T-mobile adds Las Vegas and Austin to their 3G lineup


As you have read, T-mobile will have 3G in the top 27 markets in the US by October 1st. But why not give a few lucky cities an early present, and flip the switch on 3G as early as…say, August 5th and 6th. That is right you lucky people living in the Las Vegas or Austin markets, as both of these markets will have live 3G in the next 48 hours. With Las Vegas getting the green 3G light on August 5th, and Austin getting it on August 6th, there is no saying who will be next (except for Minneapolis, which should get the green light in August also). Our faithful tipsters have reported that T-mobile said that in the future, 3G will be used to “power ‘high-speed’ (3G) products and services that connect customers in new and exciting ways.” Doesn’t sound bad to us at all. If your wondering what phones T-mobile’s 3G will work on (or why it wont work on your unlocked 3G phone), check out our T-mobile 3G FAQs. With many upcoming 3G phones, and some exciting applications that utilize T-mobile’s 3G network coming out before the end of the year, the remainder of 2008 should be an exciting year for T-mobile customers!

  • terryjohnson16

    Nice. Now, people can’t say NYC is the only market.

  • j reineke

    did I miss something, is Minneapolis come on board earlier than oct 1

  • Shawn

    Las Vegas and Austin are 100% confirmed, but Minneapolis is not

  • Peter

    that is really good!! vegas baby!

  • James

    3g is up in Chicago and other areas. T-Mobile just doesn’t want to officially announce till 100% working.

  • breathe tmobile

    Come on DALLAS! lets flip the switch here already!

  • mingkee

    not it’s time for customers in these 2 markets to grab 3555 or 6263, or data cards from Stelera

  • tmobile2lyfe

    Mingkee what about the poor lonely samsungs lol. I hope Detroit launches early!!

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  • mingkee

    T639 has more problem with 3G, it’s more difficult to get 3G signal than others
    I wish I can put it on 3G only mode

  • cbreze

    Just curious what devices everybody will be using come the Vegas roll out. Bit of an anti-climax, eh?

  • dave

    since san antonio is considered austin market, is it included?

  • edwin

    chicago is on already?!!? no wonder they didnt have reception for like a week! they mus have been upgrading their hardware stuff!
    so does this mean an early launch to the Dream?

  • mingkee

    as reyes2007 said: yes

  • 2o6

    damn i wish Seattle got the Green Light early (also TMoUSA HQ is here)

  • drivethruboy168

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for L.A! One of the biggest profitable markets in the company! Hopefully 3G is up and going really soon! A LOT of anxious customers over here getting ancy! Did anyone see that the HTC Diamond went through the FCC for Americas 850 1900 2100 bands! Rumor has it it hits t-mobile Q4! Any news on the Bold 9000? Chile already launched it!

  • james

    Any news about when Chicago will have 3G?

  • ZeroCool

    Hi there i live in North Las Vegas and i did noticed something going on here. There were people in a few towers but never thought it was a flip on the 3G I currently have a Blackberry pear 8100 Os 4.5 from “Vodafone” and i noticed that Youtube videos load alot faster. Cant wait to get a 3g unlock phone and tested out :)

    ZeroCool Signal from Tower located on Lake Mead and Eastern

  • Peter Griffin

    drivethruboy168, I am not sure why you are getting so excited. Those bands for the HTC Diamond are for ATT, not Tmo. Tmo uses 1700. HTC DREAM!

  • mndave


    You can’t just buy any unlocked 3g phone. Click on the links in the article. There are only 4 AWS phones. Any change in download on the Blackberry 8100 is incidental. Doesn’t use the right bands

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Drivethruboy when the say american bands they mean at&t. That really needs to change.

  • TheDude

    Typo: Utilize, not “utalize”

  • ZeroCool

    Duh!!! I know it only works with phones that are on 1700 band!!!! But go ahead and googleIT some and see what you get back!!!!

  • Peter Griffin

    The entire article didnt make sense to me until that type was clarified. Phew…..

  • TJ

    Anyone know if 3G is working on 2100? I have a new iPaq 910c, it doesn’t have 1700/AWS but does have US 2100.

  • Peter Griffin

    One question though, if there are no decent phones that Tmobile sells that have 3G capabilities, then why are they turning it on? Testing the market? Getting the quirks out in smaller markets? Dont get it.

  • Marco

    I am in vegas, and i checked all the phones 3g capable, nothing, still nothing

  • Shawn


    Thanks! Fixed it

  • Slappynoname

    this makes sense because tmobile is having a it yearly retail conference in vegas sept 28-october 3.

  • Las Vegas is one of the top destinations world-wide.

  • Johnwayne

    when is Utah getting 3G?

  • mingkee

    it appears the hofo member “TmoBoyinAL” provided misleading info
    however, don’t give conclusion till after tomorrow

  • Shawn


    We check and double check our info before posting. If we can’t confirm out info, we’ll definitely let you know, or wait to post. However, we did end up confirming this info more then once.

  • mingkee

    calling customers in these areas
    if you have total internet, grab nokia 3555 or 6263
    tether with laptop or pda, and run speed test

  • Josh

    Actually, the other poster about t-mobiles 3g freq.s its actually 1700/2100 >>> Customers will not be able to roam with their T-Mobile 3G handsets on another carrier’s 3G network. These handsets use the 1700/2100 frequency band (for 3G) and is specific to T-Mobile. Customers can however roam on another carrier’s 1900 frequency band using GSM. Likewise, other carriers will not be able to roam on our 3G network with their carriers 3G handsets.

  • mingkee

    phonescoop has an official statement from T-Mobile (somebody please post the link)
    and I apologize what I said against hofo member “TmoboyinAL”

  • TMoinAustin

    Ok. I live in Austin. I want a 3g Dash (or Blackberry, or anything). Where is it?!? Help!

  • TMoinAustin
  • Mundo

    Can.t Wait For LA To Get 3G
    Ive Been a T-mobile Customer For A Couple Years Now And Think Its Great We Are Finally Getting 3G
    We Need Better 3G Phones!