T-mobile 3G launching on October 1st


Earlier this month we posted an article about some information that had come to us regarding an October 1 launch date for nationwide 3G. We wrote it with a grain of salt but we definitely had high hopes for this to be true. This poster, taped (poorly we might add) on the wall outside a meeting is our glass slipper, our unwavering proof of a date that will live in T-mobile infamy. Mark your calenders folks, October 1. Wake up, walk outside and breathe that 3G air. Well only if you live in one of the launch cities, so sorry T-mobile fans in Omaha, Des Moines and Providence. We’ll be thinking of you while enjoying improved voice quality and high speed data access. Now, where is that pesky Android phone?  T-mobile 3G FAQ

Update: We’re devoted to bringing T-mobile users T-mobile news, but not as devoted as MobileCrunch. It looks like they bugged T-mobile’s marketing/press office and overheard this conversation*:

“Hey Bob – we’ve finally set the date for when we’ll be launching 3G services in 27 launch markets. Should we write a press release?”

“Write a press release? Pah! We’ve got paper and tape!”

*Sense of humor required

  • EA575


  • Jeff

    I live exactly between boston and providence does this mean im not gonig to have 3G :(

  • Out2l8

    What 3G band will this be on??? I’d love a new Nokia E71 but a Tmo version ain’t out yet! Once this is live, Nokia will surely jump on it!

  • mingkee

    I am not ready, but I am using
    DSL-like speed on lappy everywhere for $20 is simply a steal!
    laptop users in these markets, grab total internet, and data card from Stelera!

  • mingkee

    out2l8, T-Mobile utilizes AWS 1700/2100 (aka US2100) for 3G
    this is kinda unique

  • silk7

    On the poster “are you ready”
    Well i sure am !!!! just put out some great 3g phone and we are all set !!

  • kumar428

    nationwide 3G in spring supposedly

  • drivethruboy168

    WOOO WWHHOOOOO!!! It’s about time to see that date officially set on some sort of T-Mobile paper! Now bring it! Nokia E71 or E66 or even some N Series!! Where’s this info on Android? Or these 5 megapixal camera Samsungs that are 3G! Or better yet anyone have anymore info on the BB Bold 9000?!?! is it still September?

  • Josh

    I’m looking forward more to the Android phone, which I hope actually comes at the same time.

  • phoneking13

    What about Cincinnati?

  • Peter Griffin

    I’ll be happy as long as the 3G phones have Wi-Fi w/ Hotspot@Home. Im only hoping they have a better selection than their “flagshit” sorry— flagship Sony Ericsson.

  • T1 Connect

    i live in new york and already have it, but to the rest of the contry, weve been waiting for 2 yrs for this and it is our fu&*^ time to enjoy this thing. and for all you people that switched for the iphone, instinct and whatever the hell vzw has, f-off bitches sit in the corner like good little traitors.

  • Turtle6988

    Detroit is set for a 10/1/08 release. as for the Android phone we were told it was suppose to be released on Halloween but it has been moved to sometime in November

  • A Guy

    dose any one know if it will be in San Luis obispo(slo) Ca.?
    Reply plz

  • Flip

    I actually just sold my iphone 3g on ebay and ported back to T-Mobile. Two weeks with AT&T was enough. So it is good to hear some news on T-Mobile’s 3g front.

  • Whahoo

    Awesome…are we going to have to pay more for 3G or is it still the $20/mth extra?

  • Billy K

    I Agree exactly what T1 Connect Said, AMen BRotha’!!!!

    – D

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    This is great news. Do you think that the streaming ports on their 3g phones will be opened. Can we finally stream videos?

  • Chris M

    It is entirely possible that they are referring to a 3G launch with DATA. We’ve not heard much out here in the wilderness but there have been some rumblings about it.

