Win free T-Mobile@Home service, year of rent/mortgage payments


Interested in winning one year of free T-Mobile@Home service and mortgage or rent paid for that year? I’ll bet you do!! Well, one lucky winner in each of three locations for the T-Mobile@Home launch event (New York, Chicago, and Denver) will be home with this fantastic prize package on July 2nd. That could be up to a $30,120 value for each winner! See, you know, the official rules state you can only get up to $30,000 for mortgage or rent… so if you own a ten million dollar mansion and are still paying it off, forget about assuming that T-Mobile will pick up that debt for the next year. Although if you do own a ten million dollar mansion and are reading this blog… we are now accepting donations from fine people such as yourself and would be honored to name you as a donator on this site.

The contest is available to legal residents of all 50 US states, but complete rules and details will be available at the event – that pretty much seems to mean you can’t just mail in an entry, or maybe you can but you won’t know where to send your entry form unless you’re at the event. Yeah, pointless. So if you’re near New York, Chicago, or Denver you might as well stop by… they’re also giving away free gifts and prizes as well as free food, games, and live music. Plan on attending? Bring your camera and let us know how it went by hitting the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.