Blackberry outages, BIE/BIS 2.5 upgrade


Great news, an upgrade is coming to your Blackberry email services! According to this post at BGR, BIS 2.5 is going to be rolled out in the coming days, enabling HTML email, Hotmail and MSN support, and push email through AOL. In order for this upgrade to take effect, BIE service will be shut off nationwide from 00:00AM Eastern (Midnight) to 08:00AM Eastern on June 28th… yes, that’s today, so if you’re reading this after 8AM (Eastern) then you’ll be okay. It looks as if RIM definitely chose non-business hours and it seems as if this could have minimal user impact – aside from you night owls :(

Additionally, RIM is also performing a software update on July 5th that will render the ability to send/receive message useless, as well as possibly shutting off internet browsing, roaming, or registering devices; the update will occur between 02:00AM Eastern and 06:00AM Eastern.

Sorry, but there still is not much news on BB OS 4.5 for T-Mobile. Right now we’re looking at pre-September release, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more!

  • wow, how does BGR get away with posting screenshots directly from streamline?

  • nick

    because people that work for tmobile tack pictures of streamline and send them in…… There is never anything earth shaking or secret posted on there anyways so i doubt t-mobile really cares. on a side note RIM is releasing 4.5 in September, any devices launched between now and then will have it included(bold, flip, thunder)

  • Theicool

    I just ordered a bb pearl 8121, will it comes with the 2.5 already?