T-mobile Introduces Month to Month Contracts


On August 6th, T-mobile will be introducing two new additions to their current competitive lineup of services. The first is the new parent-friendly Family Allowance, which we talked about yesterday (Yes, it was delayed due to some technical issues). The second new service should bring a lot of excitement to customers that hate 1 or 2 year contracts (or 3 like they have in Canada). Starting August 6th, T-mobile will be the first national carrier to offer month to month postpaid plans. It sounds like these plans will be very similar, if not the same, to T-mobile’s current offerings of individual, or family time plans, with or without MyFaves. Upfront costs will include an activation fee, and the full retail price of any phone purchased*. To us, this sounds like an extreamely customer friendly step by T-mobile, that we greatly appreciate. Credit checks will be required for this plan, however they will be the same as any 1 or 2 year contract credit checks. Unfortunately T-mobile@Home will not be avalible to customers that sign up for month to month contracts.

*For those that don’t want to spend hundreds on an unsubsadized postpaid phone, try picking up a T-mobile prepaid Nokia 2610, or a Motorola V195 for $29.99. Then just slip in your postpaid SIM card and your ready to go!