Nokia 5610 finally launching on T-mobile


I’m not sure if this phone will get anyone lining up a week in advance like that one phone AT&T has….whats the name? i something.  Oh well, here we go Nokia fans, the 5610 launches August 11th.  We’ve known about this phone for a while now, still it is nice to see that at least a medium range phone is being launched. I could just hear the moaning across the nation if we announced another samsung with a VGA camera. Also on August 6th, T-mobile is launching another color of the Nokia 5310. This time in black and white! All we have so far is this grainy picture of the black/white 5310, but so far we’re not too impressed. If T-mobile plays their cards right, either of the two upcoming 5 mexapixel camera phones should blow these two Nokias right out of the water.

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!