Nokia 5610 finally launching on T-mobile


I’m not sure if this phone will get anyone lining up a week in advance like that one phone AT&T has….whats the name? i something.  Oh well, here we go Nokia fans, the 5610 launches August 11th.  We’ve known about this phone for a while now, still it is nice to see that at least a medium range phone is being launched. I could just hear the moaning across the nation if we announced another samsung with a VGA camera. Also on August 6th, T-mobile is launching another color of the Nokia 5310. This time in black and white! All we have so far is this grainy picture of the black/white 5310, but so far we’re not too impressed. If T-mobile plays their cards right, either of the two upcoming 5 mexapixel camera phones should blow these two Nokias right out of the water.

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!

  • Peter Griffin

    There are so many boring things coming up for Tmobile! Its hard not getting excited for these things.

  • eric

    to bad they dont carry the s60 variant

  • Brent

    I will get excited with T-Mobile has something worth to get excited about in my neck of the woods. T-Mobile needs to bring to the USA what it has in Europe and Germany. Only then will there be excitement. DT share the love with T-Mo USA

  • Peter Griffin

    I used sarcasm in the previous post. Just making sure people catch on.

  • Randy

    the 5310 is black and silver, not black and white. its coming with a mobile version of guitar hero programmed in it.

    the 5610 is launching in black and red as well as black and white.

  • Teufel

    @randy … the 5610 is only launching in red and black… nokia rep told me this at my tmo call center

  • marky808

    will the 5610 come with guitar hero too??? my friend has it on her phone and its pretty fun even with only 3 button thingys

  • Teufel

    not that i know of but it may i dont know

  • Joe blow

    5610 will be launched in two colors red an black and the black and silver.

  • Lame

    “still it is nice to see that at least a medium range phone is being launched”

    Not really. I think most of us are waiting for something high-end and adult oriented.

    T-mobile = The bargain bin of cell phones.

  • Charlesnu

    I am actually psyched about this phone. 3.2 MP is definitely good for me and the music player can’t suck more than the one on my Moto Rizr Z3. The Z3 has proven to be a decent phone, but more MP is better.

  • Teufel

    @joe blow ,,, the 5610 is not launching in more then 1 color it will only launch in red and black no other … the same day the 5310 is getting a black and silver

  • Mia

    Personally, I’m so happy I could SHIT about the 5610… I had a 5300 and loved it. I don’t like qwerty pad phones, and I don’t need internet on it, and I don’t use AIM so a sidekick has no purpose for me… a 5610 is perfect for what I need it for, which is to talk, text, and hook it into my car since it makes the sound out of this WORLD when I do…

  • nick f

    teufel: maybe your nokia rep gave you false info….. i work in a retail store and we just got a dummy 5610…… guess what color it is? black and white.

  • can’t wiat

    so anyone know the price for each one?

    and should i get red 5310 now or should i wait for the new one?

  • marky808

    get the 5610 instead of the 5310. the prices in the forum says

    New activation 2 year contract $99 (after a $50 MIR)
    New activation 1 year contract $149 (after a $50 MIR)
    Full Upgrade 2 year contract $118 (no MIR)
    Full Upgrade 1 year contract $168 (no MIR)
    Partial Upgrade $188
    Retail $229

  • Taina

    The phone is out 8/11/08! Both of them.

  • mafiaashish

    hey guys sign this if you really like nokia and want to use with your jolly good magneta
    and please do spread the word around for our tmobile family and nokia fans