Sidekick helping to change the mobile web?

T-mobile Sidekick

Evidently, the T-Mobile Sidekick is a really popular mobile device to browse the web with.  At least according to the people over at Warner Music Group, who for the past few years have been watching the analytics (those stats that show who’s visiting what) of the group Paramore’s website.  What would be the one device that really stands out in those statistics?  That’s right, T-Mobile’s very own Sidekick!  It could have something to do with the fact that the band members themselves use Sidekicks, so their fans are going to use them as well.  So what does this mean?  Well, it could end up with with some more T-Mobile sponserships (which they are already looking in to).  It also means that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to make thier sites more mobile friendly, which is a good thing for all – whether you use T-Mobile or not.

  • lincoln

    honestly, ive had 2 sidekicks, the sidekick 3 and the sidekick slide. and this is bull, the internet on a sidekick is probably the crapiest thing on the face of the planet. its horrendously slow and the browser just blows.

    i dont understand it either, other phones on edge run faster than sidekicks. why?

    anyways, just because a bunch of 15 year old scene girls visit a crappy band site on the sidekicks doesnt mean a lot

  • Lame


    No self-respecting adult owns a Sidekick.

    Parramore? You mean the crappy mall-punk band loved by TEENS everywhere? Wow… so let me add the logic here: A teeny-bopper band gets a lot of hits from people using Sidekicks (and not to mention, oh wow… Parramore promotes Sidekicks!). Hmm.. ok… let’s REALLY think about this… if you’re the kind of person who owns/needs a Blackberry, would that be the same kind of person who listens to Parramore? Hmm… yes. Hm. Don’t you love SPIN? I don’t.

    T-mobile is slowly becoming the official phone for teens and tweens.

  • curious09

    looks like you guys cant face the fact that the sidekick lets you do most of what the other smartphones do and actually let you have some fun doing it.

  • Shawn


    It is often said that there are two kinds of people in the world, the glass half full, and glass half empty. It is evident which one of these you are, and we really doesn’t want that around here. Constructive criticism is welcome, but your comments are completely unnecessary, please take them elsewhere.

    Also, I listen to Parramore preiodicly, and I use a Blackberry.

    Our age doesn’t matter to you. All you need to know is that 1. None of us use Sidekicks 2. None of us are kids or teens

  • knytphal

    I’ll second what Shawn says above. Personally, I’ve never seen the appeal of a Sidekick – but if people want to use them (and I’ve seen adults using them too, so they aren’t just limited to teens and tweens) then more power to them. Especially if they provide the service and function that they need.

    As to the band, can’t say that I’ve heard of them. I still think it’s cool that one certain device (no matter what it is) has made enough of an impact to help T-Mobile (in particular) and also possibly bring attention to the fact that there are a lot of people out there using mobile devices to access the internet; maybe some of these sites/companies will learn to make things more accessible for those kinds of users. I know I would certainly appreciate that.

  • !

    Wow people are such sidekick haters. I don’t listen to paramore but I am really positive that teens aren’t the only ones that listen to them. People say that only teens use sidekicks but some adults do too. I see teens with blackberry as well.
    The sidekicks’s web browser is just as good as the iphones. Sure its not as fast but that’s because its edge like the majority of all tmobiles phones.

  • Godzilla

    It’s nice to see some good publicity for T-Mobile. I don’t listen to Parramore (and it would be tough to because that’s the name of a troubled part of town) and I don’t use a Sidekick. I use a Curve. But thanks for promoting the Sidekick Parramore!

  • Chloe

    I’ve had my sidekick for the past year and I’ve been happy with practically every function EXCEPT for the web browser. Annnnnd I’m not a teenager. I use my phone for the music player, easy texting and emailing.
    It’s pathetic and BS that you can’t DL opera mini or a simple application like googlemail. I paid more money retail for my sidekick than I would’ve for a blackberry, to get
    – a crappier camera
    – a shitty web browser
    – no voice dialing on a phone thats not fit for use while driving

    on the plus side, it’s great for emailing and texting. except for when the network went buggerz since the 19th and 80% of my emails don’t make it to their destination.

