile’s website, and it is finally here! Above is a screen shot of My MobileLife, giving you easy access to MobileBackup, MyFaves, Album, and Contacts. MobileLife came with some cool new features, such as the following list of options just under My Contacts:

Manage phone bookManage Address Book
On-demand alert codesOn-demand alert codes
Create spam & keyword filtersCreate e-mail filters
Create nicknamesCreate nicknames
Group messagingGroup messaging
Change my phone's e-mail addressChange my phone’s e-mail address

With My MobileLife along with some slick new drop-down menus giving you access to…well, everything T-mobile offers, T-mobile’s online portal seems to have dramatically improved. So, it’s not national 3G or an Android phone, but at least it is a step in the right direction. What do our users think? Feel free to comment on the blog, or join the ongoing discussion on our forums.


    Well I definitely think this is a step in the right direction as well!

    However, – the features u list as being new under “my contacts” such as manage address book, on demand alert codes etc… were all there before under communication tools and resources on the previous site.

    The only thing that is a bit dissapointing with the new site is that it is not explicit in the fact that the Mobile Backup is not supported by many phones at the current time. – Users who are unaware of this may try to back up their contacts and become frustrated – since it does not state anywhere on the site which phones are compatible leading a normal user to think that their phone is automatically supported. Only phones with Sync ML are supported which narrows that down to about 5 or 6 phones at the moment.

    When I tried to access the new my album site it was very sluggish and took about 2-3 minutes to finally load on high speed internet. When trying to make changes it said that “account is still being migrated”

    I think the new site and functionality will be great to help T-Mo stand out from its competitors however, – I think it could still use some polishing from a user/customer perspective.

    I know a lot of us on this site – who are well versed in computers wont have much of a problem navigating and accessing the new features – but I’m worried that this new upgrade without a lot of instruction may be source of frustration for a lot of users who are technologically challenged or just average users.

    It will be interesting to see how they continue to improve this service…

  • BULL


  • Jimbo831

    It does actually list the phones that work with it. I do agree, it is not explained well at all that it doesn’t work with all phones. However, there is a star that leads to the bottom of the page with a link to see what phones are compatible. Hopefully soon we will have more phones that work with it. I know I have taken several calls from people who spent like 30 minutes typing all their contacts in 10 at a time and call in later to see why they never got put on their phone.

  • RS

    I agree with Bull. The one and only thing I like abt tmobile is 1yr contract, other than that, I’m tired of medicore phones. After my contract i’m thinking of jumping ship.

  • upset

    They also deleted saved pictures in the albums! Great job TMobile but I doubt all my pics just magically disappeared and I along with many other people want them back!

  • They also updated there TOS so they are not liable for deleting your pictures from your album, which they have done in the process of updating the website, very low on their behalf.

  • Lucy

    I love T-Mobile!! They are really stepping up to the plate in a lot of areas, and have top notch customer care compared to other companies. I love the new addition to mytmobile, even though it may not be perfect. And I think they are going to surprise us later this year with an outstanding phone product. I am definitely a customer for life.

  • Jamie


    What Tmobile phones work with MobileLife then?


  • jennifer

    I DO NOT like this new MobileLife update. I cannot access my album or picture messages from my sidekick now. There is no link to MobileLife from my.tmobile.com when using the SideKick internet.
    What a waste!!!

  • Mimi

    I agree with Jamie ! I think that mobile life is a waste now instead of being able to check my picture messages straight from my sidekick I have to go and get on my computer, Its ridiculous they should have kept it seprate or made another way to get to the Mobile life page. A lot of My friends with sidekicks don’t even have Computers so there basically screwed now. I think this was a stupid decision on Tmobiles part and they need to fix it

  • Mimi

    My Bad I Meant Jennifer lol

  • hannah

    Stupid shit. From sidekick it won’t let you view ur pics. And its very annoying!

  • collin

    Ugh thic mobile life thing sucks I have a sidekick and I can’t even see it!

  • nick

    I agree having a sidekick and no computer is a big mistake.. I’ve had so many problems with mine and now I can’t even access my pics and albums from my phone.. Tmobile is just going downhill… customer support is a joke. And I signed the 1 yr contract and after a year they claimed it was a 2 year contract and totally screwed me over.. I can’t wait to get back to verizon!!!

  • rex

    Yeah, I called in to customer support. They denied that we, as sidekick users, can’t see it. The rep I spoke with in SK support said she does it from her sidekick with “nooo problem”.

    It’s got me a tad pissy I must say.

  • jaime

    Sidekick sucks,t-mobile sucks and the employees of custome care suck too,my friend sent me a ringtone by message n I can’t listen either,everybody that has a sk without computer is fucked up that’s it.

  • jaime

    Moderate the service not my comment

  • Shawn

    No one moderated your comment Jaime. You need to grow up and start to treating people better

  • I don’t get it why would you TMOBILE do something so stupid you basically just shut out all sk users without even thinkin of the outcome it would have I have the same problems as all other sk owners can’t chk my picture mail come on wtf is this I’m grown and angry with this new service it sucks I will not be renewing my contract with tmobile you’ve lost a customer and more than likely allot more as well get it together.

  • jaime

    Yeah shawn keep suck up,maybe u work 4 them.

  • b

    I also agree the change sucks I have an sk n will b switching back 2 verixon as it was it sucked not bein able 2 send/receive picture mail as texts but now wo access 2 my pics thru my album I’ll b better of w a blackberry or sum’n w verizon…or any other carrier 4 that matter…the pixels the flash player n now this. The sk was more hype than conveinience the other phones have come up n the sk has stood still

  • DW


  • antonio richardson

    This Is some real bullshit I can’t chk my pic tmobile do suck and do it well

  • LLowe

    Since T-Mobile updated to MobileLife, all of my pictures have disappeared as well. I have contacted customer service 4 times already, and I get no answers except that there is a network glitch in my area concerning the website. A network glitch that lasts 5 months? I’m not really buying it, and it sucks that all of my pics are just GONE. I also used My Album a lot before the switch, and now it doesn’t work. What is going on?

  • omg.. good work, man

  • nice work, dude

  • Colormexo

    I spoke to a customer service rep because I too lost ALL of my album pictures. She had said that all of the pictures should come momentarily(an hour or 2, but that was last week. I highly doubt my pictures are coming back, but let’s not lose hope.

  • debbie

    Why would you do this to all of us sidekick users. We pay for sidekick features but we don’t get the whole sidekick package. There should be some kind of discount for sk users until this matter gets resolved. That may prevent a lot of customers from switching to another phone company.


  • MadMark

    All my pictures I had saved are now gone! Horrible company, horrible, limited, customer service. Can’t wait till my contact is done! Overpriced plan compared to others, and talking with their representatives is like talking to someone from a foreign country who is naive and disengenuous, which is usually the truth. Tmobile used to be decent, now they are terrible.