  • T1 Connect

    they already have some phones that can stream like the 6263 but i haven’t tried it

  • center rep

    the moto rokr e8 steams video on edge no buffering

  • mingkee

    to reply some questions
    1. if you’re in the “markets”, and plan to use smartphone and/or tethering, get total internet or bb now to guarantee $20 even after the price hike
    2. no problem with streaming video (zoovision, wmv, real or mobile youtube, slingplayer), just use it discreetly not to make too much burden
    3. leave p2p job to landline, att stated will kick data customers which runs p2p out, http://www.wirelessweek.com/article.aspx?id=161790
    4. it’s NOT 2100, it’s AWS, aka NA1700, US2100, in short, except the spec states it has AWS support, 3G phones from Europe and Asia will not work

  • smoku

    how strong could the signal be… like how many miles from chicago towers will the 3g signal be recieveble.. talking about suburbs or areas 30 miles away

  • DarkJedi

    I would imagine given the previous carrier launches in Chicago that the metropolitan area is included in the initial launch. The suburbs are as much a part of the city as the city itself.

  • terryjohnson16

    What does that poster say before the “Are you ready” words?

  • mingkee

    to smoku
    3G reception is generally same as GSM1900, it may be better a little bit

  • T1 Connect

    i have a 3g phone in the places that i good and bad signal strength on my wing i get the same signal strength on my 3555 but the net is faster on the 3555

  • mingkee

    other than 3555 and T639 (I wouldn’t recommend, the 3G reception is bad), I have 2 data cards from Stelera (UMTS ISP), the speed is really good, fast like DSL

  • bram scolnick

    I’m using an unlocked AT&T Q9h on Tmo b/c Tmo windows mobile devices BLOW!! Even when 3G gets to Miami/Ft Lauderdale, I’ll stay with this phone until Tmo can come out with something at least equal if not better. DASH II is not it. Anyone hear if the Velocity 111 will make it to Tmo? (www.velocitymobile.com).


  • smoku

    sooo.. Schaumburg suburb of chicago should still hopefully maybe see signal from towers in chicago…??.. :(

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Im talking about streaming on the 5.99 plan. When i try with my 6263 it says no response. Will 3g resolve this?

  • mingkee

    it’s port matter, not whatever G
    but do you think $20 for HSDPA is a good price (tethering supprted)?
    att is $15, but tethering is not allowed

  • li

    a t-mo customer rep said tmo-usa is picking up Sony Xperia in sep/oct… Don’t know if it’s ture or not…

  • jay

    Infamy isn’t the right word to use. Infamy has the connotation of having a bad quality or reputation.

  • Joe

    The $15 for normal phones on at&t, for PDAs and Smartphones the data costs $30/month. Which is a bit high considering they cap it at 5GB/month.

    If the Xperia comment is true that would be great! I would think it would clash with the TyTN II that just passed the FCC tho that has T-mo 3G…

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  • Jim_MAY

    I had already planned on getting the Sony Xperia months ago when I learned the specs. that it supported the 1700 bandwith. There arn’t many phones out there that support 1700.

  • Will the Blackberry Curve (8320) Support these speeds?

  • lp894

    I’m lookin at that poster…and I see the little chicago area marked…however I also see a little blip on the screen that LOOKS to be where Indianapolis is….but Indianapolis isn’t on the list

  • @ Remz:

    No, the 8320 does not support 3G.

  • ohio

    why wont it be anywhere near ohio

  • Sam

    Omaha, that’s funny. T-Mobile isn’t in Nebraska at all.

  • Sam

    No UMA handoff to 3G. You’ll have to get a 3G phone and then get T-Mobile@Home separately.

  • Wang Fung

    3G status icon is lit on my W90i Nokia in Chicago. Has been for a few weeks now. Something is definitely on in Chicago already.

  • josh

    i am wondering why they say it’s nation wide when it’s not it’s only up and running in the markets listed. looks like most of the country won’t get 3g phones or the 3g service.

  • SB

    W90i Nokia? what phone is that???

  • 2o6

    SEATTLE!!!! but will the HTC Touch Pro be 3G capable tho??

  • Lame


    A. All other carriers been offereing high speed/3G net for at least over a year. We should be tearing down the T-mo gates, not celebrating.