  • Lil$nowmam

    Ok I’m a teen 17 2 exact and I feel like grown ups feel like the just aint got it no more cause you guys talk about the sidekick like it’s bad I have a sidekick 3 yeah it could do more but lets b honest what can the blackberries do that the sidekick can’t without the video, and being able to download internet files there’s really nothin more it can do there the same phone and now the lx has video so they all most alike only thing is sidekicks are more used by teens

  • TheDude


    Constructive criticism: Your reporting is a little shoddy here. You quote stats from one website, and conclude that based on that one site, the Sidekick “a really popular mobile device to browse the web.”

    That’s like saying, your girlfriend like overalls, therefore all girls like overalls.

    Unless you have web-wide stats (or at least a credible majority), you can’t reasonably claim the Sidekick is a popular web-surfing device.


  • Jay

    Geez what a tough crowd. The Sidekick’s web browser is not the best but its certainly not the worst either. Its better than the browser on the Blackberry Curve and old Pearl.

    What I like best about the sidekick is that I get unlimited everything for $19.99 a month.

    As for the Paramore thing I’m 21, I have a sidekick and I don’t listen to Paramore. There’s a bunch of teeny boppers that use sidekicks but look at how many of them have Blackberrys and iPhones too. Sidekicks just happen to be funner than Blackberries and are a hell of a lot cheaper (I’m talking rate plans) than the iRipoff… ahem… I mean iPhone

  • Marc

    Except you can download other browsers on the bb curve.

  • Nina

    @The Dude

    there are possibly hundreds of thousands of people with a sidekick. im sure at least 40% of them occasionally browse the web with their sidekick so therefore the sidekick is a popular mobile device used to browse the web

  • !

    Man. Okay look guys if you’d don’t like the standard sidekick web browser just change it to the pc layout, if you have an LX or Sidekick (2008). If not then just use one of those mobileizer, I don’t know what they’re called, sites. Google has one.

    Nina is right. There are lots of people that have sidekicks and I’m pretty sure at least half if not more use it to browse the web.

  • Pythagoras

    not to mention that more than one of us has the linux sidekick install (me i’m running 2.1) and it rocks! try that on your BB…

  • Jose

    people can be so stupid. complaining how bad a phone is. what phone are u using? if its one of those free phones, chances r that it doesnt compare to a Sidekick. this is TmoNews, u knw a blog archive for tmobile user. not for people to be BSing about how bad a phone is. its even worse when stereotypes are being used for a phone!

  • Lau Pan

    I am amazed T mobile still messes with this garbage. I never see anyone use this anymore and I travel a lot more than I like.

    My 12 year old daughter tells me no one in her school uses this and yet there is a whole line up in T mobile inventory??

    Maybe there is a huge demand in areas like “Rooster Poop AK?

    Maybe Motorola is giving them to T mobile @ a price they can not refuse.

    I do not know except there is soooo much more out there and why someone would invest time an money in this is beyond me.

  • Chloe

    I don’t think there’s a linux out there for sidekick 3 users, either. iPhone might be significantly more $$, but it’s running on 3G months earlier than Tmobile is and has FAR more functionality. And while I’m 25, I can’t help but feel like a teenybopper with my phone sometimes.

  • Liya

    I don’t get all the negativity about the ‘Kicks. I’m posting from my ‘Kick ’08 right now and tend to use the browser often. I upgraded from the SK3 and there’s a definite improvement in this new browser. What do you people expect? At least you can access the web at ALL times (unlike the iPhone) It’s a phone, not a computer! You expect your phone to wipe your butts for you too? I sit in front of a computer all day and I have a macbook @ home, why do I have to have all of the same functions on my phone?. I’m going to get the BB Bold when its released (for the GPS capability) but I’m definitely going to alternate between it and my ‘Kick. Long Live the Sidekick! :)

  • I can’t believe that all of you so called grown ups are criticising the sidekick for everything that it doesn’t do right. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it..its as simple as that. You can’t have to much of a life if all you do is visit phone sites and critic them bcuz u can’t afford it or u have a blackberry and its better..Who F^€?ing Cares About Ur Blackberry..The page is for sidekick users. And what’s with the whole sidekicks r 4 teens thing.. I’m 13 and I’m one of the only 5 sidekick users in the 9th grade..most teens have razors and motorolas..only about 5 others have blackberrys and are complainig about them…so all u sidekick haters can get the ??€?

