T-mobile 3G launching on October 1st


Earlier this month we posted an article about some information that had come to us regarding an October 1 launch date for nationwide 3G. We wrote it with a grain of salt but we definitely had high hopes for this to be true. This poster, taped (poorly we might add) on the wall outside a meeting is our glass slipper, our unwavering proof of a date that will live in T-mobile infamy. Mark your calenders folks, October 1. Wake up, walk outside and breathe that 3G air. Well only if you live in one of the launch cities, so sorry T-mobile fans in Omaha, Des Moines and Providence. We’ll be thinking of you while enjoying improved voice quality and high speed data access. Now, where is that pesky Android phone?  T-mobile 3G FAQ

Update: We’re devoted to bringing T-mobile users T-mobile news, but not as devoted as MobileCrunch. It looks like they bugged T-mobile’s marketing/press office and overheard this conversation*:

“Hey Bob – we’ve finally set the date for when we’ll be launching 3G services in 27 launch markets. Should we write a press release?”

“Write a press release? Pah! We’ve got paper and tape!”

*Sense of humor required