    B. And what does it matter this year if there isn’t a single decent phone to use the data on? Their first 2 3G phones and NEITHER are PDA-phones. yeah, because I so badly want T-zones on 3G. Stupid.

    The Xperia, if they get it is like 6 months behind all the other ‘it’ phones. At&t gets the Blackberry Bold first. Us T-mo useers get stupid junk like Sidekick 2008. whoopity doo.

    By the time T-mo has decent phones and a full coverage, all the other carriers will be implementing 4G.

  • center rep

    you obviously care your here.besides why don’t u blame the feds their still using the aws bands t-mo already purchased so please shut the %@?! up if u don’t know.the big diff you’ll see though will be the quality of data just look at the uk

  • Peter Griffin

    Lets just hope that some decent phones will come into Tmobile. Im interested to see what this Samsung 5 mp phone is going to be.

  • Nina

    actually most carriers that will implement 4G will use LTE which wont be around till 2011. thats a fact. secondly if t-mobile were to launch the Xperia x1 how would that be behind the “it” phones of everyone else. also a 3G phone doesnt have to be some super smart giant brick. so by t-mobile finally launching 3G which is something their customers have been wanting for ages we should be even angrier. wow. stupidity at its stupidest

  • mingkee

    I think phone manufacturers start to design generic 3G phone with AWS band added, as they see the ACTUAL date is set
    this would be triple win
    customers will get more phone choice, while some customers can grab unlocked/generic 3G phone with AWS, and BYOP, and get complete freedom (zero contract)
    T-Mobile can net more customers who BYOP with AWS 3G phone, let’s see how many customers bring E71, N95, K850 and sign att
    phone manufacturer will gain more favor from T-Mobile customers by providing unlocked 3G phones with AWS

  • Marc

    Hopefully some decent 3G phones come out with the 3G service, because if that SE bell is their best 3G phone, then…………… :(

  • AntInPhilly
  • mingkee

    of course not
    SE TM506 is for introduction of HSDPA, followed by 3 smartphones

  • yourmother

    are any old phones going to be updated to 3g

  • HandyDad
  • J

    Yes, I wish T-Mobile had 3G a while ago, but I will not switch to Verizon or AT&T for data because at least T-Mobile USA told the US government that they would not turn over call data without a warrant when the other carriers turned over everything with no questions asked. It is sad when a foreign-owned carrier stands up for American civil liberties and the other American-owned carriers couldn’t care less for privacy.

  • Peter Griffin

    Anybody else think that is a lame excuse for a touchscreen phone? Give us something interesting!

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  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • Michael

    It’s extremely unlikely any ‘old’ phones will be “retrofitted” for 3G. Incorporating 3G means a different chipset with additional frequencies, different power requirements, etc. If you’re going to all of that effort why wouldn’t you just acknowledge what the phone is – a new phone?

    If you keep track about every six months there’s another generation of phones & features. For T-Mobile that means the MobileBackup is becoming standard, email capability has extended to all but the budget phones, and every phone but the very cheapest now has camera & bluetooth.

    For the next generation of phones (those finlly advertising 3G) expect better email clients, better browsers, more video functionality, and support for T-Mo’s upcoming online phone application shop.

  • ro

    Props for 3G hitting the national markets…Boos on not hitting des moines and the like. Do we have any word when it will hit Des Moines and Providence?

  • PBurg3g

    Does anyone have any idea when 3G will come to Pittsburgh? I know it’ll hit Philly, but no love for Pittsburgh?

  • mike

    What about Springfield, MO when will we get the love of 3g?

  • johnwhisenant

    So. They have rolled out 3G coverage in Seattle, WA. I live south of there and there is no coverage. Will the G1 still work alright on Edge?

  • I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

  • Patrck

    Pittsburgh PA has 3G. ConFirmed!!!!!! I have a solid 3G signal.

  • Patrck

    Confirmed, Pittsburgh PA has 3G, wooohooo!!!!!!!!!

  • 5Jones

    Does anyone know when 3G will come to Puerto Rico?