  • Jay

    @ Liya

    Completely agree with you. If mobile web browsing was as good as a computer then it would defeat the purpose of browsing anything on a pc or mac. What’s the point in viewing a good webpage on a 2-3 inch screen? For now I’m satisfied with the sidekick’s browser. If you only use a phone for web browsing you will be much more satisfied with a notebook computer.

  • TheDude

    @Nina, @!:

    Are you guys kidding? You might be 100% right, but you need *facts* if you’re going to make an assertion. “Possibly” and “I’m sure at least” are not facts.

    There are probably 5 billion people who have eaten tacos, and I’m sure at least 70% say tacos are the best. Therefore, tacos are the best.

  • Nina

    where am i gonna get facts from? ive never seen a post about the number of sidekicks owned so im basing my comments on an educated guess.

  • TheDude


    There’s nothing wrong with educated guesses, and you could totally be right. Also, you’re not writing an article about Sidekicks, so no biggie if you don’t have sources.

    But the author *is* writing an article about it, so he should either have the facts, or say, “Hey, I’m taking a guess here.” Right now, it’s muddled. That’s my only point.

    Friends? ;-)

  • Nina

    sure! i wasnt trying to be mean or anything like that. :)

  • TmoBin

    I read a lot of your comments and realized you guys forgot one thing: Target Market. The Sidekick targets teens, not adults. Look at their tv commercials, for example. They show kids and their friends chatting away with each other via voice and text. Blackberry commercials target the older more mature market.

    I’m in sales, so i do understand everyone’s point of view. From a business aspect, however, the Sidekick is probably the best thing that ever happened to T-Mobile. Sidekicks just as popular, if not more, than Blackberries; Not to mention all the extra revenue made from accessories, games, and ringtones.

    I would hope that the majority of sidekick users are teens. I personally would never date a girl who uses a sidekick, but to each their own. I defend the sidekick because it’s great for business; Users cancel much less than customers who take free phones. Also, considering no other carrier can beat the sidekick plan, i’d say it makes sense that more people are using the sidekick to text and browse.

  • Reaper

    Wow You Guys Are Serious About The Sidekick Not Being Popular? I Got The New 2008 And In One Day Around 18 People Were Asking Too See It,Where I Got It,Specs,Etc. Like They Say This Is A Phone Targeted For Teens So Adults Dont Come Here Talking Sh*t When Its A Phone For Younger People. And The New Browsers Isnt As Bad As People Say

  • Donovan

    I won a Sidekick Slide back in March but didn’t think i’d be all that impressed with it but after using it for a bit I found out it actually works remarkably well. The constant sync of data stored on the device is simply a great idea. The OS is stable and very responsive, not to mention littered with keyboard shortcuts that make it quick to navigate around. The web browser is slow yet it does a usable job of rendering the web sites I try to visit on it. Despite it’s severely limited customization options and rather short battery life I haven’t been this satisfied with a T-Mobile handset since my BlackBerry 8700g. Sure, the Sidekicks are not the device for everybody, or even most people, but they are great devices and what they do they do pretty well.

  • brittanysb

    Well my sidekick internet runs fast!!! Lol!!! I love my sidekick 3 woot woot!!!

  • Chloe

    i love all these angry teen posts. try using opera mini as a browser, and compare it to the one used by SK and maybe you’ll have some sort of basis point. i also love that 13 yr olds have bbs….must be very handy to be able to check your outlook inbox for emails from tigerbeat magazine.

  • Nina

    @chloe. what you did was not needed at all. ma 17 year old sister uses a blackberry becuase she works in a corporate office & needs her yahoo/gmail email.
    and nobody reads tigerbeat you ass

  • Chloe

    *inserts glitter graphic annimated gif of tupac*

  • BIznitch

    Honestly, the sk is made for teens. paramore is a teen band. this makes perfect sense doesnt it? Honestly the websites they visit arent that data intensive like the xxx sites you guys always go to. So stop complaining bc it takes half a year to load 10000 pictures on one page. our device isnt meant for that. The browsers perfectly fine for what teens want it to do.

  • Mundo

    I Just Have To Say That I Think The Side Kick Line Is Great And It Doesn’t Matter If Your A Teenager Or Not Because Obviously It Appeals To All Ages